Dual Cultivation

Chapter 616 - An Awkward Situation

Chapter 616 - An Awkward Situation

Once they arrived at Red Sparrow City, Su Yang looked for the largest building from the sky.

"That should be the place." Su Yang mumbled to himself after seeing a massive building that occupied a few blocks in the streets.

A few moments later, he descended in front of their entrance.

When he saw the guards standing by the entrance, Su Yang approached them and said, "I am—"

"You must be Senior Xiao, here to pick up the Young Lady, right?!" The guards immediately recognized him and bowed to him in a respectful manner.

"Yes, I am." Su Yang nodded with a pleasantly surprised expression, as he'd expected to encounter a similar situation as he did with the guards at the Divine Nature Garden.

"I am truly sorry, Senior Xiao…" Senior Zeng couldn't help but feel the need to apologize to him again after seeing the Cai Family's competent guards. "I will definitely lecture those idiots properly when I return…"

"The Young Lady is currently studying in her room, please follow me."

The guard then led Su Yang inside the building.

When they passed by the servants inside, all of them would bow to him as if they knew his identity.

'The Cai Family is well prepared…' Senior Zeng sighed inwardly after seeing how the Cai Family welcomed Su Yang and comparing it to how his Divine Nature Garden treated him.

Sometime later, they arrived at Cai Yan's room.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Young Lady! Senior Xiao is here to pick you up!" The guard said after loudly knocking on the door.

A few moments later, Cai Yan opened the door and bowed to Su Yang, "Disciple Cai greets the Master. Thank you for coming all the way here to pick me up."

Su Yang then asked her, "Are you ready to leave?"

Cai Yan nodded and said, "Yes, we can leave at any moment."

"Good, then let's pick up the last one."

Once they were outside, Su Yang retrieved the flying ship and said, "Since this thing is not meant to fit so many people at once, it will be a bit cramped."

"Oh..." Cai Yan blushed slightly when Su Yang suddenly hugged her close to his body so that they would have enough room to fit all four of them inside the small boat.

"I'm going to drop you off at the Burning Lotus Sect before I pick up Bai Lihua." Su Yang said to them.

A few minutes later, Su Yang dropped the three of them in front of Wang Shuren's house at the Burning Lotus Sect before going to the Heavenly Swan Sect.

"Hm? What are you guys doing outside of my house?" Wang Shuren asked them with a puzzled expression after they knocked on her door.

"Eh? Did the Master not tell you about our arrival?" Cai Yan asked her. "He was the one who brought us here…"

"Su— Master? I didn't hear anything about this..." Wang Shuren shook her head.

"Anyway, since the Master brought you here, come inside. We'll understand the situation once we ask him."

Meanwhile, at the Heavenly Swan Sect, Su Yang landed the flying ship right in front of Bai Lihua's doorsteps before knocking on her door.

However, after receiving zero responses for a few minutes, Su Yang decided to use his spiritual sense to see whether she was home or not.

When he sensed Bai Lihua's presence inside her room, Su Yang raised his eyebrows. Did he not knock on the door loud enough?

"Wait… this is…"

Su Yang suddenly frowned, and he forcefully kicked the door open the next second before rushing into her room.

Inside the room Bai Lihua was laying on the bed, seemingly asleep, yet there was an unpleasant expression on her face, almost like she was having nightmares, and her robes were soaked in cold sweat.

"Complexion pale as sheets, sweating profusely, body slightly trembling… She's ill?" Su Yang could tell that she was sick at a glance, but without proper diagnosis, he won't know the real problem at hand.

He immediately grabbed her hands and checked her pulses.

"Her spiritual energy is a mess! What on earth did she do to make herself so ill?" The frown on Su Yang's face deepened.

"Hm? This smell is…"

Su Yang approached Bai Lihua's lips and sniffed the subtle but unpleasant scent coming from her breath.

"This is the smell of medicine… And it's even poisonous? Why would she consume any medicine with poison?"

Although he was baffled by the confusing situation, Su Yang did not stand around to ponder and quickly went back outside and jumped on the flying ship before soaring back to the Burning Lotus Sect at max speed.

Once he returned to Wang Shuren's house, he tore down the door with a vicious kick and rushed into Wang Shuren's medicine room.

"W-What the?!"

Wang Shuren and the others in the house were shocked when the door was suddenly destroyed with force. However, their shock turned into bewilderment when they realized who was responsible for it a moment later.

"Su— Master?! Why are you in such a hurry?!" Wang Shuren asked him in a confused voice.

"No time to explain now! I will do it later!" Su Yang said as he rushed into Wang Shuren's medicine room.

Inside the medicine room, Su Yang swiftly but calmly grabbed a dozen different medicines.

Once he had all of the medicine he needed, Su Yang went to the pill room next and tossed all of the medicine he just took from the medicine room into the cauldron.

"He's concocting a pill now?" Wang Shuren was stumped by Su Yang's incomprehensible actions.

Less than a minute later, Su Yang left the pill room with a freshly made pill in his hands.

He then jumped on the flying ship and soared back to the Heavenly Swan Sect, leaving Wang Shuren feeling as though she'd just been robbed in broad daylight and before her very eyes.

Upon returning to Bai Lihua's room, Su Yang tossed the pill inside his mouth and crushed it into small pieces. He then drank some water without swallowing it.

Once the pill and the crushed pill inside his mouth was mixed together, Su Yang removed his mask and opened Bai Lihua's mouth with his hands.

A second later, he pressed his lips onto Bai Lihua's lips before forcing the liquid in his mouth down her throat.

However, Su Yang could not relax yet and reached for her robes a moment later.

"Excuse me." He said out loud before ripping the upper half of her robes wide open, revealing a beautiful pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Unfortunately, he was not in the situation or mood to admire the scene and immediately used his finger to press very precise locations on her chest.

A few moments later, Bai Lihua began coughing loudly.

*Cough* *Cough*


*Cough* *Cough*

After a few rounds of coughing, Bai Lihua coughed up a semi-solid ball of green and black substance that reeked of a foul smell.

Seeing the poison that was harming Bai Lihua out of her body, Su Yang finally released a sigh of relief.

Sometime later, Bai Lihua slowly opened her eyes.

"Su Yang…?" Bai Lihua mumbled his name after seeing his face sitting in front of her.

"Wait… Master?!" Once her consciousness began clearing, she realized that it was her Master who resembled Su Yang that was in her room.

Then she noticed that the upper half of her robes were loosened and that her mouth had a weird and foreign taste to it.

"M-Master, you…" Bai Lihua looked at him with a terrified expression on her face, looking as though she'd just been assaulted while she was asleep.

However, no words came out of her mouth, as she was simply shocked speechless by the situation.


Su Yang suddenly cleared his throat and said, "Before you think of me as some predator who would assault women when they are asleep from pain, allow me a moment to explain the situation to you."

He proceeded to explain the situation to her from the beginning.

"I came to pick you up, but you didn't answer the door, so I used my spiritual sense to see if you were home. When I realized the situation, I allowed myself into your room to check on your condition. After understanding that you had somehow ingested poison, I went to concoct an antidote."

"I returned here as soon as I had the antidote and immediately fed it to you. But since you were unconscious, I had to force-feed it to you through the mouth. However, the antidote alone was not enough to get rid of the poison in your body, so I had to perform some acupuncture on your chest to make you cough up the poison. I hope this is enough to clear up the misunderstanding."

"If you want more proof, look at the poison you'd just coughed up." Su Yang pointed at the nasty substance beside her.


Bai Lihua listened to Su Yang's explanation with a dazed expression on her face, and once she realized the terrible mistake she'd just made, her face flushed with embarrassment and shame.

"I-I-I don't know how to apologize to you, Master! To think I had even thought for a moment that you were that type of person when in reality you'd just saved my life!" Bai Lihua immediately kowtowed on the floor before him, even banging her head on the solid floor.

"Calm down. Although the poison is out of your body, you are still injured." Su Yang said to her.

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