Dual Cultivation

Chapter 609 - Did You Girls Have Fun?

Chapter 609 - Did You Girls Have Fun?



Disciple Xiao completely indulged herself in the sensation of pleasure as Su Yang rubbed all over her body with his large hands. Her lower cave oozed with Yin Qi, and her body trembled constantly.

When Su Yang reached her legs, he kneaded her soft thighs as though they were dough, and he would often 'accidentally' brush against the entrance of her cave with the tip of his fingers, causing even more Yin Qi to leak from her cave.


Disciple Xiao's m.o.a.ning was so passionate that it'd aroused the disciples that were still exhausted from their session with Su Yang.

"Please… stick it inside my p.u.s.s.y, Su Yang… I can't endure this burning sensation any longer… I'll go crazy!" Disciple Xiao begged him in a desperate voice.

Su Yang nodded, and after Disciple Xiao flipped her body, he rubbed his enormous shaft on her slit before piercing her tight cave.


Feeling her inner walls being torn apart by Su Yang's massive shaft, Disciple Xiao m.o.a.ned loudly.

Meanwhile, Su Yang continuously plunged his rod into her hole, sending shocking sensations across her entire body.




The other disciples watched as Su Yang intensely pounded their Junior sister Xiao for many minutes without any breaks, their eyes wide with surprise, as they didn't expect her to endure his techniques for so long.

"Wow… Junior sister Xiao is actually more impressive than us…"

"What a surprise…"

"To think she'd been hiding her talent all along…"

After another ten minutes of intense cultivation, when Disciple Xiao could no longer endure the pleasure, Su Yang released enough Yang Qi to fill a small bucket into her cave.

"Aaaaahn~! It's so hot~!" Disciple Xiao m.o.a.ned loudly, feeling as though her inner walls were on fire.

Su Yang then removed his shaft from her hole, allowing the Yang Qi inside her cave to leak down her slit like a small river.

And just as the disciples thought that they were done, they noticed the dragon between his legs that was still as stiff as a rock.

"Su Yang… just how much stamina do you have? You just cultivated with ten of us without taking a single break, yet you are still as energetic as when we first started!" They said to him with awe in their voice.

"Of course, I would be energetic. I am surrounded by so many beauties, after all."

The disciples exchanged dazed gazes with each other before laughing at his words together.

"If you say something like that, we will have no choice but to keep you accompanied for a little bit longer, right, fellow sisters?"

"That's right, Su Yang. But will you be able to handle another round with us?"

Su Yang laughed at their words and said, "Only one round? You girls are underestimating me too much. I can handle even ten rounds with you girls and not break a sweat."

"Ten rounds? Now you are talking, Su Yang."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's start our second round!"

The disciples quickly surrounded him, and Su Yang began cultivating with them again.

One hour… two hours… three hours…

After another three hours of intense cultivation, eight out of the ten disciples were knocked unconscious from experiencing too much pleasure.

"Four rounds, huh? Not even half of the goal." Su Yang smiled afterward.

"Your stamina is simply too monstrous, Su Yang… I feel like you won't be satisfied even if there's one hundred of us," said Disciple Xiao.

"I won't deny that…" he chuckled.

Sometime later, he said to her, "I'm going to leave first. If you girls ever want to cultivate again, you know where to find me."

"Thank you again, Su Yang, for today." Disciple Xiao bowed to him.

"Don't even mention it."

Two hours later, the disciples began waking up.

"Hmm? When did I fall asleep?"

"Where did Su Yang go?"

"Don't tell me it was all a dream?!"

The disciples began panicking when they woke up without Su Yang by their side, wondering if they were only dreaming just now.

"Calm down, fellow sisters. Su Yang left early since you girls were completely knocked out in the middle of our cultivation." Disciple Xiao said to them.

"Oh… so we weren't dreaming…"

"I can't believe we actually got to cultivate with Su Yang despite what happened! I feel blessed!"

"I had given up all hope when we left the sect, but alas, thank the heavens that Su Yang is who he is."

"I cannot agree more, Sister Jia."

"Anyway, let's clean up and return to the Medicine Hall. I think we've been gone for too long."

Sometime later, when the disciples returned to the Medicine Hall, Su Liqing was already downstairs and ready to greet them.

"Master! We apologize for disappearing for so long!"

"Su Yang was much more energetic than we could've ever imagined…"

The disciples apologized to her.

However, Su Liqing shook her head and asked them with a smile on her face, "I only care about one thing right now, and that is… whether you girls had fun or not."

"W-We had fun, Master!" They quickly nodded their heads.

"Then were you satisfied with the experience?"

"Very!" They nodded again.

"Then I will forgive you for returning so late." Su Liqing said, and she continued, "Anyway, I will finish everyone's work today by myself. You can all go home and rest some more."

"R-Really? You don't have to do that much for us, Master…"

Su Liqing then asked them, "Look at yourselves. How can you work when you cannot even stand still without shaking? If I say that I will handle it, then I will do so."

"T-Thank you, Master! We will work twice as hard when we return tomorrow!" They bowed to her.

"Of course you will." Su Liqing said.

Once the disciples left the Medicine Hall again, Su Liqing sat down with an exhausted look on her face.

"I guess I will have to close the Medicine Hall early today. I won't be able to concentrate on work with my butt in such a condition anyway…" she sighed.

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