Dual Cultivation

Chapter 610 - The Fang Sisters

Chapter 610 - The Fang Sisters

After leaving the Medicine Hall, Su Yang walked back to the Yin Yang Pavilion, passing the Training Grounds on the way there.

There were at least a dozen disciples from the Cultivation Division currently practicing their techniques in the Training Grounds, and near the edge of this place was a beautiful young lady silently practicing by herself.


Fang Xiaoru punched the empty space before her, creating a powerful shock wave that shook the air. However, because it was such a powerful shock wave, it distracted the other disciples in the Training Ground despite being on the other side of the place.

"Senior apprentice-sister Fang is truly on another level," sighed one of the disciples there.

"What did you expect from someone who belongs to one of the four great families?"

"It's very distracting with her here. I cannot practice properly when there's an earthquake occurring every three seconds…"

"But it's not as though we can tell her to stop practicing…"

A few moments later, they noticed Su Yang's figure approaching them in the distance.

"Disciple greets the Sect Master!" The disciples there immediately stopped their training to greet him.

"Don't mind me. Continue your training." Su Yang said to them.

"Yes, Sect Master!"

The disciples then continued their training, but their eyes remained on Su Yang's figure, as they were curious about his intentions for coming here.

"Su Yang…" Fang Xiaoru also stopped training after seeing his approaching figure.

"I see that you have improved significantly since I gave you the full technique," he said to her with a smile.

"Yes! I have been training nonstop with the technique ever since then!" she nodded with a proud expression.

"Let me see how much you have truly progressed. Hit me with everything you've got like the last time," he suddenly said to her.

Fang Xiaoru nodded and turned to face him with a serious expression.


After a moment of silence, Fang Xiaoru extended her palm towards Su Yang with all of her strength behind it.


Su Yang raised his hand to block it, but unlike previously, Fang Xiaoru had managed to push him back slightly with the technique.

"Not bad." He nodded afterward, feeling a slight numbing sensation on his hands.

"Well, if you need any advice, you know where to find me. And let me create a formation for you so that you won't distract the other disciples." Su Yang said before creating a large formation beside her.

"The formation will absorb all of your blows. This way you can use all of your strength without worrying about bothering the others."

"Thank you, Su Yang!" she quickly bowed to him.

"Anyway, you can continue practicing for now."

"W-Wait a second!" she suddenly stopped him.

"What else do you need?"

"Um…" Fang Xiaoru showed a bashful expression before speaking in a low voice, "Do you think I can… cultivate with you again?"

Su Yang immediately smiled and said, "Of course. When do you want to do it?"

"Are you available now…?" she asked him.

"Certainly." He nodded.

"Then let's head to my living quarters…"

Fang Xiaoru said as she began walking away.

Sometime later, when they reached Fang Xiaoru's house, a familiar voice resounded not very far in the distance.

"Xiaoru and Su Yang?" Fang Zhelan, who was just returning from walking Xiao Bai, called out to them after seeing them together.

"Elder Sister…" Fang Xiaoru's face reddened even further after seeing her face.

"It's been a while Xiao Bai," Su Yang said after seeing the massive white ball of bluff standing beside Fang Zhelan.


Xiao Bai released a low roar before running to Su Yang and covering his face with her saliva.

"What are you two doing together?" Fang Zhelan approached them and asked.

"Well…" Fang Xiaoru immediately fl.u.s.tered at her questioning.

However, Su Yang responded with a calm expression, "We're going to cultivate."

"Oh…" Fang Zhelan mumbled with a slightly dazed face.

"Do you want to join us?" Su Yang suddenly asked her in a teasing voice, dumbfounding the sisters.

"Uh…" Fang Zhenlan turned to look at her little sister, as she didn't want to intrude on their time together.

"I'm only joking with you. If you want to cultivate with me, I can do it afterward." Su Yang then said.

However, Fang Xiaoru's voice resounded immediately afterward: "I don't mind…"

"Eh?" Fang Zhelan looked at her with wide eyes filled with surprise.

"I said I don't mind having you join us, Elder Sister…" she quickly repeated.

"A-Are you sure…?" Fang Zhelan asked her with a worried frown. Although she doesn't mind sharing Su Yang during cultivation as she has done it before already, the person she would be sharing him with this time is her own sister!

"Do you mind, Su Yang?" Fang Xiaoru asked him.

"Why would I? Although it was only a joke at first, I was the one who suggested it." He said.

"You heard him, Elder Sister. I also don't mind." Fang Xiaoru said to her afterward.

Fang Zhelan nodded, and then she said, "Let me bring Xiao Bai back home first. You can start without me."

Sometime later, Fang Zhelan returned to Fang Xiaoru's house, and by the time she returned, Fang Xiaoru already had her warmup with Su Yang.

"You're finally here, Elder Sister…" Fang Xiaoru said to her with a l.u.s.tful expression on her beautiful face as she laid on the bed with her n.a.k.e.d body twitching. There was even a little Yin Qi that could still be seen squirting from her lower lips.

"..." Fang Zhelan was rendered speechless after seeing Fang Xiaoru's vulgar expression for the first time in her life.

A few moments later, once Fang Zhelan snapped out of her daze, she removed her clothes and got onto the bed with Su Yang and Fang Xiaoru.

"Let's get your body ready, too." Su Yang said to her with a smile on his face.

Fang Zhelan nodded, and she approached him the next moment before giving him a passionate kiss on the lips.

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