Dual Cultivation

Chapter 608 - Pleasuring Six At Once

Chapter 608 - Pleasuring Six At Once

"There's no need to go one at a time because I can satisfy three of you at once." Su Yang said to them with a confident smile.

"Three of us at a time…?" The disciples exchanged dazed looks with each other.

Sometime later, after the disciples decided who would go first, three of them approached Su Yang, who was calmly standing on the bed he made.

"Please take care of us, Su Yang…"

The disciples bowed to him with respect before they loosened their robes.

Su Yang nodded and also removed his clothes, showing them his perfect body and the mighty beast between his legs.

"Oh my…"

The disciples gasped with their hands covering their mouths from shock, as they have never seen such a beastly yet beautiful sword before.

"As expected of you, Su Yang. Not only are your hands big but even your little brother is quite enormous…"

The three disciples couldn't wait to touch Su Yang's rod, and they approached him with hungry expressions.

Meanwhile, the other seven disciples watched them in the background with their mouths wet with saliva and their eyes wide open.

A few moments later, all three disciples began licking Su Yang's thick shaft simultaneously.

"Slow down, it won't go anywhere." Su Yang chuckled after seeing their hasty movements, and he stood still with his hands clasped behind his back, looking like a hero on the battlefield. However, instead of facing warriors, he had three beautiful young ladies fighting for the sword between his legs.

Many minutes later, once all three disciples had a chance to suck on his shaft, Su Yang said to them, "Line up beside each other and get on all four."

The disciples nodded their heads before kneeling on the bed in the d.o.g.g.y position beside each other, looking like three dogs getting ready for a walk.

Su Yang then walked behind the disciple in the middle, and since her lower cave was already soaking wet, he did not bother with the foreplay and directly shoved his thick shaft into her hole.


The disciple m.o.a.ned loudly when she felt his massive divine rod spreading her cave to its limits.

"What about us, Su Yang?" The two disciples beside her asked him with a l.u.s.tful expression.

"Don't worry, it'll be your turn later. For now, I'll satisfy you with my hands," said Su Yang as he reached for their flowers with his free hands.



Now that he was fully occupied, Su Yang began moving his h.i.p.s and hands simultaneously, pleasuring all three disciples before him at once.




The three disciples m.o.a.ned together as Su Yang satisfied their holes.

A few minutes later, Su Yang released his liquid into the disciple in the middle, filling her stomach with hot Yang Qi.

Once the disciple in the middle had her filling, Su Yang shoved his shaft into another disciple, and he continued to satisfy the other two with his hands.

Su Yang proceeded to satisfy the three disciples in this manner until they were completely exhausted and satisfied.

"That was amazing, Su Yang…"

"It's on another level compared to your massages…"

"I would be willing to pay even 1,000 premium points if you'd offered this kind of service before…"

Sometime later, Su Yang turned to look at the other seven disciples and said to them, "Which of you want to go next?"

Immediately, six of them stood up at the same time with only Disciple Xiao being the only one who didn't stand up.

"Hahaha… that's fine. I will satisfy all of you at once." Su Yang laughed.

And without hesitation, the six sisters removed their clothes and tossed them to the side before rushing onto the bed.

Su Yang then laid his back on the bed and said, "I can satisfy one person with each of my limbs, one person with my mouth, and one more with my sword."

"You can even satisfy people with your feet?" The girls looked at him with wide eyes.

"See for yourself what I can do with my feet," he said with a confident expression.

Sometime later, Su Yang began pleasuring the six girls simultaneously with his entire body. There were two girls being pleasured by his hands, another two by his feet, one by his tongue, and the last one by his shaft. It was an absurd scene that shocked Disciple Xiao to her core, as she has never seen anything this ridiculous before.





The room was filled with the m.o.a.ning of six disciples, sounding as though there was a group of birds singing together.

Two hours later, when all six disciples laid on the bed with exhausted looks and gasping for air, Su Yang looked at Disciple Xiao, who had been silently watching this entire time.

"You're the only one left." He said to her.

Disciple Xiao nodded, and she began making her way to him with small and slow steps.

Once she was beside the bed, she loosened her robes, revealing her small and slender body to him.

Su Yang then grabbed her hand and pulled her into his embrace.

"Thank you, Su Yang, for accepting me…" she said to him in a low voice.

"I should be thanking you for finally trusting me…" he said.

"Please take care of me…"

"I will… but since you never got the chance to experience my massage, why don't we start with that first?"

"Okay," she nodded with anticipation.

Disciple Xiao laid on the bed with her back facing the ceiling.

A few moments later, Su Yang began rubbing her back with his hands.

"Aaah~!" Disciple Xiao quickly m.o.a.ned. The massage had barely begun and she was already shocked speechless by how amazing it felt.

'I can't believe I had refused something as amazing as this! No wonder why the others are always all over him! I am such a fool!' she cried inwardly as Su Yang continued to arouse her body with his skillful techniques.

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