Dual Cultivation

Chapter 607 - Morning Wood Pagoda

Chapter 607 - Morning Wood Pagoda

After leaving Su Liqing's room, Su Yang walked back down the stairs, and when he reached the first floor, all of the disciples there immediately stopped whatever they were doing to stare at him.

Seeing this, Su Yang said with a smile on his face, "I have spoken to your Master about it. She told me to make you girls happy, so if you want to cultivate, follow me."

"I want to cultivate with you, Sect Master!"

"Me, too!"

A few minutes later, the disciples in the Medicine Hall lined up behind Su Yang and waited for him to lead them.

However, Su Yang remained standing there, almost as though he was waiting for someone.

The disciples behind him turned around, and they noticed Disciple Xiao standing in the corner alone with a hesitant expression on her face.

"What's the matter, Sister Xiao? Are you going to cultivate with the Sect Master or not?" One of the disciples asked her.


Disciple Xiao did not respond to her question.

"Did you forget? Sister Xiao was the only one who did not receive the Sect Master's massage back then, and she has also disliked him." Another disciple suddenly reminded her.

"Oh, right… Sorry for bothering you, Sister Xiao…"

The disciples quickly gave up on trying to convince Disciple Xiao, as she has always reacted the opposite of everyone there when it comes to Su Yang.

However, Su Yang did not want her to feel left out, so he asked her, "Do you want to come?"

"...Can I really come?" Disciple Xiao unexpectedly responded in a low voice, and she continued, "Don't you hate me? I was the only one among the group to refuse your massage on that day, and I have always looked down on you ever since then. Unlike my fellow sisters who have supported you since the very beginning, I do not deserve to cultivate with you."


The other disciples there looked at Disciple Xiao with speechless expressions.

However, Su Yang said, "If you think I am that petty of a person to hate a woman just because she rejected me once or twice then you are truly looking down on me. You can reject me a million times and even curse at me every day, but I won't hate you for it."

"Really…?" Disciple Xiao looked at him with a doubtful gaze. However, unlike before, she could look at his face without feeling any disgust.

"If you don't believe my words, I can prove it to you during our cultivation." Su Yang said.

After taking a moment to ponder, Disciple Xiao finally nodded her head, and she stood beside her fellow sister shortly later.

"Let's go somewhere more spacious." Now that everyone in the Medicine Hall had agreed to cultivate with him, Su Yang left the building with ten beauties following behind him, and it was almost as though he was reenacting the scene of their first meeting.

"Sect Master, doesn't this feel incredibly nostalgic? When you were still an Outer Court disciple, we also followed you back home like this." One of the disciples suddenly said out loud.

"Of course, I remember it. And you don't have to call me Sect Master. Just call me Su Yang like you used to." He said to them.

"Then can I ask you something, Su Yang?" Another disciple said.

"What is it?"

"When did you and our Master enter that kind of relationship?"

"It began the day before I met you girls, but we didn't actually start cultivating until a week later," he answered without hesitation.

"What?! You and our Master were already in a relationship that early on?! And to think I thought it was after you became an Inner Court disciple!" The disciples expressed profound shock after learning that Su Yang had been in an intimate relationship with their Master ever since he was only an Outer Court disciple.

"Unbelievable… To think the strict Elder Lan would break the Sect Rules and cultivate with an Outer Court disciple…"

Sometime later, Su Yang stopped in front of the Morning Wood Pagoda.

"Hm? The Morning Wood Pagoda? What are we doing here?" The disciples looked at him with a puzzled face.

"What? We're going to cultivate here, of course." He said to them with a calm expression.

"What?! We're going to cultivate here?!" The disciples repeated his words but in a shocked voice.

"B-But isn't this where the Sect Elders have their meetings…? Are you sure that we can cultivate here?" One of the disciples asked him.

"They used to have meetings here, but it's just another building that's not being used now." Su Yang said, and he continued, "What's there to be worried about? I am the Sect Master. If I say that we can cultivate here, then who can stop us? Unlike my small room before, there's plenty of space here. It's the perfect location for us to cultivate without feeling cramped."


The disciples looked at him with disbelief. To think he'd use his status as the Sect Master to do something like this. It was simply too ridiculous.

"Let's go inside." Su Yang said as he began walking the steps.

The disciples looked at each other for a few seconds before following him.

Once they were inside the building, Su Yang continued to climb the stairs until they were all the way on the highest floor— the fourth floor.

Although the fourth floor was not as spacious as the previous three floors, it was much cleaner and even had nice window views in all four directions.

"Where are the beds, Su Yang? Don't tell me we're going to cultivate on this hard surface?"

Hearing the disciple's concern, Su Yang tapped his storage ring and pulled out four identical mattresses and laid them on the floor together, creating a massive bed out of thin air.


Once again, the disciples found themselves speechless by Su Yang's unorthodox methods.

Sometime later, one of the disciples asked him, "Who do you want to cultivate with first, Su Yang? Or should we go in the same order as before?"

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