Dual Cultivation

Chapter 601 Turning It up a Notch

Chapter 601 Turning It up a Notch

After pondering for a good minute, Sun Jingjing spoke in a serious voice, "To tell you the truth, I feel worried— but not in a bad way. Sister Liqing… She's the type of woman that makes other women feel inferior. She's not only beautiful but also has a great figure, and she has this mature aura that feels very soothing and elegant. If I did not already receive your family mark, I would worry that she might take you away from me."

"However, Sister Liqing… she was not always like this. She used to be more… how should I describe her? Arrogant and a little too prideful? I am not trying to talk badly about her, but that's just how the other disciples saw her in the past."

Hearing Sun Jingjing describe Su Liqing's character in the past, Su Yang smiled and said, "I know exactly what you mean. When I first met her, she was your typical Sect Elder who has this sense of superiority and absolutely despised anyone who did not respect her authority or status."

"That's it! That's exactly what I mean!" Sun Jingjing quickly said. "However, she no longer has that type of demeanor! Instead, she gives off the feeling of an experienced and elegant housewife! I think the cause of this change is her relationship with you, Su Yang. I feel like everyone that becomes affiliated with you will change one way or another, and I am speaking from my personal experience."

"You are giving me too much credit." Su Yang said. "They say people who are capable of changing are only returning to their original self."

"Even if you say that, I believe you are a major reason why we change." Sun Jingjing said.

"And speaking of change… let's change into something more comfortable…" she then began loosening his robes along with her own.

A few moments later, they were fully naked with Sun Jingjing on top of Su Yang.

"I don't want to lose to Sister Liqing," she suddenly said to him.

Su Yang showed her a smile and spoke while caressing her face, "No matter your differences, I love you all the same. You don't have to compete with her because I will give you as much attention as I will give to everyone else."

"I know you will, but this is my own pride as a woman. I may not be as experienced as the others, nor am I anything special, but I still want to do my best." Sun Jingjing said before kissing him on the lips.


After kissing passionately for a few minutes, Sun Jingjing moved from his mouth to the raging boner between his legs and began kissing that.


Sun Jingjing gently sucked on the thick shaft while licking him inside with her soft tongue.

"You can cum inside my mouth, Su Yang," she said to him.



After a few minutes of sucking, Sun Jingjing could feel the shaft growing hotter and becoming stiffer.

A few more moments later, hot Yang Qi shot out of the shaft and directly into her mouth.



Sun Jingjing immediately began swallowing the overflowing Yang Qi, feeling a hot sensation flowing down her throat and into her stomach.

"Haa... haaa... haaaa…" Sun Jingjing panted heavily afterward.

"Lay down. I'll please you now." Su Yang suddenly stood up and said to her.

Sun Jingjing nodded her head and laid on the bed with her slender legs spread wide open, revealing every inch of her cave to him.

Seeing the beautiful pink slit, Su Yang immediately approached it with his mouth, and he began to skillfully caress the meat with his tongue.


Sun Jingjing moaned in an erotic voice, and her entire body twitched with delight with a tingly feeling coursing through every inch of her body.

Slurping noises quickly filled the room as Su Yang savored Sun Jingjing's wet paradise.

"I'm cumming, Su Yang!"

Sun Jingjing said to him before her hole gushed with sparkling liquid.

However, Su Yang did not move and continued to lick her little sister, allowing her Yin Qi to shower him.

"Haaa… haaa…" Sun Jingjing panted afterward.

Once the holy rain was over, Su Yang stood up and rubbed his thick shaft against Sun Jingjing's slit, coating his sword with her Yin Qi.

"I'm putting it in." Su Yang said to her as he pushed the tip of his shaft into her tight cave, spreading the slit wide open.

"Ahhh!" Sun Jingjing's eyes rolled back just from experiencing just the tip of his shaft, feeling her small cave spreading wider and wider as Su Yang's sword pierced deeper into her body.

Once his entire shaft was inside Sun Jingjing's body, Su Yang began thrusting his hips, moving back and forth in a rhythmic manner.

"You're tighter than usual," he said to her with a smile, feeling her inner walls tightly squeezing his shaft.

"I've doubled my training, after all."

"Oh? Then let's see if that training paid off."

Su Yang suddenly changed his movements and moved much fiercer than before.

"Ahhhh~ This is amazing!" Sun Jingjing said with an expression filled with bliss and pleasure.

"I'm going to turn it up a notch." Su Yang said to her.

A few seconds later, Sun Jingjing began moaning even louder— much louder than she has ever before.

"W-What is this feeling?! What is happening?! This is different from anything I have experienced before!" Sun Jingjing thought she was imagining things at first, but after feeling it for a little bit longer, she was certain that Su Yang's shaft had suddenly grown bigger!

Sun Jingjing decided to lift her head to look at her stomach, and sure enough, the bump on her stomach was much larger than usual!

"What do you think? Do you like it?" Su Yang asked her with a smile on his face.

"I love it! I love it very much! Whatever you are doing, I want you to continue doing it!" Sun Jingjing spoke in a voice filled with excitement, and she even started moving her hips on her own.

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