Dual Cultivation

Chapter 600 Learning About the Loophole

Chapter 600 Learning About the Loophole

After a moment of silence, Su Yang spoke with a serious expression, "Loophole…? What are you talking about?"

"Eh?" Tang Lingxi looked at him with wide eyes, seemingly surprised by his reaction.

"You don't know what I'm talking about?" she asked him.

He shook his head and said, "Although I may have lived at the Sacred Moon Palace for a while, my movements in that place were extremely restricted. It was to the point where I couldn't even leave the main house without the Moon God's permission."

"The only reason I was even allowed in that place was because of a technique I had that could improve one's bloodline, which caught the Moon God's attention. Besides Yuehai and Qiuyue, I barely met any other people from that place. As for whatever secrets they had, I only knew what Yuehai was willing to tell me."

"Unbelievable..." Tang Lingxi mumbled in a dazed voice, and she continued a moment later, "Then do you know about their 'awakened' state?"

"You mean when they have these uncontrollable sexual urges? I know about that since Yuehai had a few of those while I was there, and I'd even personally experienced her aggressiveness during such times." Su Yang said, and he continued to speak, "Though, she would normally resist those urges, and the only reason she went wild was because of my presence there, which made it unbearable even for her."

"What? Yuehai managed to control the urges?" Tang Lingxi was surprised to hear that. "How did she do it? What kind of trick did she use?"

"There was no trick behind it — she endured it with her own will. Yuehai, she was a strong woman with a solid mental fortitude." Su Yang sighed.

"Anyway, what's this loophole you mentioned? There's a loophole for her curse? How would you know about something like that?" He then asked her.

"The loophole allows Qiuyue or anyone from the Sacred Moon Palace to have sex with outsiders," she replied.

"What?! Such a thing exists?!" Su Yang was truly shocked this time.

Tang Lingxi nodded and continued to explain to him, "The curse won't activate as long as you don't penetrate her vagina. In other words, as long as you only penetrate her butthole, you can have sex with her."

Su Yang stared at her with his jaw touching the floor. He did not expect the loophole for the curse to be something as simple as anal sex!

"How on earth did you learn about this?" He asked her a moment later.

"You probably don't know about her since she appeared after your death, but there's this renowned courtesan who's from the Sacred Moon Palace."

"What? Someone from the Sacred Moon Palace working as a courtesan? There's no way the Moon God would allow something like that!" Su Yang said with a surprised face.

"Of course, not. The Moon God has tried to intervene many times, but with her backing from working as a courtesan protecting her, even the Moon God has his hands shackled. Anyway, I spoke with her once, and she told me about the loophole." 


Su Yang was speechless for a long time after learning of this new information.

'I can embrace Qiuyue without needing to deal with the Moon God?' he thought to himself.

A few moments later, he asked her, "Does Qiuyue know about this loophole?"

"Yes, I told her today."

"I see…"

"Would you rather she not know about it?" Seeing his expression, Tang Lingxi asked him with raised eyebrows.

"No, that's not it. If you didn't tell her, I would've told her myself now that I am aware of it. However, Qiuyue… unlike her mother, she's a very delicate existence. I don't want her to feel pressured and rush a decision now that she has a real choice to make."

"As for the matter regarding the Moon people and their sexual urges… I had planned on telling her the truth once we returned to the Divine Heavens since she is already dealing with enough stress."

"I see… so that's why you didn't tell her about it." Tang Lingxi nodded with an understanding expression.

"Anyway, this loophole… It might be the turning point for your relationship with Qiuyue."

"That will depend entirely on her. In fact, I will act as though I don't know anything so that she won't feel as awkward."

"Whatever you feel is right, Su Yang."

The following morning, Su Yang left the Yin Yang Pavilion to cultivate with the disciples again.

After cultivating with the disciples, he went to cultivate with the Sect Elders.

"So you finally remember that I still exist." Sun Jingjing said with an unhappy expression on her face after seeing him at her door.

"Sorry, I've been busy recently."

"I'm only joking with you, Su Yang." She suddenly laughed. "Anyway, what brings you here today? Are you looking to cultivate with me?"

"You don't want me to?"

"I didn't say that!" She quickly responded before hugging his arm and pulling him into her house and then her room.

Once they were inside her room, Sun Jingjing fell on her bed with Su Yang still in her arms.

"You're more aggressive than usual. Did something happen?" Su Yang said with a smile.

However, Sun Jingjing did not immediately respond to his question and gave him a passionate kiss instead.


After kissing for a good moment, Sun Jingjing said, "I met with Lan Liqing just like you'd told me to… or should I call her Su Liqing? You should've told me earlier that she also received the family mark!"

"It wouldn't be fun if I told you everything, right?"

"It was too surprising! To think you were already cultivating with a Sect Elder as an Outer Court disciple! And it was even Elder Lan who was renowned for being the only virgin Sect Elder in the entire Sect!"

"So? What do you think of her?" Su Yang asked her.

"Hmm…" Hearing his question, Sun Jingjing began pondering with a serious expression.

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