Dual Cultivation

Chapter 602 - Entrusting Her Body to Him

Chapter 602 - Entrusting Her Body to Him




Sun Jingjing m.o.a.ned loudly as something more massive than usual passionately brushed against the soft inner walls of her sacred cave, feeling as though her inner walls were being spread to its limits.

A few minutes later, when Sun Jingjing reached her limits, Su Yang released his Yang Qi deep into her body, filling every inch of her cave with a sticky white substance.


Sun Jingjing released a sharp m.o.a.n simultaneously, and her flower sprayed with Yin Qi.

"Haaa… haa… haaa…" Sun Jingjing panted heavily, feeling as though she was losing her consciousness.

After catching her breath sometime later, she asked him in a bewildered voice, "What on earth was that just now, Su Yang?!"

"Why don't you see for yourself?" Su Yang said to her.


Sun Jingjing slightly lifted herself to look at the rod between his legs.

"W-What?! How is that possible?!" A gaping hole appeared on Sun Jingjing's face after seeing the size of his shaft that was much larger than she can recall.

"If you are surprised with just that, look at what else I can do…"

Su Yang suddenly said, and right before her eyes, his shaft began growing longer and thicker.


Sun Jingjing watched with her eyes as wide as saucers, looking as though she was witnessing something impossible.

"What… how…" she was so speechless that she couldn't even find the words to ask him about it.

"This technique is called 'Myriad Transformation', and it's a technique I'd created after taking inspiration from another transformation technique. With this technique, I can extend or increase the size of certain parts of my body as I desire, even changing its shape." Su Yang explained to her.

"I-Is there a limit to that technique?" Sun Jingjing asked him in a dazed voice.

"Not that I know of." Su Yang shook his head.

Sun Jingjing was speechless. Does this mean he can change the size and shape of his little brother however he pleases? This essentially means that he can please any woman in this world without any limitations, as he can simply transform his p.e.n.i.s to perfectly fit whichever hole it's inside! This is, without doubt, the pinnacle of dual cultivation techniques for a man!

"Do you want to experience it again?" Su Yang suddenly asked her, who was staring at his shaft with a yearning gaze.

"Y-Yes!" Sun Jingjing wasted no time nodding her head and spreading her legs.

Su Yang smiled and inserted his shaft into her cave again.

He then used Myriad Transformation to adjust the size and shape of his p.e.n.i.s until it fitted Sun Jingjing's cave perfectly, leaving no space untouched.

Sun Jingjing could feel her little sister drooling uncontrollably, and her heart was filled with anticipation.

"Oh, Heavens!"

When Su Yang began moving, Sun Jingjing nearly went crazy from the intense pleasure coming from her hole, feeling as though she'd just entered heaven. It was a whole new level of pleasure that she was not expecting.

However, because of the overwhelming pleasure, she was only able to enjoy it for a little over a minute before Su Yang had to pull his shaft out of her body.

"W-Why did you stop, Su Yang?" she asked him with a puzzled expression, her voice filled with sadness, sounding almost like a deprived child who just had candy stolen straight from her mouth.

"You won't be able to handle more than a minute of this technique at your current state, or it might permanently affect your mind. If you want to experience more of this technique for a longer duration, you'll have to improve your endurance."

"Then are there any methods that'll help me improve my endurance faster?" she quickly asked him.

Su Yang nodded and said, "Naturally, there are methods to improve your endurance quickly, but I do not recommend doing so, as it might harm your body in the process. Don't worry, Jingjing. As long as you continue to cultivate with me normally, your endurance will naturally improve, and before you know it, you'll be able to handle the Myriad Transformation for hours without rest."

"But won't that take a long time?" Sun Jingjing sighed. "Now that I've experienced such a divine technique, I will no longer be satisfied with anything else…"

Hearing her words, Su Yang smiled and said, "If you think the Myriad Transformation is the pinnacle of my abilities then I will have to disappoint you. The Myriad Transformation is only the tip of the iceberg, and as your endurance improves, I will also increase the pleasure you feel."

"Really…?" Sun Jingjing looked at him with wide eyes.

"Why would I lie to you?" Su Yang said to her, and he suddenly grabbed her hands and pinned her body to the bed.

"But since you want to improve your endurance so much, I can help you with that. However, it's not going to be easy. In fact, it might even break you a little."

Seeing the sadistic smile on Su Yang's face, Sun Jingjing swallowed nervously.

However, she still smiled and said, "I know that you're trying your best to hold back your real abilities, Su Yang. Even though you are always satisfying your partners, you cannot fully satisfy yourself because you are afraid of breaking us. That's why I want to improve myself as fast as possible— so that I can relieve some of your restraints."

"Jingjing…" A warm expression appeared on Su Yang's handsome face, and he said, "Even if that's true, I do not wish to see you harming yourself for my sake. If anything, I should be the one to bear that responsibility."

"Please, Su Yang. I insist. And I trust that you won't harm me," she said to him.

After a moment of pondering, Su Yang nodded. "Okay, then let's do it. If it becomes too painful to bear, let me know."

"Then I will entrust my body to you, Su Yang." Sun Jingjing said as she relaxed her body, giving Su Yang full access to her body.

Sometime later, Su Yang inserted his shaft into Sun Jingjing and began moving his h.i.p.s.

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