Dual Cultivation

Chapter 592 The Pinnacle of Sword Techniques

Chapter 592 The Pinnacle of Sword Techniques

Both Su Yang and Patriarch Gold stared at each other with their spiritual energy growing stronger and stronger.

"I never thought the day would come where an ant at the Heavenly Spirit Realm would dare to bare his fangs at me…" Patriarch Gold showed a wide smile on his face, and his aura soared, causing a powerful ripple to sweep the place.

Deep within Su Yang's eyes flickered a profound light, and he released the drop of Celestial Qi within his body, causing his aura to expand exponentially until it rivaled even Patriarch Gold's aura.

When Patriarch Gold saw this, his eyes widened with shock.

'Impossible! How can someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm rival my aura?! He's not even at the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm! He must be using a spiritual treasure to achieve this feat!' He cried inwardly.

"Anyone who dares to try to covet my women… dies!" Su Yang was the first one to make a movement, and he suddenly flew at Patriarch Gold with the Black Scorpion in his grasp.

Patriarch Gold, who usually fights with his bare fists, could feel an ominous feeling from the Black Scorpion, so he brought out two golden gauntlets and wore them before meeting with Su Yang.


The Jade Sea slightly slips in half as the two of them clash.

"You are truly full of surprises, brat! Once I kill you, I will take all of your secrets for myself!" Patriarch Gold said as he punched at Su Yang with immense strength.

"Golden Thunder!"

Patriarch Gold's gauntlets cracked with lightning as it rushed at Su Yang.

"Heaven Consuming Strike!"

Su Yang slashed at him with the Black Scorpion that was covered in black flames.


Black flames exploded in every direction upon impact, and Patriarch Gold retreated a dozen steps from the exchange.

'What a powerful technique!' Patriarch Gold could feel his hands trembling after the exchange, feeling as though he'd just hit a steel wall with his bare hands.

However, among his feelings of shock Patriarch Gold was also filled with excitement, as he cannot wait to kill Su Yang and learn his secrets.

"Have a taste of the Golden Lion Academy's techniques! Heavenly Transformation!"

Patriarch Gold's body suddenly began growing larger and larger, and even his hair was growing longer.

A few moments later, thick golden fur covered Patriarch Gold's body, and his figure resembled that of a beast, almost like a lion.

"What kind of technique is that?! He's essentially turned into a beast!" Xie Wang watched his transformation with wide eyes.


Patriarch Gold roared loudly after his transformation, and his cultivation skyrocketed to a new level.

Seeing this, Su Yang exchanged the Black Scorpion for an ordinary Spirit-grade sword.

"Divine Sword!"

When the sword began glowing a golden color, Su Yang suddenly tossed the sword in the air.


The sword began expanding many folds — until it was the size of an entire pagoda with ten floors, and it was larger than even the ship that Patriarch Gold traveled the Jade Sea with.

The enormous sword also emitted an otherworldly aura that caused everyone there to feel as though they were before the presence of an almighty existence they cannot comprehend, making them feel incredibly insignificant. Furthermore, their strength was disappearing, almost as though it was being sucked away by a mysterious force.

"What the hell is this?!" Patriarch Gold was shocked when he realized that he could not control his transformation under this otherworldly aura, causing him to return to his original form. However, that was not all, as even his cultivation base was beginning to decline.

"What the fuck did you do to me?!" Patriarch Gold shouted at Su Yang afterward.


Su Yang gazed at him with an indifferent expression, and he spoke, "The Divine Sword is the pinnacle of sword technique, and it is also the most powerful sword in existence. Even Immortals and Gods bow before its presence. And anything before its presence will be restricted— even one's cultivation base. Although I can only use a tiny portion of its power right now, it's more than enough to deal with an ant like you."

"The most powerful sword in existence…? Don't screw with me and fight me fairly!" Patriarch Gold roared with a fuming face.

"Fight you fairly? That's quite funny coming from someone who's proudly bullying someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm while being at the Sovereign Spirit Realm." Su Yang's gaze remained indifferent, and he continued, "If you want fairness, then I shall restrict your cultivation base to the Heavenly Spirit Realm level."

The Divine Sword in the sky suddenly trembled, filling the area with its profound aura.

A few moments later, Patriarch Gold could feel his Sovereign Spirit Realm cultivation base declining until it was at the level of someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm!

"T-This is…" Patriarch Gold stared at his sweaty palms with his entire body trembling from fear. He has never experienced such a crazy fight before, nor has he ever felt this powerless.

"It was never a fight since the beginning." Su Yang's voice suddenly resounded in front of him.

When Patriarch Gold looked up, Su Yang was standing right before him with a cold expression.

"When I am before someone who tried to covet my women, it's inevitable that I become a bully who will trample my enemy until there is nothing left of them."


Under Su Yang's cold gaze, the usually domineering and almighty Patriarch Gold felt as small as an ant.


Patriarch Gold no longer had any desire to fight and immediately turned around to run away.

"Xiao Rong." Su Yang mumbled her name.

And before Patriarch Gold could run very far, a small figure with heavenly beauty appeared before him like a ghost to block his path.

When Patriarch Gold saw Xiao Rong's face, unlike the lust and desire he felt before, his face twisted with shock and fear.

"Y-Y-Y-Y-You are!!!" He immediately recalled what happened at the Golden Lion Academy, and the trauma he'd long forgotten re-emerged.

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