Dual Cultivation

Chapter 591 Courting Death Would Be an Understatemen

Chapter 591 Courting Death Would Be an Understatemen

Once Su Yang disappeared from the place, Patriarch Gold said to Xie Wang, "If you even move a little bit, I will kill you."

"..." Xie Wang frowned, but he was truly powerless at this moment.

'To think I once believed that I would be invincible once I reach the Sovereign Spirit Realm! The Cultivation world is truly harsh,' he sighed inwardly.

After warning Xie Wang, Patriarch Gold returned to the ship.

"Sect Leader, are we really going to leave if they give us the woman?" One of the people there asked him in a low voice.

"What do you think?" Patriarch Gold grinned and said, "Even if they voluntarily hand me the woman, I didn't travel hundreds of thousands of miles across the Jade Sea while risking my life just to return with a single woman! Once they hand me the woman, we are going to enjoy the Eastern Continent to our fullest extent!"

Meanwhile, on the flying ship, when Xie Xingfang saw Su Yang returning so quickly and without her grandfather by his side, she quickly asked him in a nervous voice, "Su Yang! What happened to my grandfather?!"

"Don't worry, he's keeping our guests entertained right now." He said with a smile.

"Then why have you returned?" she raised her eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

"I have come to pick you up. Don't you want to meet the people who are trying to ruin your life?" He said.

Xie Xingfang looked at him with a dazed expression before nodding her head.

"Good." Su Yang then said out loud, "Qiuyue, Xiao Rong, you can also come with us. However, keep your presence hidden until I tell you to come out."

A few moments later, Qiuyue and Xiao Rong appeared before him. However, their aura and spiritual energy were completely gone, almost as though they didn't even exist.

'What a profound technique…' Xie Xingfang thought to herself when she could not sense their presence despite standing right before them.

"Let's go." Su Yang said.

Sometime later, Su Yang returned to Xie Wang's side with Xie Xingfang with him.

"You really brought her here…" Xie Wang looked at him with disbelief.

"Don't worry, grandfather. Although you can't sense them, the seniors are also here with us." Xie Xingfang said to him.

"Oh! That's great!" All of the worries in Xie Wang's chest immediately disappeared after hearing her words.

"Patriarch Gold! Look over there! That beauty beside that young man!" The people on the ship said to him with excitement, as they were bewildered by Xie Xingfang's beauty.

"She's a real fairy! A real fairy, I say!"

"There are not many people who could rival her appearance even in the Holy Central Continent! To think there'd be such a treasure in this place!"

"I can only name two people who might be able to rival her appearances in the entire Holy Central Continent, and they both belong to the other two Ancient Academy!"

"Congratulations, Patriarch Gold!"

Although the people congratulated him, they were all filled with jealousy inside their hearts. After all, Xie Xingfang was truly a beauty who can topple an entire kingdom with just her looks!

"Hahahahahaha!" Patriarch Gold could not help but laugh out loud when he saw Xie Xingfang. Even he did not expect someone as beautiful as Xie Xingfang would appear, and he felt as though he'd struck gold.

'This trip was definitely worth it! Even if she is the only woman on this land, it was totally worth it coming here!' Patriarch Gold continued to laugh inwardly before flying towards them.

"I will be lying to you and myself if I said that I am not surprised. To think that you'd turn out to be such a beautiful woman! I truly did not expect such an outcome!" Patriarch Gold said, before raising his hands to make a beckoning gesture.

"Now hand her over to me and I'll leave the Eastern Continent alone."

However, Su Yang casually shook his head and spoke in a calm voice, "Although I said that I would give her to you, I never said it was going to be free."

Patriarch Gold's eyes widened with surprise, and he spoke in a slightly dumbfounded voice, "You want me to pay for her? Are you serious? And to think I thought you were somewhat smart!" Patriarch Gold suddenly frowned, and he continued to speak, "You have ten seconds to hand her over before I go over there myself."

However, Su Yang's expression remained nonchalant, and he spoke, "Did you really think I'd hand her over to you just like that? You are quite foolish for someone at the Sovereign Spirit Realm."

"You little bastard…" The space between Patriarch Gold's eyebrows furrowed deeply, and his gaze became filled with killing intent, as it has been many decades since anyone has dared to mock him in such a manner.

"I should be saying the same thing, you little bastard." Su Yang narrowed his eyes, and his aura suddenly exploded with fierceness.

"How dare you try to touch my — Su Yang's women? Even Immortals would think twice before they approach my women! Courting death would be an understatement, you damn animal who can only think with his lower head!"

"Su Yang…" Xie Xingfang's face flushed with redness after hearing his words, completely misunderstanding Su Yang's words when he mentioned 'his woman', as she thought he was talking about her.

However, she did not correct him for calling her his woman, even feeling joy at this moment.

"Hahahaha! You sure talk big for someone so weak! So what if I want your woman?! Weaklings like you do not deserve a woman of her caliber anyway! Don't worry, I can promise you that I will take good care of her and play with her every day after I kill you!" Patriarch Gold burst out laughing before releasing his Sovereign Spirit Realm cultivation base.

Hearing his words, Su Yang merely smiled and said, "You are not the first person who wants to covet my women and you certainly won't be the last. However, a few things are for certain — you won't succeed, and you will most certainly die in the process!"

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