Dual Cultivation

Chapter 593 Have Mercy!

Chapter 593 Have Mercy!

"W-What are you doing here, you damn monster?!" Patriarch Gold trembled nonstop before Xiao Rong's presence, his complexion white as sheets, almost as though he'd turned into a ghost.

"How can you call a beauty like her a monster? That's quite rude." Su Yang said with a calm smile on his face.

"Y-Y-You! What's your relationship with her?! Why is she here?! Just who are you, really?!" Patriarch Gold looked at him with a terrified expression.

However, instead of Su Yang's voice, another voice responded to his question.

"You have really screwed yourself over this time, you perverted animal," Qiuyue spoke as she approached them from a distance.

"Y-Y-You are! Immortal Fairy Su Yue?!" Patriarch Gold exclaimed.

"S-Shut up! Don't you dare mention that name again!" Qiuyue suddenly appeared before Patriarch Gold with a flushed face and slapped him so hard that he was sent flying many miles away.

"Aiya! Are you trying to kill him before I can?" Su Yang shook his head at her.

"I-I held back!" she quickly said.

"It sure didn't look like it! In fact, it looked like you struck him with your full strength!" Su Yang said.

He then looked at Xiao Rong and said to her, "Can you bring him back here?"

Xiao Rong nodded and went to grab Patriarch Gold before returning with an unconscious body a few seconds later.

"Look, you really did kill him!" Su Yang said when he saw the unconscious Patriarch Gold.

"Nonsense!" Qiuyue approached Patriarch Gold and gave him a few more slaps.

"Wake up! I know you're not dead!"

"Huh?! What happened to me?! Where am I?!" Patriarch Gold woke up a moment later completely confused by his situation, almost as though he'd lost his memories.

However, when he saw Qiuyue and Xiao Rong, he quickly recalled his situation and said, "What are you going to do to me?! I am the Golden Lion Academy's Sect Leader! You can't kill me!"

"I can't kill you? Have you gone retarded after that slap just now?" Su Yang coldly snorted, and he said, "Since you tried to covet my women, I will kill you even if you are the Heavenly Emperor's son!"

"P-Please! I was wrong! I shouldn't have even thought about trying to touch your women! Spare me, exalted one!" Patriarch Gold began begging for his life.

"This is all because of my cultivation technique that increases my sexual urges significantly, almost like a beast, and most of the time I cannot even control it!"

However, Su Yang remained nonchalant after hearing such words, and he said, "Blaming your cultivation technique for your own misdeeds… are you really a Cultivator? Whose fault is it that you cannot control the technique? Did your cultivation technique also force you to come all the way to the Eastern Continent to bully the weak? It's nobody but your own fault for being incompetent."

After saying those words, Su Yang slowly raised his hand towards the heavens.

"P-P-Please! Have mercy! Have mercy!" Patriarch Gold pleaded with tears in his eyes.

But alas, Su Yang's gaze remained cold, and he said, "What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you let me live? What about the women you have assaulted before? Did you stop when they begged for mercy? I don't think so."

Su Yang casually waved his hand downwards, causing the massive sword in the sky to tremble. A moment later, the massive sword began shrinking until it was the size of a normal sword again, but its divine aura remained, even growing stronger than before.

"Divine Sword."

The sword suddenly emitted a bright light, before it shot itself towards Patriarch Gold.

"N-N-No! No! No!"

Patriarch Gold immediately turned around to run away, but the sword had arrived in front of him before he could even move.


The sword pierced Patriarch Gold directly in the middle of his chest, before pushing his body towards the Jade Sea.


The Jade Sea was pushed aside by the Divine Sword's divine aura, and Patriarch Gold was sent plunging into the deepest part of the Jade Sea.

A few moments later, Patriarch Gold reached the bottom of the Jade Sea, and he was pinned onto the ground by the sword, feeling powerless to remove it.

However, for some odd reason, despite being at the bottom of the Jade Sea, Patriarch Gold was still able to breathe normally, albeit a bit painful.

"Don't worry, I won't let you die so easily. The Divine Sword has the ability to keep you alive with the surrounding spiritual energy, and it will chase away any sea creatures that might want to eat you with its aura. I will have you repent your mistakes for the rest of your life underwater while being surrounded by ugly sea creatures." Su Yang's voice resounded in Patriarch Gold's head.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Patriarch Gold screamed at the top of his lungs, but alas, nobody was to hear it.

After sealing Patriarch Gold away at the bottom of the Jade Sea, Su Yang turned to look at the ship and the people Patriarch Gold brought along with him.

And when the people on the ship noticed Su Yang looking at them, all of the Heavenly Spirit Realm experts immediately flew in the opposite direction.

However, before they can get very far, the sea creatures that had been silent this entire time began attacking them.


And without Patriarch Gold to protect them, even the Cultivators at the Heavenly Spirit Realm could only last for a few seconds against these powerful sea creatures before being devoured by them.

As for those people that could not fly and could only remain on the ship, Su Yang used a sword to cut the entire ship in half, sinking the entire thing and everyone in it, allowing the sea creatures to deal with them.

After dealing with the Golden Lion Academy, Su Yang returned to Xie Wang and Xie Xingfang's side.


Of course, both Xie Wang and Xie Xingfang had been completely speechless throughout the entire event, feeling as though they'd just witnessed something they were not supposed to.

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