Dual Cultivation

Chapter 566 Live Demonstration

566 Live Demonstration

When Wang Shuren made her appearance, the entire Assembly Hall became silent, and the only thing that could be heard were the beating hearts of these excited experts.

"Welcome to the Alchemy Gathering. I am Wang Shuren, a Pill Master from the Burning Lotus Sect, and I will be assisting my Master in today's event." Wang Shuren spoke to the people there with elegance, instantly catching their attention. It was something she'd learned after many years of experience working at the Burning Lotus Auction House.

"First and foremost, I would like to express our gratitude to everyone here for taking the time to participate in this gathering. I know there are many questions in your mind at this moment, but I request all of you to extend your patience a little bit further, as my Master would like to have a 'word' with everyone here."

Wang Shuren retrieved her storage ring and placed a cauldron in the middle of the room before stepping to the side.

A few moments later, Su Yang, who was still clad in black alchemy robes and wearing a mask, slowly walked onto the stage.

"That's the Alchemy Master who discovered the Earth Advancement Pill? What an extraordinary aura he exudes!"

"He's even more exalted than I'd expected!"

All of the experts there began breathing heavily upon feeling Su Yang's immense pressure, feeling as though they were in the presence of an almighty being.

And with every step Su Yang took, the people there panted even harder.

'What a show-off…' Hong Yu'er smiled to herself after seeing Su Yang's grand appearance.

After making his appearance, Su Yang walked straight to the cauldron in the middle of the room and sat before it, not even bothering to glance at the spectators.

A moment later, he waved his sleeves, surrounding the cauldron with fierce alchemy flames.

"What a powerful and beautiful flame!"

"I have never seen someone with such peerless control over their alchemy flames! Just how many years does it take for one to achieve such perfection?!"

The Alchemy Experts there were instantly mesmerized by the fierce flames that danced around the cauldron as though it was alive, especially Su Yang's ability to control the flames as though they were no different than the fingers on his hands.

A few seconds later, when the cauldron was fully heated, Wang Shuren carried a tray of ingredients to Su Yang.

"What? Does he intend on concocting a pill before so many Alchemy Masters? Is he not worried that we might steal the recipe for ourselves?"

The Pill Masters there were dumbfounded by Su Yang's decision to concoct pills before so many experts, as it was no different than cooking a family recipe while being surrounded by many world-renowned chefs that were watching his every movement.

They weren't sure if it was plain stupidity or pure boldness, but either way, these Alchemy Masters couldn't be happier to see what kind of pill Su Yang's going to create with those ingredients.

However, before the Alchemy Masters could even get a good look at the ingredients that were bundled together like a pile of leaves, Su Yang tossed the entire tray of ingredients into the cauldron.

"What on earth?!"

The Alchemy Masters there were shocked speechless by Su Yang's actions, as it was basic knowledge and plain common sense to throw in one ingredient at a time. Unless one could multitask and purify each ingredient individually at once, it was nigh impossible to concoct a pill with such a bizarre method. However, who could possibly achieve such a feat that none of these renowned Alchemy Masters would even dare to imagine doing?

In fact, in the history of pill making, the most ingredients a Pill Master had ever purified at once was 3 ingredients, yet Su Yang had tossed in over a dozen ingredients at once without hesitation.

'If we cannot watch him toss the ingredients inside the cauldron, then all we need to do is look inside the cauldron and watch him purify and mix the ingredients one at a time!'

The Alchemy Masters there quickly thought of a solution and immediately concentrated their spiritual sense inside the cauldron.

However, by the time these Alchemy Masters could see the contents inside the cauldron, Su Yang had already purified and mixed all of the ingredients, and it took him less than ten seconds to achieve such a feat.

"What?! He purified and mixed over a dozen ingredients in only a few seconds?! Impossible!"

When the Alchemy Masters realized what was going on, they all stood up from their seats with shock and disbelief written all over their faces.

Meanwhile, the people that had no experience in Alchemy were startled and confused by these Alchemy Masters' reactions, as they couldn't comprehend what was so impressive about the scene.

However, a few moments later, when Su Yang opened the cauldron and retrieved the pill inside, even the people that knew nothing about Alchemy were shocked that the pill had been created in such a short time, as all of them had expected it to take at least a few hours.

After a long time of silence, someone exclaimed loudly, "Impossible! He concocted a pill in less than a minute?! I don't believe it! This must be a setup that they had prepared beforehand!"

Once somebody expressed their doubt, more Alchemy Masters began voicing their suspicions, as Su Yang's abilities were simply too shocking and unbelievable in their eyes.

Seeing the doubtful crowd and hearing their complaints, Wang Shuren stepped forward and spoke, "Although it may be a hard pill to swallow, what you have witnessed just is not an act. I can assure you that my Master's abilities are the real deal."

"However, if you are not satisfied with my words, you can come and inspect the cauldron for yourselves. If there is any evidence of faking the demonstration just now, then we will give you the recipe for the Earth Advancement Pills."

"What?! Really?!"

The Alchemy Masters did not dare to waste time and immediately approached the cauldron after hearing Wang Shuren's words.

However, no matter how much time they spent looking, even after searching every nook and cranny of the cauldron, these Alchemy Masters were unable to find anything suspicious with the cauldron.

If the demonstration had been faked and the pill that came out of the cauldron was prepared beforehand, there should still be the ingredients that he'd tossed inside. And even if Su Yang burned the ingredients until there was nothing left, there would still be some evidence of that left behind.

But alas, the cauldron was completely clean, and there was no sign of the demonstration being faked.

Once the Alchemy Masters realized that fact, they all looked at Su Yang with nervous expressions on their faces, as his abilities had scared them.

"We deeply apologize for doubting your abilities, Senior Pill Master!"

The Alchemy Masters bowed and apologized to him afterward.

Su Yang suddenly raised his hand and spoke in a disguised voice that was deeper than his original voice with a mysterious feeling to it, "Anyone would doubt something they have never seen before, so I don't blame any of you for doubting my abilities. In fact, if you still doubt my abilities, why don't you inspect the pill that I'd just concocted? Even a beginner Pill Master that only knows of the basics should be able to tell when a Pill is created."

Su Yang extended his hands and showed them the pill resting on his palms.

"T-This is the Earth Advancement Pill! And it's purer than all of the ones being sold in the market!"

"This quality of pill is higher than any high-quality pills I have seen before… So what does that mean for this pill? What's even higher than a high-quality pill? A perfect-quality pill?"

Despite seeing all of the best pills in this world before, the Alchemy Masters was having trouble holding back the saliva in their mouth after seeing the flawless-quality pill for the first time in their lives.

"This fresh aroma… there's no doubt that this pill just came out of a cauldron. Even if we do not want to believe it, we cannot ignore pure facts." Senior Zeng, the top Alchemy Master there expressed his thoughts.

Sometime later, once all of the Alchemy Masters there had a chance to inspect the pill, Wang Shuren spoke, "Now that everyone is crystal clear about my Master's abilities, let's return to our seats and continue with the gathering, shall we?"

Although the Alchemy Masters were reluctant to part with the flawless-quality pill, they nodded their heads and eventually returned to their seats.

Once everyone had returned to their seats, Su Yang spoke, "I did not demonstrate my abilities just to flaunt my abilities, nor was it to dismiss the abilities of the Alchemy Masters in this place. Instead, the purpose of my demonstration is to broaden your views of Alchemy. What you witnessed today is only the surface of the ocean known as Alchemy, and I have gathered all of you today to hopefully increase your knowledge."

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