Dual Cultivation

Chapter 567 Desperate for the Heaven Transcendence Pill

Chapter 567 Desperate for the Heaven Transcendence Pill

"You want to increase our knowledge in Alchemy?" The Alchemy Masters there exchanged glances, seemingly puzzled by his objective, as they do not see any advantage in doing such a thing.

"Excuse me for being blunt, but what is your purpose for doing something that does not benefit yourself? What do you really want from all of this?" Lord Xie suddenly spoke with a sharp gaze, asking Su Yang the question in everyone's mind right now.

While it may benefit the Alchemy Masters of this world to gain more knowledge and perhaps even skills, it does not appear to benefit Su Yang. In fact, doing such a thing would only bring him the opposite of benefits.

A mysterious smile appeared behind his mask, and he spoke, "You are right. I gain nothing by doing this, nor am I expecting anything in return. I am simply doing as I please because I pity this place."

"You… pity us? Can you elaborate on that, Senior?" Lord Xie raised his eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

Su Yang nodded and spoke in a slow but clear voice, "When I first arrived at the Eastern Continent and saw the low quality of the pills here, I was shocked by how inexperienced the Alchemy Masters are in this place, and as a fellow Alchemy Master, I felt pity. Therefore, I want to share some of my knowledge, hopefully making this place a better place for all Alchemy Masters."

"W-Wait a minute… when you 'first arrived' here? D-Does this mean that you are from another Continent?" Lord Xie asked him with a shocked expression.

Because of the Jade Sea that separates each Continent and the powerful underwater beings that are always aggressive towards humans, people would rarely risk their lives to travel to another Continent.

In fact, even Lord Xie, one of the most powerful Cultivators in the Eastern Continent, hasn't been to another Continent, and only his father, Xie Wang, has experienced the other Continents.

Seeing Lord Xie's surprised expression, Su Yang nodded and spoke, "I am from a place where you people refer as the 'Holy Central Continent'."

"What?! The Holy Central Continent?!"

Many experts there immediately stood up from shock, including Lord Xie.

"So the Holy Central Continent truly exists! And here I thought it was only a legend!"

"Unbelievable! This explains why his skills are vastly superior compared to us — almost otherworldly!"

The experts there expressed their disbelief.

"A-Are you truly from the Holy Central Continent, Senior?" Lord Xie asked him for confirmation.

Su Yang nodded and spoke, "If you don't believe me, why don't I tell you a little bit about the Holy Central Continent?"

Su Yang proceeded to recall his experience at the Holy Central Continent, mostly talking about the Three Ancient Academies.

"In fact, I plan on returning to the Holy Central Continent soon. When that happens, I wouldn't mind bringing along some company."

When the people there heard Su Yang's words, they all stared at him in silence, before the place exploded into an uproar.

Sometime later, Lord Xie spoke, "I will be eternally grateful if I really get to witness the Holy Central Continent before I die, but how do you plan on taking us there? The Jade Sea… it's too risky."

"Naturally, if I have a way to get here safely, I would have a way to return safely. However, I don't want to ruin the fun, so I won't answer any more than that." Su Yang responded.

A few moments later, he continued, "Anyway, I did not gather all of you here today to talk about the Holy Central Continent."

His sharp gaze then swept the place, and he spoke in a serious voice, "The Earth Advancement Pill that I'd revealed some time ago was only the beginning — an introduction of sorts."

He then waved his sleeves, causing four pills to appear and float before the spectators, and continued to speak, "I have with me here four pills that will make the Earth Advancement Pill a humble pill."

"Starting from your left, we have the Profound Qi Gathering Pill, Hundred Days Pill, Heaven and Earth Restoration Pill, and finally, the Heaven Transcendence Pill."

Su Yang proceeded to explain the effects of each pill.

"Consuming the Profound Qi Gathering Pill will increase your Cultivation speed by 100% for 12 hours. The Hundreds Days Pill will instantly increase your Cultivation base as much as you would have cultivated in 100 days, but it can only be consumed once every four years. The Heaven and Earth Restoration Pill can restore even a peak Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivator's depleted spiritual energy within seconds."

"And for the last pill, the Heaven Transcendence Pill… just like the Earth Advancement Pill, it will have a high chance of advancing someone at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm to the Heavenly Spirit Realm depending on the pill's quality. At the highest quality, it has a 100% success rate, meaning any Earth Spirit Realm Cultivators have a chance to reach the Heavenly Spirit Realm regardless of their talent."


The entire Assembly Hall was dead silent, as they were all trying to process and comprehend what Su Yang had just said.

"A-Are you saying that if I consume the Heaven Transcendence Pill that I can enter the Heavenly Spirit Realm?!"

The first one to speak with Fang Xianjue, who stood up with her gaze fixated on the Heaven Transcendence Pill, her eyes filled with hope. After being stuck in the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm for over 30 years, she was starting to lose hope that she could ever reach the Heavenly Spirit Realm. However, with the appearance of the Heavenly Transcendence Pill, her passion to enter the Heavenly Spirit Realm has reemerged.

Seeing Fang Xianjue's enthusiasm, he nodded, "That's right. The Heavenly Transcendence Pill in my hands right now happens to be of the highest quality, so you are guaranteed to enter the Heavenly Spirit Realm if you consume it."

"W-Would it be possible to sell me that pill, Senior?! I have been stuck at the Earth Spirit Realm for many decades! Please! I am willing to pay any price for the pill!" Fang Xianjue did not mind losing face before so many experts and pleaded Su Yang in a desperate voice.

"Any price?" Su Yang asked her.

"That's right! I am from the Fang Family, one of the Four Great Families! You can name any amount!"

Hearing her confident voice, Su Yang nodded and raised three fingers towards her direction.

"Three million spirit stones? I will immediately have it prepared for you!" Fang Xianjue spoke with excitement.

However, Su Yang shook his head and spoke, "Are you underestimating the value of the Heavenly Transcendence Pill? A single Earth Advancement Pill is already worth hundreds of thousands of spirit stones."

And he continued, "If I were to allow anyone in this room to buy the pill for three million spirit stones, who would be willing?"

Immediately after Su Yang's question ended, everybody in the room raised their hand.

"Forget 3 million spirit stones! I am willing to pay even 5 million spirit stones!"

"I can pay 10 million spirit stones for the Heavenly Transcendence Pill! I have also been stuck in the Earth Spirit Realm for over 20 years!"

"T-Thirty million spirit stones! I will pay thirty million spirit stones!" Fang Xianjue suddenly shouted, dumbfounding the people there, even her own husband, who stared at her with wide eyes.

"Would that be enough for the Heavenly Transcendence Pill?" she asked him with a pained expression, as thirty million spirit stones would hurt even the Fang Family's finances.

However, she was hellbent on reaching the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Even if she had to sell an arm and leg, she would still buy the Heavenly Transcendence Pill.

"Thirty million spirit stones, huh?" Su Yang pretended to ponder for a moment before nodding his head, "Very well. I shall part with this pill for thirty million spirit stones."

And he continued, "And to prove to the others that the pill is real, I will let you consume the pill and breakthrough to the Heavenly Spirit Realm here."

"Y-You want me to consume the pill right now?" Fang Xianjue looked at him with surprise.

"That's right. Don't worry, I will ensure your safety while you cultivate. And it shouldn't take longer than a few minutes, anyway."

Fang Xianjue did not doubt his words and immediately approached him.

Before handing the Heaven Transcendence Pill to her, Su Yang spoke in a casual voice, "Just in case you plan on avoiding payment afterward, I have what it takes to completely erase the Fang Family, great family or not."

Fang Xianjue trembled at his words, and she showed him a reassuring smile, "I wouldn't even dare imagine trying to steal from Esteemed Senior, especially when there are so many witnesses here. Even if I have to sell my body to pay you the thirty million spirit stones, I swear upon the Fang Family that I will repay the debt."

"Good." Su Yang nodded and handed her the pill.

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