Dual Cultivation

Chapter 565 A Gathering of Experts

Chapter 565 A Gathering of Experts

"Senior Zeng! I did not expect to see you here! How long has it been since you left the Divine Nature Garden? It must have been decades since I last saw you!"

"Hmm? If it isn't Patriarch Cai. Has it really been that long since our last meeting? I swear it feels like we met not long ago."

Inside the Assembly Hall, where the seats are quickly being filled with experts, two old men spoke with each other.

One of them was known as Senior Zeng, Sect Master of the divine Nature Garden, one of few Sects in this world that mainly focuses on medicine and pills.

The old man sitting beside him was the Patriarch of the Cai Clan, who is renowned for his medical expertise.

These two individuals alone were peak experts that are rarely seen in public, much less the both of them at the same time, and there were many other powerful and influential people like Senior Zeng and Patriarch Cai gathered in the Assembly Hall.

Any single individual in the Assembly Hall has immense influence in the world who could shake the Eastern Continent with a single command, and to have so many of them gathered in one spot, it was truly an unprecedented sight.

"I heard that you'd recently accepted a new disciple. Would that disciple happen to be that young miss by your side?" Patriarch Cai looked at the beautiful young lady sitting beside Senior Zeng.

"Hahaha… Indeed, this is my precious disciple. I brought her here hoping that she could learn a thing or two from this mysterious Alchemy Master who shook the world with the Earth Advancement Pill." Senior Zeng laughed, and he continued while looking at the young girl beside Patriarch Cai, "I see that you've also brought someone with you."

"This is my youngest daughter, Cai Zhuohua. Greet Senior Zeng, Zhuohua."

"Junior Cai greets Senior Zeng. This Junior has been wishing to meet Senior ever since she heard of your grand feats in the field of medicine. It is an honor to finally meet you."

"Haha… what an elegant and polite Young Lady. The Cai Clan is lucky to have someone like you in their family." Senior Zeng laughed loudly.

Although Senior Zeng acted oblivious, it was obvious why Patriarch Cai would bring a young beauty to such an important gathering that was unbefitting of her background. If this mysterious Alchemy Master turns out to be the real deal, it would benefit the Cai Clan greatly if the Alchemy Master adores someone from their family.

In fact, there were plenty of other families in the Assembly Hall that had brought along their daughter to the gathering, all hoping to create a connection with the Alchemy Master whose name already rivals most of the top families in the Eastern Continent.

"Look over there. That's Matriarch Fang from the Four Great Families."

The people there quickly noticed Fang Xianjue's immense presence.

"Of course, one of the Four Great Families would be here. I wouldn't be surprised even if the other three also decide to show up."

And just as many there had expected, the other three Great Families appeared at the Assembly Hall a little bit later.

The Long Family that governs the Eastern Region, the Xiang Family that rules the Southern Region, the Fang Family that dominates the Western Region, and the Su Family from the Northern Region — all Four Great Families were gathered in public. It was an incredibly rare sight even for most of these influential people at the Assembly Hall who are used to seeing uncommon events.

As for the number of people from these families, the Long Family only brought one person — their Patriarch. The Xiang Family brought two individuals from their family — an old woman and a young lady. As for the Fang Family, there were two people, Fang Xianjue and a handsome middle-aged man, who was her husband and the head of the Fang Family. Meanwhile, just like the Long Family, only Su Xun from the Su Family showed up.

However, despite sharing the same title of a 'Great Family', none of these families were actually friendly with one another. In fact, they inwardly hated each other and would fight with each other over the smallest thing.

Sometime later, another renowned family that caused a commotion with their appearance showed up in the Assembly Hall. However, this family was not always that popular, as their fame had only skyrocketed after the Regional Tournament because of one individual.

"Look! That's the Hong Family! And they even brought along Hong Yu'er!"

The people there were surprised by Hong Yu'er's unexpected appearance.

Very quickly after Hong Yu'er's appearance, people gathered around her, hoping to gain some favors or just to make some connections.

However, Hong Yu'er didn't even glance at them before taking a seat beside Su Xun.

"Hello, father-in-law." Hong Yu'er greeted Su Xun, dumbfounding him.

Meanwhile, her father, Hong Chengchou, had to apologize to the experts and seniors in her stead.

"I apologize for my daughter's unruly behavior just now. She's not used to strangers..." Hong Chengchou bowed to them.

"Hahaha… don't worry about it. Geniuses like her should be at least that haughty." The experts laughed it off, as they didn't dare to complain before Hong Yu'er's presence.

"What are you doing here, Hong Yu'er? Are you interested in the pills or the Alchemy Master?" Su Xun asked her with raised eyebrows.

Hong Yu'er showed a smile and said, "You don't have to worry, father-in-law. Even if he's the most talented Alchemy Master in this world, I only have eyes for Su Yang."

"I'm sorry, but it was not my intention to question your loyalty for my son..." Su Xun quickly shook his head.

Sometime later, a loud voice resounded in the place.

"His Majesty, Lord Xie, has arrived!"

The people in the Assembly Hall immediately stood up and bowed to Lord Xie, who'd just entered the room.

"Be at ease." Lord Xie waved his hands before taking a seat in his personal chair.

Once Lord Xie and all of the expected guests had arrived, Wang Shuren made her appearance with a bright smile on her face.

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