Dual Cultivation

Chapter 564 The Day of the Gathering

Chapter 564 The Day of the Gathering

"Halt! You are before the Xie Family's Assembly Hall! Identify yourselves!"

When Su Yang and Wang Shuren arrived at the location, they were stopped by the guard guarding that place.

Wang Shuren stepped forward and showed the guard Xie Family's medallion along with a letter from Lord Xie stating their permission to use the Assembly Hall.

"Ah! You must be Alchemy Master Wang from the Burning Lotus Sect. We have been expecting you. By the way, who is that person behind you?"

The guard suddenly pointed at Su Yang, who had changed his clothes and covered his face with a mask before arriving at the location.

"This is my Master, the esteemed Alchemy Master who allowed for this gathering to happen in the first place." Wang Shuren said to the guard.

"The Alchemy Master who discovered the Earth Advancement Pills?! Excuse us for not recognizing you, Esteemed Senior!"

The guard bowed deeply to him before allowing them into the Assembly Hall.

After entering the building, Su Yang looked at the spacious area with approval.

"How many families will attend the gathering?" he asked her.

"The participants have increased to 130 sects and 269 families since I last mentioned it. Furthermore, I have limited each family and sect to only 2 individuals that could participate in the gathering, so we shouldn't see more than a few hundred people."

"I see… You have done a great job setting this entire time up by yourself," Su Yang suddenly praised her, and he continued, "Do you have anything you want for your contributions? I'll reward you."

"Uh… Nothing in particular…" Wang Shuren responded with a dazed expression, as she didn't expect him to reward her.

"There's no need to be humble," he said.

"Then… Can I learn more about the Demon Heart Pill? I have been interested in it ever since I saw it," she said after pondering for a moment.

"Is that all you want? The Demon Heart Pill isn't anything impressive."

"That's enough for me." Wang Shuren nodded.

"Okay. Then I will give you the recipe after we leave this place."

"Thank you, Su— Master!" Wang Shuren bowed to him.

Meanwhile, at the Xie Family, Lord Xie gazed at the subordinate before him and spoke, "What? The mysterious Alchemy Master has arrived at the Assembly Hall with Wang Shuren? Are you certain it's him?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. Wang Shuren herself introduced him as her Master."

"What about his identity? Do we know anything about him?" Lord Xie continued to ask.

"No, he was wearing a mask and his entire body was wrapped in black robes. It appears that he intends on hiding his identity."

"I see… Is there anything else I should know about?"

"We have received news that Su Yang from the Profound Blossom Sect has appeared in the city. He was also seen entering the city with Wang Shuren, but he has disappeared somewhere afterward."

"Su Yang? What the hell is that brat doing all the way here? Is he going to participate in the gathering, too?" Lord Xie mumbled to himself.

"No… what if he has connections to the mysterious Alchemy Master? Knowing him, I am almost certain that he's related to the Alchemy Master in some way!"

Because of Su Yang's age and background, the thought of Su Yang being the mysterious Alchemy Master did not even cross Lord Xie's mind. No matter how talented one might be, there's simply no way they can become a Master Alchemist without many years of experience.

"Anyway, I am going to the Assembly Hall to greet this Alchemist Master." Lord Xie said to his subordinate before leaving the room.

Many minutes later, Lord Xie arrived at the Assembly Hall.

"Where is the Senior Alchemist?" he asked the guard.

"Uh… Wang Shuren and the Senior Alchemist have already left the Assembly Hall, Your Majesty."

"What? I came here as soon as I heard about it! Do you know where they went?"

However, the guard shook his head. "No, Your Majesty. They left the place without saying a word after a quick look around."

'Damn! I wanted to take advantage of the situation and create a connection between us before the gathering, but it seems like that won't be possible anymore!' Lord Xie cried inwardly.

However, Lord Xie did not give up so easily and proceeded to wait inside the Assembly Hall just in case the Alchemist Master returned.

But alas, Wang Shuren, and Su Yang had long returned to the Burning Lotus Sect, making Lord Xie's efforts a vain.

Inside Wang Shuren's living quarters, Su Yang handed her the recipe for the Demon Heart Pill and proceeded to train her over the next few days until it was time for the gathering.

A few days later, Su Yang and Wang Shuren emerged from the pill room with Wang Shuren fully naked and covered in sweat.

"If you haven't already, bring your cauldron with you. I'll demonstrate my abilities before we even begin talking." Su Yang said.

Wang Shuren nodded before cleaning herself in the bathroom.

Once they were prepared to leave, Su Yang brought out the flying ship, and they returned to Snowfall City.

However, this time around, Su Yang wore his disguise before leaving the Burning Lotus Sect.

On the day of the gathering, countless renowned experts from famous families and powerful sects could be seen entering Snowfall City one after another, shocking the ignorant people outside and inside the city.

"Look! That's the Patriarch of the Jiang Family from the Western Region! What is he doing all the way over here?!"

"Look behind him! That's the head of the Ling Family, who is known for his expertise in medicine!"

"Even the Sect Leader of the Divine Nature Garden, one of the leading Pill Masters in this world, is going to Snowfall City! And he even brought his disciple with him!"

"With the gathering of so many renowned experts from all around the world, something big must be happening soon if it hasn't happened already!"

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