Dual Cultivation

Chapter 563 Public Torture

Chapter 563 Public Torture







"This voice belongs to… Fu Kuan?" Although it took her a moment, Wang Shuren recognized his voice.

"We have plenty of time before the gathering, so why don't we take a detour and see for ourselves how our little 'friend' has been holding up these days?" Su Yang said with a grin on his face.

Wang Shuren nodded her head, as she was also curious how they were punishing Fu Kuan.

Thus, they began following the direction of the scream, and as they got closer to the screaming, the louder and sharper it got.

A few minutes later, they arrived at a spacious open area, and in the middle of this place was a small stage with Fu Kuan chained in the air on the stage.



Fu Kuan's ear-piercing scream resounded again as another man on the stage whipped his back.





Su Yang and Wang Shuren watched as the man continuously whipped Fu Kuan's back.

Seeing the puddle of fresh blood underneath Fu Kuan caused Wang Shuren's eyebrows to tremble in shock.

"I have heard rumors, but I didn't think it would be this bad…" Wang Shuren mumbled to herself after witnessing the situation for herself, and she couldn't help but feel pity for Fu Kuan.

"A hundred whips for each life he took, huh? Who knows how long it'll take to carry out his punishment." Su Yang spoke with a calm expression on his face, almost as though he wasn't fazed by the brutal scene before him.



After Fu Kuan received ten whips, the punisher stopped whipping him to pour a bucket of green liquid on his body.

"This is… medicine?" Wang Shuren's sharp noise instantly picked up the herbal aroma from the water splashed onto Fu Kuan.

A few minutes later, the bloody scars on Fu Kuan's back disappeared, almost as though the punishment never took place.

Once all of the scars were gone, the punisher raised the whip in his grasp and began whipping Fu Kuan again.



"They healed his injury so they don't kill him by accident before they finish the punishment, huh? Wasting precious medicine on a prisoner just to continue torturing him, the Xie Family is adamant about carrying out his entire punishment, even if it'll cost them many resources and effort." Su Yang smiled.

After lingering around and watching Fu Kuan get tortured for a few more minutes, Wang Shuren spoke with a pale complexion, "Let's leave, Su Yang. I don't want to watch this anymore."

Su Yang nodded.

However, just as he turned around, Fu Kuan noticed him and called out to him, "S-S-Su Yang?! I-I-Is that you, S-Su Yang?!"

"P-P-Please…! H-Help me! I-I was wrong! I was truly wrong for messing with the P-Profound Blossom Sect! H-Have M-Mercy and kill me already!"

Fu Kuan pleaded for mercy on the stage, causing everybody there to look at Su Yang. Even the punisher stopped whipping Fu Kuan to look at him.

"It's really Su Yang! I heard that he was the one who stopped Fu Kuan from causing massive destruction in the Eastern Continent!"

"I wonder why he's here."

"Maybe he's here to rub it in Fu Kuan's face?"

The spectators mumbled to each other.

"You want me to kill you?" Su Yang looked at Fu Kuan with a nonchalant expression.

"Y-Yes! Please! J-Just kill me already! If I have to endure this for any longer, I will really go insane!"

"Hmmm…" Su Yang made a pondering expression, almost as though he was truly thinking about Fu Kuan's words, giving Fu Kuan some hope.

He suddenly turned to look at Wang Shuren and asked her, "What do you think? Should I end his suffering and kill him?"

Wang Shuren looked at him with a face that spoke, "Why are you asking me? He's your problem."

A moment later, Su Yang returned to looking at Fu Kuan, and he spoke with a grin on his face, "I would kill you if I could, but unfortunately for the both of us, I would rather not soil my hands with your dirty blood, so you'll have to endure it for a little bit longer."

"A little bit longer, you say?!" Fu Kuan's face immediately turned red from anger, and he began moving his body erratically and fiercely, almost as though he wanted to break out of his chains and attack Su Yang.


The punisher whipped Fu Kuan to calm him down, but Fu Kuan ignored the pain in his body and continued to bare his fangs at Su Yang like a beast.

 "Ahhhhh! I will kill you, Su Yang! I will fucking kill you! Come over here so I can kill you!!!" Fu Kuan began screaming like a madman, even spitting his blood everywhere.

However, without his cultivation base, Fu Kuan was no different than an ordinary mortal. Let alone attacking Su Yang, he didn't even have the strength to break the steel chains that wrapped around all four of his limbs.

"Hahaha…" Su Yang burst out laughing at this scene, and he spoke, "Hang in there, little friend. If you can persist until I have nine grandchildren then I might consider ending your life."

"How dare you screw with me, Su Yang?! I swear I will fucking haunt you even after my death!"

"Good luck with that — dying, that is! I'll be cheering for you!" Su Yang waved at Fu Kuan before leaving the area with a smile on his face.

After Su Yang left the area, Fu Kuan coughed up a mouthful of blood before losing consciousness.

Seeing this, the punisher decided to end the punishment for the time being to allow Fu Kuan to rest. After all, if he continues to torture Fu Kuan and accidentally kill him, who knows what the Xie Family, or even worse, Su Yang, might do to him.

"Even though I think the punishment is a little bit too harsh, Fu Kuan has to take responsibility for those 36,000 disciples he'd betrayed and killed." Wang Shuren sighed afterward, and she continued, "Even if he somehow outlives the punishment, I doubt he'll be the same person ever again, as the mental toll for being torture so long will surely break his mind until nothing is left."

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