Dual Cultivation

Chapter 558 Offering Her Body

Chapter 558 Offering Her Body

After helping Fang Xiaoru receive her disciple robes and finding a living quarter, Fang Zhelan said to her, "Now that you have everything you need, I will go through the Sect Rules and your privileges as a Core Disciple."

A few minutes later, after explaining the rules to her, Fang Zhelan spoke about her privileges, "As a Core Disciple, you will get unlimited support by the Sect. This means that as long as it's justified, you can ask for any amount of spirit stones."

"Any amount of spirit stones? Is the Profound Blossom Sect very wealthy or something?" Fang Xiaoru asked.

"I guess it's something like that…" she nodded, not daring to reveal to her that they'd recently used 300 million spirit stones in one go.

"Then do you think I'll be able to get a spiritual treasure? Now that I am no longer with the Fang Family, I no longer have access to one."

"The Sect Masters deal with the spiritual weapons and the cultivation techniques, so you'll have to ask them about that, but I don't see why they won't give you one, as we have plenty of spiritual treasures." Fang Zhelan said.

"Anyway, you should speak to Su Yang about your cultivation technique now that you are done here."

Fang Xiaoru nodded, and she said, "Thank you for everything, Elder Sister."

"There's no need to thank me. I am only doing what I should as your Elder Sister." Fang Zhelan responded with a smile. "If you need anything in the future, you can come to me."

Right before Fang Xiaoru left, she suddenly embraced Fang Zhelan, dumbfounding her, as this is the first time she has ever felt her younger sister's embrace.

Sometime later, Fang Xiaoru went to the Yin Yang Pavilion to look for Su Yang.

"You… you… what the hell are you doing here, Fang Xiaoru?!"

When Su Yin saw Fang Xiaoru in the Profound Blossom Sect's disciple robes, her eyes widened with shock.

"Su Yin…" Fang Xiaoru narrowed her eyes. "I can ask you the same question. Why are you here?"

"Oh? So the two of you already know each other?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows.

"Since the Four Great Families like to gather almost every year to have friendly exchanges between the junior generation for bragging rights, of course, we would know each other. In fact, we have sparred with each other plenty of times." Su Yin explained to him their relationship.

"Indeed, we have fought 7 times in total." Fang Xiaoru nodded, and she continued, "By the way, I won 5 out of those 7 times."

"T-That's because I was still young and inexperienced! I defeated you two times in a row in the last two gatherings! How dare you try and embarrass me in front of my Elder Brother! Let's fight right now, Fang Xiaoru!" Su Yin pointed at her with a red face.

"Hmph. I don't have the time to deal with you right now, Su Yin, as I am here for the Sect Master." Fang Xiaoru said before looking at Su Yang.

"Sect Master, as promised, I am here to offer you my body for allowing me to take the disciple examination," she said to him with a calm expression.

"W-W-What?!" Su Yin trembled in shock after hearing her words.

"What is going on here, Elder Brother?!"

Su Yang smiled and gave her a quick explanation of what had happened recently.

"Anyway, you don't need to give me your body, because it was Fang Zhelan who allowed you to partake in the examination, not me," he said to Fang Xiaoru. "And you are not in the Dual Cultivation Division, so I cannot cultivate with you without any reason."

"That's right! Know your place, Fang Xiaoru! And just to be clear, I am technically also a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect!" Su Yin added.

However, Fang Xiaoru ignored Su Yin's clear provocation and said to Su Yang, "Then you will have se—cultivate with me if I join the Dual Cultivation Division?"


Su Yang rubbed his temple. Knowing her character and her determination, Fang Xiaoru probably won't leave him alone until he cultivates with her. Furthermore, it was clear as day that the reason why Fang Xiaoru even joined the Profound Blossom Sect was so she could be close to him.

After a moment of silence, Su Yang sighed, "Well, since you did sacrifice a lot to join the Sect, I guess I can grant you this one request."

After all, it would be too cruel to reject her after she abandoned her family just to be in the Sect.

"What?!" Su Yin looked at him with a face of disbelief. "Are you sure about this, Elder Brother? She's from the Fang Family, a place that's filled to the brim with arrogant people! And this Fang Xiaoru is the worst of them all, as she doesn't care about anyone but herself!"

Hearing her words, Fang Xiaoru spoke with a frown, "Can you stop badmouthing me already, Su Yin? Just because I defeated you more than you defeated me, you don't have to be so mean. And I have already left the Fang Family."

���W-Wait a second… what did you just say?" Su Yin looked at her with wide eyes. "Y-You left the Fang Family? You are lying!"

Su Yang shook his head and said, "I should've said this when I explained to you earlier, but she left the Fang Family in order to join the Profound Blossom Sect, so she's not lying."

"Why on earth would you do something like that?! Aren't you one of their top geniuses?! I cannot believe that the Fang Family would allow you to leave so easily, especially after spending so many resources and effort on you!"

"I know that my mother won't let me leave so easily, but I will deal with it when the time comes." Fang Xiaoru said, and she continued with a slightly bashful expression. "After all, I will do anything to be with the Sect Master."

Su Yin's jaw dropped to the floor after hearing her words, as she didn't know that Fang Xiaoru could make such an innocent expression. It was almost like Fang Xiaoru had turned into a different individual!

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