Dual Cultivation

Chapter 557 A Mere Glance

Chapter 557 A Mere Glance

After her attack failed, Fang Xiaoru immediately jumped back to distance herself from Su Yang.

However, Su Yang quickly followed her, even throwing his own punch.


Fang Xiaoru cried out loud when Su Yang's punch emitted the same aura as the Sublime Mountain Fist, but it was much quicker and sharper than her own technique.

Unable to dodge the attack in time, Fang Xiaoru had no other choice but to block the attack with her own body.


Fang Xiaoru went flying off the stage and far into the distance after barely blocking his attack with her arms.

"Is it just me or did Su Yang use the Fang Family's technique just now?" Liu Lanzhi asked Fang Zhelan with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

"N-No… you saw right. He just used the Sublime Mountain Fist! But how is that possible?! Only a select few from the Fang Family could even see the technique, much less learn it!" Fang Zhelan replied in a shocked voice.

Unless Su Yang somehow sneaked into the Fang Family and secretly learned the martial technique, there was no logical explanation as to how he could've learned the Fang Family's hereditary technique.

Sometime later, Fang Xiaoru returned to the stage with a messy appearance, and she asked him with a confused face, "That was definitely the Sublime Mountain Fist just now… How come you can use a martial technique that only a few from the Fang Family can learn?"

"The Sublime Mountain Fist that you know of is only a small part of a much larger and powerful martial technique. I don't know how the Fang Family obtained it, but it's not as special as you believe it is." Su Yang explained to her.

The technique that he was referring to is a popular and powerful martial technique in the Four Divine Heavens used mostly by Body Cultivators, and the Sublime Mountain Fist is barely the tip of the iceberg in terms of the technique's full prowess.

As for how the Fang Family obtained such a technique, he could only imagine it has something to do with Immortal Han Xin, the unfortunate Heavenly Emperor's lackey who got tossed into this world by accident.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's dumbfounded expression, Su Yang said, "I can tell that you have great affinity with this technique, so I will give you the full martial technique."

"R-Really? Isn't it something valuable?" she asked him.

After all, if the Fang Family considers a small part of the full technique a priceless treasure, the full martial technique itself would obviously be worth even more.

"Well… even though I said that I will give you the full technique, it's not exactly the 'entire' thing, as you are not capable of understanding it at this moment. Therefore, I will only give you what you can handle for now, and once you become more powerful and knowledgeable, I will give you the real thing."

"Anyway, you have passed the examinations, and you already have what it takes to become a Core Disciple, so I will give you that position. Once you are done with your arrangements, you can come to me to receive the technique."

"Thank you!" she bowed to him despite the pain in her body.

Su Yang nodded and turned to look at Fang Zhelan.

"I will leave her in your hands for now," he said to her.

Sometime later, Fang Zhelan brought Fang Xiaoru to receive her disciple robes and her identity badge.

While they were walking, Fang Xiaoru suddenly asked her, "Elder Sister, have you had sex with Su Yang yet?"

Fang Zhelan nearly tripped on herself after hearing such a question, and she responded in a prideful tone, "Don't make it sound so vulgar. We call that Cultivation here. And yes, I have 'Cultivated' with him before, and many times at that."

"Really? I am envious." Fang Xiaoru said.

"You are jealous of me? Now that's something I didn't expect to hear in this lifetime, since I am the one who has always been envious of you — how you are so much more talented than me, especially how you receive all of the family's affection." Fang Zhelan sighed.

"Are you angry at me?" Fang Xiaoru asked her. "For not helping you."

"Why would I be angry at you? You were the only one who didn't bully me. If I should be angry at someone, it should be towards our parents and the Fang Family itself. They treat people who have lesser talents as though they are trash."

"Anyway, enough of the Fang Family. You joined the Profound Blossom Sect for Su Yang, right?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded after hearing her question, not denying that Su Yang is the only reason she is interested in this place.

"Su Yang is really amazing. To think he'd charm someone like you without any effort — only by standing in the same room as you." Fang Zhelan couldn't help but smile.

And she continued, "So? What was it about him that caused your heart to flutter? Is it his handsome face? His demeanor? Or the otherworldly aura that surrounds him?"

"His gaze." Fang Xiaoru answered without hesitation.

"His gaze…?" Fang Zhelan repeated after her.

She nodded and explained in a passionate voice, "When he looked at me, even though it was only a quick glance, it felt as though he could see everything about me and I was no different from being naked when before his eyes. I have never felt such a powerful and profound gaze before, and it instantly caused my heart to beat loudly."


Fang Zhelan was speechless when she saw the expression on Fang Xiaoru's face as she spoke of Su Yang's sharp gaze, as it was no different than a maiden experiencing her first love.

'It only took a single gaze from Su Yang to bring someone like Fang Xianru, who is known for being distant and condescending, down to her knees...' Fang Zhelan sighed inwardly, as she wasn't sure whether she should fear or admire such a terrifying ability.

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