Dual Cultivation

Chapter 559 Drenched in Yin Qi

Chapter 559 Drenched in Yin Qi

"Anyway, let's go to your living quarters." Su Yang said to Fang Xiaoru afterward.

"Elder Brother, you should be careful. Who knows what she or the Fang Family might be planning. It could be a trap." Su Yin whispered in his ears before they left the Yin Yang Pavilion.

"I'll keep that in mind," he nodded with a smile.

After leaving the Yin Yang Pavilion, Su Yang followed Fang Xiaoru to her living quarters.

Once inside, Su Yang handed her the martial technique that her Sublime Mountain Fist originated from.

"There are a grand total of 6 martial techniques you can learn from this technique, and the Sublime Mountain Fist is the weakest one amongst all 6 techniques. Of course, this is still only half of the full technique, which has a grand total of 12 martial techniques."

Fang Xiaoru stared at the martial technique silently, before asking him a moment later, "Are you not worried that I am lying to you? That I might run away with this martial technique? That I might share this technique with the Fang Family?"

Su Yang smiled and said, "Because I am confident that I can retrieve it no matter who you decide to give it to."

"I see…" Fang Xiaoru accepted the technique a few moments later.

After storing the technique into her storage ring, she turned to look at him and said, "As promised, I will now offer you this body…"

She began removing her robes on the spot, revealing her slim and beautiful body.


Su Yang silently looked at her peerless body, and as expected of Fang Zhelan's younger sister, she was as beautiful as her Elder Sister.

"I have never done this before, so I will need you to lead me…" she said a moment later in a low, bashful voice.

Su Yang nodded and pulled her into one of the rooms, before laying her on the bed.

"Ahh… this is more embarrassing than I thought it would be..." she mumbled, feeling Su Yang's sharp gaze all over her naked body.

"Let me loosen you up first." Su Yang said to her before he approached her lower lips with his mouth.

"Ahhhn~!" Fang Xiaoru moaned loudly when she felt his tongue touch her soft petals.

A few seconds later, Yin Qi gushed out from her hole, spraying all over Su Yang's face.

"Ah! I-I'm sorry… It just came out suddenly…" she apologized to him afterward.

"There's no need for an apology. I could've avoided it since I knew it was coming, but I consider it an honor to be soaked in Yin Qi." Su Yang said as he calmly licked the Yin Qi on his face with a charming expression.

Fang Xiaoru's face flushed with redness after seeing his actions.

A moment later, Su Yang removed his robes, showing his handsome body to her.

"So big…" Fang Xiaoru covered her mouth in shock after seeing the large and intimidating rod that was between his legs.

"I'm going to put it in now," he warned her.

"Go ahead." She nodded.

Su Yang began pushing the tip of his sword into the slit between her legs, tearing her small hole wide open.

"Mmmm!" Fang Xiaoru bit down on her lips to endure the pain, and she could feel her hole burning with passion.

Once his entire sword was inside her body, Su Yang began moving his hips, thrusting and rubbing his thick rod against her inner cave.




Fang Xiaoru moaned loudly as Su Yang pounded her tight hole intensely, feeling as though her body was surrounded by fire. It was a heavenly experience that couldn't be described by words.




"I-It's coming out again!"

Fang Xiaoru's body trembled violently, and a moment later, another wave of Yin Qi gushed out from her lower hole.

However, Su Yang did not stop moving his hips, and he continued to thrust into her body while she was releasing her Yin Qi, causing even more Yin Qi to gush out.

"Ahhhhn! I can't stop it from coming out!" Fang Xiaoru exclaimed in a nervous voice as her body continued to release Yin Qi uncontrollably even many moments later.

"There's no need to be afraid. Let it all out." Su Yang said to her whilst his lower body continuously pounded the tight hole in front of him.

In just a few minutes, Fang Xiaoru had climaxed over ten times, feeling exhausted afterward, almost like she'd just finished a marathon around the world.

"That was… amazing…" Fang Xiaoru said to him in a low, panting voice.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Your squirting is also amazing. I am drenched in your Yin Qi."

Fang Xiaoru's face exploded with redness after hearing his words. Looking at Su Yang's appearance right now, he looked like he just took a bath, as his hair and body were soaked in her holy water.

"Do you want to continue? We have plenty of time today." Su Yang asked her sometime later.

"Un," she nodded slowly.

A few moments later, Su Yang inserted his sword into her cave, and they began cultivating again.

Over the next few hours, Su Yang and Fang Xiaoru would cultivate with each other numerous times, and Fang Xiaoru had released her Yin Qi so many times that she'd long lost count.

"Thank you, Su Yang, for this wonderful experience. I will remember it for the rest of my life…" she said to him afterward.

Su Yang merely smiled and said, "You can find me whenever you feel like cultivating again. I will entertain you if I have the time."

"I won't be humble then…" she said, and she continued. "I will definitely catch up to Elder Sister."

"Fang Zhelan?" Su Yang chuckled. "Then you have a lot of 'catching up' to do."

"Really…?" she looked at him with a dazed expression.

"That's to be expected, as she has been a disciple here for far longer than you, and we have cultivated almost every day for half a year straight, even doing it multiple times a day," he said.

��I see…" she nodded a moment later, her eyes filled with determination to 'catch up' to Fang Zhelan.

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