Dual Cultivation

Chapter 548 Xie Wang's Invitation

Chapter 548 Xie Wang's Invitation

When Xie Wang mentioned the potion within Xie Xingfang's body, the room turned silent.

"The Xie Family has obtained every ingredient you listed except for three — Demon Roots, Purple Qilin's Blood, and the Devil Blood Ginseng."

"Both the Demon Roots and the Purple Qilin can be found within the Abandoned Forest, a highly dangerous place with powerful poisonous beasts that reside inside and a poisonous mist that fills the entire place. Although we have the ability to obtain the Demon Roots that is near the outer areas, we cannot reach the Purple Qilin that dwells within the deepest parts of the Abandoned Forest."

"Unless one has a body with strong immunity to poisons like Xing'er, they will not be able to reach the Purple Qilin, much less obtain its blood. Xing'er could reach the Purple Qilin with her Heavenly Constitution, but she is only at the first level Heavenly Spirit Realm, and the Purple Qilin is at the very least the sixth level Heavenly Spirit Realm."

"As for the Devil Blood Ginseng… how is your progress with it?" Xie Wang asked him.

"Well, it's currently growing in a secluded place, so nobody else will find it, and it should be ready to harvest in a few months," he calmly responded.

"Really? That's great to hear!" Xie Xingfang said.

"Now, regarding the poison within the Abandoned Forest… How strong is the poison there? Can it stop even you from entering it?" Su Yang then asked Xie Wang.

"As much as I hate to admit it, I can only resist the poison before the center area. Any more than that and even my cultivation base won't be able to protect me from the poison mist."

Su Yang nodded and said, "Very well, I will find a way to protect you from the poison mist and fight the Purple Qilin."

"Do you already have a plan?" Xie Wang raised his eyebrows in a surprised manner.

"Of course," he quickly responded. "I have a few pills in mind that will increase your resistance to poison."

"Pills…?" A complicated expression appeared on Xie Wang's face, and he continued, "But there are no pills in this world that are powerful enough to resist the poison mist, or we would have obtained the ingredients long ago."

Su Yang shook his head and said, "If I am not confident of its effects, would I even bother mentioning it? Though, I am not surprised you do not know about it, since it doesn't exist in the Eastern Continent yet."

"W-What…?" Xie Wang looked at him with wide eyes. He suddenly recalled the Goddess during the Regional Tournament.

"Oh! These pills must be from the Holy Central Continent, right?!" he asked with excitement.

"Eh?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows.

"Well, I guess it's something like that," he said a moment later.

While these pill recipes came from the Four Divine Heavens, it would be better to just say that it came from the Holy Central Continent, as that was more convenient and believable.

"This is great news, grandfather!" Xie Xingfang said with a bright smile. "Now we can obtain two more ingredients! Once the Devil Blood Ginseng is ready for harvest, we will have all of the ingredients for the cure!"

"Don't get so excited just yet," Su Yang suddenly said to them. "Although we have resolutions to deal with the poison mist, we still need the pills for the plan to succeed. Just like the cure for Xing'er's poisoned body, I am not sure if the ingredients required for the pills exist in this world."

"Even if we don't have the ingredients in the Eastern Continent, we can get them from the Holy Central Continent, right? Although I have never been there personally, your Master should be able to reach that place, right?" Xie Wang asked him.

"My Master…? If you're talking about that beauty, then she's not my Master." Su Yang sighed, wondering why everyone immediately assumes Qiuyue to be his Master.

"That Goddess who appeared at the end of the Regional Tournament? If she's not your Master, then who is that expert? I have never seen someone as powerful as her in my 500 years in this world." Xie Wang asked with a puzzled face.

"A friend," he casually responded.

"Anyway, even without the pills, I have a few more ideas."

He then turned to look at Xie Xingfang and said, "Can I see your palms for a moment?"

Xie Xingfang nodded and extended her arms to him.

Su Yang grabbed her smooth hand and closed his eyes.

A few minutes of silence later, he reopened his eyes and said, "You have about another half a year before you start experiencing the symptoms, which will be painful to bear."

"Half a year… will that be enough for us to complete the cure?" she asked him with a worried face.

Su Yang showed her a confident smile and said, "Even if that isn't enough time, I will make it so that it will be enough, so you shouldn't worry about it."

"Even though I am from one of the most powerful families in the Eastern Continent, I don't know how I should be thanking you for all that you've done for me and my family." Xie Xingfang sighed.

"There's no need to thank me. I am just doing what I want," he said.

"Anyway, do you have any more questions for me?"

"Do you have anything else for him, Xing'er?" Xie Wang asked her.

"No," she shook her head.

"Then can you wait for me outside? I would like to talk to him in private. It won't take too long." Xie Wang said.

Xie Xingfang looked at him silently for a moment before nodding her head. "Don't go overboard just because I am not here, grandfather, because I will find out."

"I wouldn't dare," he chuckled.

Once Xie Xingfang left the room, Xie Wang looked at Su Yang with a serious expression and said, "I won't beat around the bush and go straight to the topic."

"You… would you like to become a part of the Xie Family?" he asked Su Yang with narrowed eyes.

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