Dual Cultivation

Chapter 549 One-of-a-Kind Woman

Chapter 549 One-of-a-Kind Woman

"You want me to join the Xie Family? Would you like to elaborate on that?" Su Yang said calmly.

"It is exactly as it sounds. I want you to join our family and become the next 'Lord Xie' in the future." Xie Wang spoke with a serious expression.

"Can you tell me what made you come to such a decision?" Su Yang asked him.

"It's quite simple, actually. Not only are you one of the most talented individuals I have ever seen but you also have the brains and demeanor to rule an entire Continent. Furthermore, my granddaughter, Xing'er, also seems to fancy you, and you have the appearance and facial features to match her beauty. If you ask me, you are the most suitable for my granddaughter. I have seen countless young men asking for my granddaughter's hand, but none of them qualify to even touch her, much less marry her."

"What do you say? If you join the Xie Family, not only will you get to marry Xing'er, who is arguably the most beautiful woman in the Eastern Continent, but there's a very high chance that you will succeed the throne and rule over the Eastern Continent in the future."

After hearing Xie Wang's words, Su Yang spoke with a smile, "Are you sure that you can trust someone like me? I mean, we are barely acquaintances, so I doubt you know very much about me. And to hand over your granddaughter to someone you don't even know, aren't you being too hasty with your choices? Furthermore, I am the Sect Leader of a Sect that participates in dual cultivation. Do you really think I will stop cultivating even after I marry into the Xie Family? If you are trying to bait me with Xing'er then I suggest you stop before her feelings are hurt."


Xie Wang remained silent for a long time after listening to Su Yang's words.

A few more moments later, he spoke, "I wouldn't sacrifice Xing'er even if it's the last thing I do. No matter how greedy I am or how much I want the Xie Family to succeed, I won't use my beloved granddaughter as bait. You are thinking too lowly of me, young man."

"However, it is because you have such a mentality that I think you are fit to become a ruler. And I wouldn't even be bringing this up if Xing'er didn't fancy you. She has a talent for judging people, and if she approves of you, then I have no reason to doubt your character even if I don't know you that well."

"Furthermore, you are the only individual I know that can look at Xing'er in the face without showing any lust in your eyes."

"What do you say, young man? My granddaughter is a one-of-a-kind woman in this world. Not only is she as beautiful as a fairy but her talent is also top-notch, and she's royalty. If I allow it, there would be men lining up from one side of the Continent to the other side for her."

Su Yang chuckled at his words. While Xie Xingfang may be the most beautiful woman in this world, he has seen countless women that surpasses her talent and beauty in the Four Divine Heaven and have even cuddled with many of them.

"I'm sorry, but I will have to decline your offer despite all your praises." Su Yang said a moment later, dumbfounding Xie Wang.

"Can I ask you why?" Xie Wang asked him. "In terms of status and appearance, there's nobody in this world that can compare to her. And if you include her talent and gentle character, she's definitely a top choice for any man."

"Indeed, Xing'er appearance is quite the feast for one's eyes, and her background is as impressive. However, I can tell that she's the type of woman who cannot bear to share her man." Su Yang spoke calmly. "Even if she remains silent and won't complain about it, she will still feel pain inwardly, and as a man who cannot remain faithful to one woman, I cannot be with her."

"However, with that being said, that is not the only reason why I cannot join the Xie Family."

He continued, "The Eastern Continent is simply too small for me, and I do not plan on staying here forever. Once I get the chance, I will be leaving the Eastern Continent to explore the world, so I cannot become a ruler for the Eastern Continent."

"You…" Xie Wang was speechless, as he truly did not know how to respond to Su Yang's words.

And regarding Xie Xingfang, he also had a feeling that she would rather have a healthy relationship with her significant other, and Su Yang's life as a dual cultivator will definitely put a heavy burden on her.

"Is my reasoning acceptable for you? Or should I give you a few more? If the circumstances were different, then I would not have hesitated to join the Xie Family, but alas…" Su Yang said to him.

"Haaa…" Xie Wang sighed, and he spoke, "No, you don't have to say anymore. I understand your feelings and reason very well. I'm sorry if I had placed you in an awkward spot with my request just now."

'It's truly a pity. If the Eastern Continent had someone like him ruling it, it would surely prosper into a new era.' Xie Wang inwardly shook his head.

"Anyway, I would like to personally thank you for allowing Xing'er to stay here. If you don't mind, I will also remain for a few days before I return to the Xie Family."

"It's fine, really." Su Yang smiled.

"Here's a little something in return for your hospitality." Xie Wang suddenly handed him a storage ring. "You can use it for yourself or share it with the Profound Blossom Sect."

Su Yang accepted the storage ring without even bothering to look inside.

Sometime later, they left the building to meet up with Xie Xingfang, who was patiently waiting outside.

"I hope my grandfather did not bother you too much, Su Yang." Xie Xingfang said to him afterward.

He shook his head and said, "It wasn't too bad."

"So you are saying that I had bothered you a little?" Xie Wang raised his eyebrows.

"Hahaha…" Su Yang casually laughed it off.

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