Dual Cultivation

Chapter 547 Xie Family's Reques

Chapter 547 Xie Family's Reques

"What is it this time? Don't tell me another Spiritual Treasure was born?" Su Yang opened the door a moment later to see an anxious Liu Lanzhi waiting outside.

"This is much worse!" Liu Lanzhi quickly said after seeing him, and she continued, "The Xie Family is here! And it's not just Her Highness this time! The previous head of the Xie Family, their Ancestor is also here this time!"

'Ancestor? That old man?' Su Yang raised his eyebrows, wondering why they would be here. 'Could this be about the Spiritual Treasure, too?'

"Anyway, they are currently being led to this place, as they have called for your presence, and I am just here to notify you."

Su Yang nodded and said, "Bring them to the Morning Wood Pagoda. We'll have our conversation there."

Meanwhile, Xie Xingfang and Xie Wang had just arrived at the Inner Court after following Elder Sun.

"I have been meaning to ask this for a while but… who built the formation around the Profound Blossom Sect?" Xie Wang asked Elder Sun with a serious expression, as he has never seen such a profound and fearsome formation before.

When he first laid eyes on it, he almost couldn't believe his eyes, and when they entered the Sect, it felt like they were entering a different world.

If he were to compare the Profound Blossom Sect's formation with their own formation, it would be like comparing a building made of this world's finest materials to a building made of mud with the Xie Family's formation resembling the latter comparison.

"That would be our Sect Master, Su Yang." Elder Sun responded with a respectful tone, not daring to lie to him.

"What? That young man is responsible for this formation?" Xie Wang expressed a surprised face after hearing that Su Yang was behind the formation's creation.

"I wouldn't dare lie to Your Majesty." Elder Sun said.

"Just call me Senior. I have long passed my title and throne to my son, the current lord." Xie Wang said.

"Did you already know about this formation? Is that why you wanted to come here?" Xie Wang asked Xie Xingfang a moment later.

However, she quickly shook her head and said, "No, it wasn't here during the disciple examination."

"Are you telling me that he had built this massive formation in just a few weeks?! Unbelievable!" Xie Wang mumbled in a shocked voice.

Sometime later, Elder Sun brought them to the Morning Wood Pagoda.

"We are here, esteemed guests. Su Yang should be waiting inside." Elder Sun said to them before leaving them alone.

"Let's go." Xie Wang and Xie Xingfang entered the majestic building a moment later.

"Welcome to the Profound Blossom Sect," Su Yang said to them the moment he saw their faces.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, Your Highness?"

He bowed to Xie Xingfang.

"Please, you can drop the formality, Su Yang. Just call me Xing'er." Xie Xingfang said, and she continued, "And I apologize for the sudden visit, as things have been getting complicated recently."

"Are you in some kind of trouble?" Su Yang asked.

Xie Xingfang nodded at his question.

"Let's sit down and talk about it over some tea," he said before pouring some tea for them.

After they were all seated, Xie Xingfang spoke, "This may be sudden, and I won't blame you for refusing this request, but I would like to stay at the Profound Blossom Sect for some time."

"Oh?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow, and he spoke, "I wouldn't dare to chase away a beauty such as yourself even if it's the last thing I do, and you can stay here for as long as you want, but may I ask why you need to stay here?"

Xie Xingfang nodded and said, "Do you remember when we first met, when you were attacked by an assassin from the Moonlight Blades?"

"I guess," he said.

"The Moonlight Blade's activity has gone up recently, so I am seeking protection here until things calm down just in case. Furthermore, on our way here, we were approached by a single messenger from the Moonlight Blades, who said…"

Xie Xingfang recalled what the messenger said to her to Su Yang.

"So someone from the Holy Central Continent might be arriving in this place very soon, huh? Interesting..." Su Yang mumbled.

"I am ashamed to say this, especially after what happened with the Million Snakes Sect, but I believe I will be safe here even if what that messenger said was true." Xie Xingfang said.

"Are you fine with this?" Su Yang looked at Xie Wang.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You basically admitted that the Profound Blossom Sect is much safer than your own home, which implies that… well, you should know the rest."

"After seeing the formation that is protecting this place, even if it'll lower our family's standing, I must admit that the Profound Blossom Sect is definitely a much safer place than the Xie Family's household at this moment. And if the Moonlight Blades really managed to convince an expert from the Heavenly Central Continent to come here, then I cannot say with confidence that I can protect her anymore. Don't worry, we won't ask you to lend us your strength for free. As long as we can afford it, we'll definitely repay this debt." Xie Wang said with a serious expression.

Su Yang smiled and said, "You don't need to be so serious, old man. It's only someone from the Holy Central Continent. Even if their entire continent launches an attack at the Profound Blossom Sect, they won't harm a hair on Xing'er as long as she stays within the formation."

"O-Old man…" The corner of Xie Wang's mouth twitched.

"I cannot thank you enough for this, Su Yang!" Xie Xingfang stood up and bowed to him.

"You can thank me afterward," he shook his head.

Sometime later, Xie Wang spoke with a deep frown on his face, "Now that our main reason for coming here is out of the way, let's talk about the poison that still resides within my granddaughter's body."

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