Dual Cultivation

Chapter 544 Practice Dolls

Chapter 544 Practice Dolls

Sometime during the day, Su Yang summoned all of the disciples from the Dual Cultivation Division, as their month of practice was over and it was time for their practical exam.

"I hope you have all practiced the techniques properly during the month of time I gave you. The purpose of today's practical exam is not only to evaluate your talents but also to see what you need help with." Su Yang said to the disciples once they all gathered.

He then looked at the male disciples and said, "I don't have a lot of time today, as I have guests to entertain, so let's start already."

A few moments later, Su Yang faced the male disciples with his back and said, "Show me what you can do with your Fingers of Fulfillment on my back."

One by one, the male disciples took turns trying to locate and awaken the vital spot on his back.

After everyone had gone, Su Yang said to them, "It's not bad for a month's worth of practice, but if you want to please your partners, it'll take much more effort than this."

He then proceeded to give advice to the male disciples depending on the individual.

A few minutes later, he said to the male disciples with a nonchalant expression, "Now pretend there's a naked beauty before you and show me the Bedroom Dance technique."


The male disciples exchanged gazes with each other before awkwardly moving their bodies, humping the air before them as though they were cultivating with an invisible figure.

When the female disciples saw this scene, a few of them couldn't help but chuckle at them, causing the male disciples' faces to redden.

"The female disciples are laughing at you because your movements are trash. If you cannot learn to ignore your surroundings and focus on what's before you, then you are not fit to be a Dual Cultivator."

When the male disciples heard his words, they all straightened their emotions and began moving with more grace and sharpness, almost like they were dancing.

A few minutes later, Su Yang said to them, "Your movements were pretty decent, but it was below average overall. Do you know why?"

The disciples shook their heads.

Su Yang then stepped forward and spoke, "Then watch me do it and see for yourselves the difference."

As he said those words, Su Yang began moving his body according to the Bedroom Dance technique, but it was incomparably more elegant and smoother than the male disciples, and it completely mesmerized the female disciples within mere moments.

"Did you notice any difference besides my movements being much smoother?" Su Yang asked them once he was finished.

One of the female disciples raised her hand and spoke, "Unlike the disciples, when Sect Leader exhibited the technique, we were able to imagine very clearly your 'partner' even though she does not exist."

"Very good." Su Yang nodded.

"The reason you guys were unable to create this illusion is because you lacked passion and imagination while doing it, and it looked like I was watching a bunch of monkeys humping the air."

"Whether there's a body before you or not, if you don't do it with passion, you will never be able to utilize the full potential of the technique."

A few moments later, Su Yang retrieved a bed from his storage ring and tossed it on the ground before laying on it with his back facing the sky.

"I will give each of you a minute to use 'Divine Hands' on my shoulders and back," he said to them.

The male disciples then lined up and began using Divine Hands on his shoulders and back.

Ten minutes later, Su Yang sat up and said to the male disciples, "While none of you were above my expectations, you have made very decent progress within a month. However, I can tell that most of you have practiced your techniques alone, hence why I am going to give each of you a 'partner' to practice with in the future."

After saying those words, he retrieved nine human-sized and human-shaped dolls made of some sort of soft material that resembled human skin and tissue and handed it to the nine male disciples.

"These practice dolls will allow you to practice your techniques alone even if you do not have a partner, as these dolls feel no different than a real human. Furthermore, I made these dolls with female bodies in mind, so it will really feel like you have a female partner when you practice with them."

The male disciples accepted these practice dolls with dumbfounded expressions, feeling as though they were hugging a real human body when they held the practice dolls in their arms.

"By the way, these were personally crafted by myself, so if you break them, you won't find a replacement even if you searched the whole world." Su Yang warned them.

"T-Thank you, Sect Leader! We will take care of them as though they are our own child!"

The male disciples bowed to him with teary eyes.

"The next practical exam will be in 3 months, so hurry up and return to your rooms and start practicing."

The male disciples disappeared shortly after, leaving the female disciples standing there with dazed expressions.

Once the male disciples were gone, Su Yang turned to look at the female disciples and spoke, "Before I begin your evaluation, if you do not wish to cultivate with me, step forward."




Many moments later, not a single disciple had stepped forward — not even the two female disciples that already have a partner.

"Don't the two of you already have a partner?" One of the female disciples there asked the two disciples, causing everybody there to look at them.

"Indeed, I already have a partner, but we had an agreement with each other — that he will allow me to cultivate with the Sect Leader even if we are partners, as that was one of my conditions for accepting him as my partner."

"Me, too. I also had such an agreement with my partner, so it's fine even if he finds out," said the second disciple.

"No way… you sly foxes..." The female disciples there looked at the two of them with disbelief and admiration in their expressions, as they wouldn't have thought of such an idea without these two.

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