Dual Cultivation

Chapter 543 Moonlight Blades' Messenger

Chapter 543 Moonlight Blades' Messenger

'How am I going to look at him properly in the face after what happened yesterday?!' Qiuyue cried inwardly as she rolled around on the bed after recalling everything that happened yesterday.

While some of her memories were still cloudy, she could remember the vast majority of yesterday's event, where she allowed Su Yang to give her a very, very sensual massage.

Of course, she had hoped for some sort of intimate moments between them, and the massage was just an excuse for her to get closer to him, but she truly didn't expect things to escalate in such a manner.

The situation simply was too passionate for her, causing her boldness and lustful desires to go out of control.

In fact, if Su Yang did not hold himself back during the massage, she would not have minded even if he penetrated her at that moment.

'I cannot believe that I had thought to risk my life just to have sex with him…' she sighed inwardly.

And it was not just a brief thought, as she had the same thought many times throughout the massage.

As she continued to think about yesterday, her body grew hotter and hotter, until she was once again filled with lustful desires.

"I am such a perverted woman…" she mumbled.

A few moments later, she began pleasuring herself while recalling the feeling of Su Yang's fingers inside her body and the sensation of his lips, and she would continue to pleasure herself until her lust eventually calmed down.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of miles away from the Profound Blossom Sect, Xie Wang and Xie Xingfang came to a sudden halt during their journey to the Profound Blossom Sect.

"Grandfather, there's someone following us," Xie Xingfang warned him.

Xie Wang nodded, and he spoke out loud a moment later, "Why don't you show yourself already? If you think you can hide from me with your pathetic cultivation base, then you are thinking too highly of yourself."

"Hahaha… I never intended on hiding, Senior Xie."

A man cloaked in full black suddenly stepped out of the shadows and appeared before them.

"To think the Moonlight Blades would send a single assassin at the Profound Spirit Realm to greet me… are you looking down on me?"

Xie Wang spoke in a cold voice, before releasing his Sovereign Spirit Realm cultivation base.

"Hahaha…" The assassin continued to laugh despite being choked by the immense pressure and with every bone in his body screaming from pain.

"Hmph." Xie Wang retrieved the pressure a moment later and spoke in a cold tone, "You may be a mere messenger, but don't expect me to let you live afterward. Say what you need so I can claim your worthless life. If you make any sudden moves, I will immediately kill you."

The assassin did not even bother to beg for mercy, as death was well within his expectations before he even approached them.

"I have a message for Your Highness from the Moonlight Blades," he said a moment later.

Xie Xingfang remained calm and silently waited for the message.

"You may think that you are untouchable because of your status and the Senior currently by your side, but the Moonlight Blade wants to remind you that the Xie Family is only worth something within the Eastern Continent. Very soon, someone from the Holy Central Continent will be arriving in the Eastern Continent to pick you up, and when that happens, we suggest that you hand yourself over to him without causing too much trouble. Because if you offend the Senior from the Holy Central Continent, who knows what he might do to the Eastern Continent! Hahaha!"

"What?! Someone from the Holy Central Continent will be coming here?! Impossible!" Xie Wang exclaimed with a shocked face.

"There's no need to be so surprised, Senior. All we needed to convince that person to make a year-long journey to this place was Her Highness's special condition. When that expert heard that a peerless beauty with a Heavenly Constitution existed in this place, he immediately agreed to help the Moonlight Blade capture you, even deciding to personally make the journey."

"Within one month's time, the esteemed expert from the Holy Central Continent should arrive at the Eastern Continent. Hopefully, Your Highness has prepared herself by then, because you have nowhere to run or hide. If you still decide to run, just know that the Eastern Continent will become a hellhole because of you. And if you decide to hide, we will spare no effort making you crawl out from your hole."

"This the fate of someone born with a Heavenly Constitution — to become a tool for the strong, Your Highness." The assassin laughed madly.

"Get out of here with your nonsense, bastard from the Moonlight Blades!" Xie Wang suddenly slapped the air with his palms in a downward motion, causing an invisible force that had the weight of an entire mountain to pressure the assassin, instantly crushing him into meat paste.

After killing the assassin, Xie Wang said to Xie Xingfang, "Don't believe in their nonsense, Xing'er. A bunch of bandits and criminals like the Moonlight Blades should not have the capability to reach the Holy Central Continent, much less convince some unknown expert to capture you. They are just trying to scare you because they have run out of ideas."

"Whether his words were true or not, I am sorry for causing so much trouble for the family. If only I wasn't born with this body…" Xie Xingfang sighed.

"Nonsense! Having a Heavenly Constitution is something you should be proud of, not feel guilty about!"

"Anyway, let's hurry to the Profound Blossom Sect. Even if someone from the Holy Central Continent is coming here, we still have that unknown expert who appeared at the end of the Regional Tournament. If it's that Senior, I am sure that she has the ability to protect you. And if she is really Su Yang's Master, there's a high chance that we can receive help from her." Xie Wang said to her.

Xie Xingfang nodded, and they resumed their journey shortly after.

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