Dual Cultivation

Chapter 542 Ignoring the Situation

Chapter 542 Ignoring the Situation

The following morning, Su Yang woke up to Liu Lanzhi's voice along with the sound of his door being knocked on.

"Su Yang! Are you awake?! We have an emergency!" she shouted as she banged on his door.

"What happened?" Su Yang opened the door a moment later to see both Liu Lanzhi and Bai Lihua standing outside his door with anxious expressions.

"I have just received news from my Sect. Apparently, a Spiritual Treasure has been born around this area, and almost every faction within the Eastern Continent has already sent people to search for it. It's going to get chaotic around here very soon." Bai Lihua said to him.

"A Spiritual Treasure…?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

If a Spiritual Treasure had truly been born, then he would've long noticed it. However, the fact that neither he nor Qiuyue noticed it made this rumor questionable.

"Rumors say it's a Spiritual Treasure at the legendary Divine-grade, one grade above the Heaven-grade." Liu Lanzhi said.

Hearing this, Su Yang became even more doubtful of this rumor, as there is simply no way he would miss the birth of a Divine-grade Spiritual Treasure.

After pondering for a few moments, Su Yang suddenly burst out laughing, as he finally realized the entire situation.

"There's no Spiritual Treasure," he revealed to them, who only stared at him with wide eyes.

"Eh? What do you mean? How do you know that?" Bai Lihua asked him.

"If there's truly a Spiritual Treasure at the Divine-grade, I would've known about it before it's even born. However, the fact that I haven't sensed anything like that is because it doesn't exist."

"As for the rumor, I also have an idea about how they came to such a conclusion."

Liu Lanzhi and Bai Lihua silently listened to him, who continued to speak, "Do you remember what happened yesterday?"

"What…? You created that Grand Formation… Eh?" Bai Lihua suddenly realized the situation and exclaimed.

"That must be it!" Liu Lanzhi also understood the situation and said, "When you activated the Grand Formation yesterday, it required a massive amount of spiritual energy! Some people must have sensed the immense and unnatural amount of spiritual energy at that time and had mistaken it as the birth of a Spiritual Treasure!"

"I don't blame them for thinking that a Spiritual Treasure had been born, as I would've also thought the same if I wasn't here to witness the truth for myself." Bai Lihua sighed.

And she continued, "What should we do now? The word has already spread throughout the entire continent. There's simply no way to stop these people from coming here."

"Why do we need to do anything?" Su Yang suddenly said, dumbfounding her.

"If they think there's a Spiritual Treasure here, then let them search for it. Sooner or later, they will realize that it was all a hoax and leave."

"That may be true… but this situation is about more than just the Spiritual Treasure. With so many people coming here, there's bound to be conflict between some people, even war. Are you saying that you won't mind being in the middle of a battlefield?"

Su Yang nodded without hesitation, "Even if there's an all-out war right outside our doors, it won't affect us in any way as long we stay inside. It's not as though any of our disciples are training outside."

"Though, if the situation somehow gets out of hand, it won't require too much effort to stop it." Su Yang said as his gaze looked at the room behind them.

"Oh, right… If things get out of hand, Senior Qiuyue can easily stop it with her overwhelming presence…" Liu Lanzhi said.

"By the way, did the Heavenly Swan Sect also send people here?" Su Yang asked her.

"Of course. When I am absent, the senior Sect Elders will act on my behalf, and under such circumstances, it's only natural for them to send some disciples to search for the Spiritual Treasure even if it's just a rumor without any evidence," she said.

"But since this is all just a misunderstanding and there's really no Spiritual Treasure, I will tell them to return to the Sect. After all, I don't want to expose my disciples in any unnecessary danger, especially when there's nothing to gain."

A few moments later, Bai Lihua spoke while looking inside his room, "By the way, where's Su Yin? I thought she stayed in your room last night."

"She's still sleeping inside. You can see for yourself if you are that worried about her," he said.

'She's still sleeping…?' Bai Lihua thought to herself, as they have been making quite some noises now, and it's almost impossible to ignore and sleep through such noises unless that person is incredibly exhausted or sleepy.

Meanwhile, Liu Lanzhi remained silent, as she had long noticed the lingering sense of one's Pure Yin Essence coming from inside the room.

'Congratulations, little sister.' Liu Lanzhi praised Su Yin inwardly, as she could imagine what had happened last night.

Sometime later, Bai Lihua left to contact the Heavenly Swan Sect regarding the situation.

Although the Sect Elders were puzzled and doubtful at first, since it came directly from Bai Lihua, they reluctantly recalled the disciples they had sent outside to the Sect.

"Let the disciples know about the situation and remind them to remain inside the Sect until all of this is over." Su Yang said to Liu Lanzhi afterward.

Once Liu Lanzhi also left, Su Yang knocked on Qiuyue's room.

"How are you feeling?" he asked her from the outside.


There was no response from Qiuyue even many moments later.

However, Su Yang remained standing outside her room, patiently waiting for a response.

A few minutes later, a low voice resounded, "I don't want to see you for a while."

"I understand," he said with a bitter smile on his face before leaving her alone.

Meanwhile, inside the room, Qiuyue laid on the bed with her entire face flushed red as she recalled everything that happened yesterday during the massage.

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