Dual Cultivation

Chapter 541 Su Yin's Birthday

Chapter 541 Su Yin's Birthday

Disclaimer and content warning:This chapter is purely fan service for Su Yang and Su Yin. It will not have any effect on the plot nor will you miss anything if you decide to skip it because of its content. Again, if you don't want to see such content, just skip it.

"Haaa… haaa… Elder Brother…" Su Yin panted as she slowly pushed away the blankets and looked at Su Yang's sleeping face, her gaze filled with affection and lust.

A few moments later, she began removing his clothes.

Under normal circumstances, Su Yang would immediately notice her unnatural movements and wake up, but due to using the majority of his Profound Qi to massage Qiuyue, he was deeply asleep from exhaustion.

Meanwhile, Su Yin continued to remove his clothes, thinking that he was only pretending to be asleep to let her do as she pleased.

Once Su Yang was fully stripped, Su Yin took a long moment to admire his handsome appearance before she began touching him all over his body.

"Elder Brother, your muscles have grown very sturdy, and you no longer look as frail as you used to," she mumbled in a gentle voice as she approached his body with her mouth wide open, and she began licking his body with her soft tongue.

"Mmmm…" Su Yin also started touching herself as she licked all over Su Yang's body.

A few minutes later, once she reached his crotch area, she stared at his sleeping dragon with a smile.

She poked the dragon's head and said, "It's time to wake up, Elder Brother…"

A moment later, as though it reacted to her playful touch, the sleeping dragon slowly became aroused.

"Wow…" Su Yin watched with wide eyes as the sleeping dragon stood up, transforming into a sword that wanted to pierce the heavens.

"Allow me to please you, Elder Brother…"

Su Yin opened her mouth wide and swallowed the entire thing in one go, and despite her small mouth, she managed to fully capture the entire dragon in her mouth.

A moment later, she began moving her mouth, sucking on the rod in an experienced manner, almost as though she was used to it.

Slurping noises filled the quiet room, and under the moonlight, Su Yin savored Su Yang's thick rod for many minutes until she was fully satisfied.

In the midst of Su Yin's Fetallio, the pleasure coming from his little brother caused Su Yang's exhausted consciousness to tremble.


Su Yang slowly opened his eyes a few moments later, and when he saw Su Yin enjoying herself with his body, his eyes widened with shock, causing his drowsiness to instantly disappear.

Su Yin quickly noticed Su Yang awakening, and when she saw his surprised face, she said to him with a smile, "You are finally awake, Elder Brother. Did I manage to please you? Although it's been some time since I last did it, my techniques shouldn't have declined too much, right?"

Su Yang rubbed his temples and sighed, "You couldn't have waited until the morning to do this?"

"I cannot wait," she quickly shook her head, and she continued, "I have waited many years for this, and now that I am finally an adult, I want to give you my virginity as soon as possible. Although I wanted to lose it at the same time as you, because of our Father's interventions, that is no longer possible."

After saying those words, Su Yin removed her clothes and revealed to him her petite yet beautiful body.

"What do you think, Elder Brother? My body may not be as mature or ripe as some of the women in this place, but I will try my best to satisfy you."


However, Su Yang remained silent.

Seeing Su Yang's silence, Su Yin became disheartened, "Are you angry at me…? Or are you still unable to accept me because of our relationship?"

Tears began flowing from her eyes.

Su Yang sighed and said, "I have never looked or judged a woman purely because of their background or their relationships. It doesn't matter if you are my sister or not, because, before all of that, you are a woman in my eyes."

"While it does feel kind of weird, I am not someone to be bothered by morals if it doesn't touch my bottom line."

In his previous life, he has slept with countless wives, sometimes even with their daughters at the same time, so one could say that a woman's status or background does not matter to Su Yang as long as they were willing to sleep with him and he did not mind their company.

Furthermore, because his memories as an Immortal vastly overshadows his memories in this life, he could not see Su Yin as his sister even if they shared the same blood. In fact, he only sees himself playing the role of a brother for Su Yin.

"Then… Then you are not rejecting me?" Su Yin asked him in a trembling voice.

Su Yang wiped her tears with a smile on his face and asked her, "Are you really okay with someone like me? Even if I cannot be with you forever?"

Su Yin nodded, "I know you already have a partner, and I cannot compete with someone like her, but I will still love you forever, Elder Brother…"

Su Yang nodded, and a few moments later, he laid Su Yin on the bed and rubbed his sword against the small slit between her legs.

"I am going to put it in now," he warned her.

Su Yin nodded with a passionate gaze.

A few seconds later, Su Yang pushed the tip inside her small cave.

"Ahhhn~!" Su Yin moaned loudly from the pain. Even though it was only the tip, because of her small hole, her cave stretched to its limits, and she could feel her insides tearing.

"Do you want me to relieve your pain with a technique?" Su Yang asked her after seeing her painful expression.

"N-No… It hurts, but I can handle it…" Su Yin rejected without hesitation. "This pain is proof that I am not dreaming."

"Very well," he nodded before pushing his thick rod even deeper into her cave.


Streams of blood flowed from Su Yin's cave as her hymen is torn apart by Su Yang's sword, staining the white bed sheets red.

A few moments later, when Su Yang's thick rod was fully inserted into her tiny cave, Su Yin showed a blissful expression despite the intense pain.

"I… I did it… My body is finally connected with Elder Brother…" she mumbled, and continued, "Please, Elder Brother… make me a woman… your woman…"

In response to her pleading voice, Su Yang began moving his hips, thrusting his large rod into her small body, feeling as though he was trying to dig a cave that was too small for his utility.

"Ahhhhn~ Ahhhhn~ Ahhhhhhn!" Su Yin moaned loudly as her lower body burned with passion.

Very quickly, the pain was no longer noticeable, and her body could feel nothing but pleasure.

"I am so happy right now, Elder Brother!"



Half an hour later, Su Yin could feel the shaft pounding her body grow even bigger inside, and she shouted, "Release it inside me! I want to accept everything from Elder Brother!"

A few more moments later, Su Yin could feel something hot rush into her body, filling her small cave instantly.

"Haaa… Haaa… Haaaaa…" Su Yin panted heavily afterward.

Once she regained her breath, she said to Su Yang, "Let's keep going, Elder Brother. Until I cannot move my body anymore, I don't want to stop making love with you."

"Don't worry, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon." Su Yang responded with a smile.

Because of the built-up lust from massing Qiuyue, he has plenty of stress to release.

A few moments later, they began moving again, and they would continue to embrace each other for the rest of the night, until Su Yin could literally no longer move her body from exhaustion.

"This is the best birthday ever," Su Yin said to him afterward. "I really love you, Elder Brother."

"Have you thought about what you want as a present?" Su Yang asked her.

After a moment of silence, she spoke, "Give me a kiss, Elder Brother."

Su Yang nodded and gently kissed her on the lips.

"Hehe… thank you, Elder Brother… Let's do this again… tonight..." Su Yin said to him in a low voice before quickly falling asleep.

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