Dual Cultivation

Chapter 540 Nearly Losing Self-Control

Chapter 540 Nearly Losing Self-Control

"If you look at me with such a face, it's going to make things difficult even for me, you know?" Su Yang said to Qiuyue after seeing her aroused expression.

After moving her arms out of her face's way, Qiuyue's hands reached to grab Su Yang's hand.

"Please… stop bullying me already, father. Just let this end…" she asked him in a pleading voice, her eyes filled with desire.

Seeing her lustful face, Su Yang smiled, and he said, "If I could, I would not hesitate to embrace you at this very moment. However, due to obvious issues, I must resist these urges that are burning within my heart. This may not be what you want, but I hope it's enough to please you for the moment."

After saying those words, Su Yang slipped one of his fingers into Qiuyue's wet cave, causing her to moan loudly.

Her legs also opened widely, allowing space for his hands to move freely.


Qiuyue's heavenly voice echoed in the room as Su Yang finger-fucked her tight cave.

Once she began getting used to his fingers, Su Yang slipped another finger inside, whilst his thumbs gently rubbed her pink pearl.

"Ahhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

Qiuyue moaned as though she was actually having sex with Su Yang with her body soaked in sweat and Yin Qi.

"More… more… More…!" Qiuyue pleaded for more as her gaze stared at Su Yang's handsome face.

And in response to her pleading, Su Yang began moving his fingers even more intensively.

Qiuyue's lower cave gushed with Yin Qi, and she herself was feeling light-headed from climaxing so many times to Su Yang's fingers.

Sometime later, when her passion had reached its peak, Qiuyue looked at Su Yang and spoke in a dazed manner, "I love you… daddy…"

Su Yang's eyebrows twitched upon hearing Qiuyue call him 'daddy', and he turned to look at her.

However, it appeared that Qiuyue was too absorbed to realize what she'd just said, as she continued to moan in pleasure without restraint.

"Qiuyue…" Su Yang suddenly called for her.

When Qiuyue looked at him again, Su Yang suddenly stretched his neck and kissed her on the lips, whilst his fingers were still thrusting into her cave.

"Mmmm?!" Qiuyue's eyes snapped wide open at first, but as they continued to kiss, her eyes gradually closed again, allowing her to become fully absorbed in their intimacy.

A few minutes later, Su Yang withdrew his head and licked his lips in a seductive manner.

Qiuyue stared at him while panting heavily, her gaze telling him that she wanted more.

After giving her some time to breathe, Su Yang's lips connected with hers again.


Their tongues bonded intimately, almost like two snakes curling against each other.

Many minutes later, Qiuyue experiences her biggest climax yet with Yin Qi spraying out of her cave like a broken water pipe.

And immediately after exhausting her Yin Qi, Qiuyue's conscience also left her body, causing her to fall asleep.

Once Su Yang realized that she'd lost consciousness, he stopped touching her and covered her body with new sheets that were not soaked in her Yin Qi.

However, he remained standing by her side even many minutes later, silently staring at her beautiful and satisfied face.

'It has been a long time since I last lost control over my own body and urges…' he thought to himself as he looked down at his little brother, which was bulging through his robes, looking as though it wanted to tear through his clothes and enter Qiuyue's body.

If their intimate moments had lasted any longer, perhaps he might've truly given in to his sexual desires and penetrated Qiuyue for real. However, the thought of harming her for his own desire was what kept his urges from exploding.

'I need to calm down…'

Su Yang proceeded to sit on the floor in the lotus position and cleared his mind. A few minutes later, he began absorbing the Yin Qi that filled the room.

After absorbing all of the Yin Qi, Su Yang could feel his cultivation base reaching a new level, entering the 6th level Heavenly Spirit Realm.

Once he was in complete control over his sexual urges again, Su Yang turned to look at Qiuyue, who was still sound asleep even many hours later.

After staring at her face for a few more minutes, he left her room and returned to his own room.

"Elder Brother! What took you so long! I almost fell asleep while waiting for you to return!" Su Yin said to him from the bed.

"Sorry, I had some business to attend to," he said with an apologetic smile.

"Were you with that Senior the entire time? What did you do with her?" she asked him with a curious gaze.

"I owed her a favor for helping me with the Grand Formation, so I was helping her with her request," he calmly responded.

"Hmmm… then what is your relationship with her? Could she be your lover?" Su Yin suddenly asked him.

"My lover, huh? I guess you can call her that," he said with a slight smile, not denying it.


Su Yin looked at him with a dazed face, seemingly speechless by his response. Even though she kind of expected that to be the situation, it still caused her heart to tremble.

"Anyway, it's getting late, and I am exhausted after helping her, so I am going to sleep early today. You should sleep early, too, as tomorrow is a big day for you." Su Yang said.

"Un." Su Yin nodded and made some space for him on the bed.

Once the lights were out and they were both underneath the blankets, Su Yin said in a low voice, "It's been so long since we have slept together, Elder Brother. When you disappeared, I didn't think that I would get to feel your warmth again."

Su Yin slowly moved her body closer to Su Yang and cuddled him tightly.

"I love you, Elder Brother…" she mumbled before quickly falling asleep.

Su Yang showed a warm smile before also going to sleep a few minutes later.

A few hours later, once it was past midnight, Su Yin's eyes suddenly opened.

'I have been waiting many, many years for this day, when I am finally an adult…' she thought to herself as she turned to look at the sleeping Su Yang beside her with a resolute expression on her face.

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