Dual Cultivation

Chapter 539 Body's Natural Reaction

Chapter 539 Body's Natural Reaction

After Qiuyue returned to her own room with Su Yang by her side, she immediately began loosening her robes.

"Hm?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows in a surprised manner when he saw her stripping so suddenly.

After removing her robes, Qiuyue continued to take off her undergarments, until her body was completely bare.

Once she was naked, Qiuyue casually laid on the bed silently.

Su Yang stared at Qiuyue's peerless body and her smooth skin that was as pure and pale as snow. And because she was naked, her beautiful and mellow buttocks were completely out in the open.

Su Yang silently swallowed after seeing her otherworldly body that was akin to the moon's unparalleled beauty under the night sky.

Even though this is not his first time seeing her bare body, this is the first time he's taking the time to admire its beauty and grace. And amongst the countless women he's experienced, Qiuyue was definitely at the top in terms of beauty and appearance.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and massage me already. Activating the Grand Formation was exhausting even for me." Although her voice sounded calm, Su Yang easily noticed the slight tremble in her tone, and her face would definitely appear red if he could see it.

"Ahem… then excuse me." He cleared his throat before approaching the bed.

Once he could reach her body with his hands, Su Yang used his fingers to gently comb her shining silver hair to the side, revealing her pure back and shoulders.


When Su Yang moved her hair and accidentally stroked her back with his fingers, Qiuyue's body trembled slightly from surprise.

"Relax your body…"

Su Yang's gentle voice resounded as his warm palms slowly laid on her smooth skin.

After taking a few moments to let her body familiarize itself with the feeling of his touch, Su Yang's hands began moving.

"Ahhh~" A small moan accidentally escaped Qiuyue's voice when Su Yang's fingers pressed at her body.


Qiuyue quickly tightened her mouth when she realized that she'd just moaned so erotically, her face flushed with redness.

However, Su Yang said to her, "There's no need to hold back. This is a massage, and it is my responsibility to pleasure you. Let your body relax and allow your voice to naturally flow; it will make the experience much more enjoyable."

After hearing his words, Qiuyue loosened her jaws and allowed her voice to express the pleasure within her body.



Qiuyue's heavenly voice quickly filled the room, whilst her body was overwhelmed by pleasure.

Meanwhile, Su Yang's hands worked from her shoulders to her back, before slowly approaching her slender legs.


When one of Su Yang's fingers suddenly grazed near the wet slit between her legs slightly as he massaged her legs, Qiuyue's body reacted by releasing a plentiful amount of Yin Qi through her cave.


Once she realized that she'd just climaxed in front of Su Yang, Qiuyue wanted to immediately stop the massage and jump into a hole and bury herself from embarrassment.

However, Su Yang's hands were firmly massaging her legs, restricting her movements with pleasure.

"There's no need to feel ashamed of your body's natural reaction for pleasure. It would be weird if it didn't react the way it did," he said to her with a smile.

'That doesn't make me feel any better.' Qiuyue cried inwardly, as she was too embarrassed to speak out loud at this moment.

As Su Yang continued to massage her body, Qiuyue's body gradually became hotter and hotter, until every cell in her body was screaming in pleasure.

Sometime later, Su Yang asked her, "I have finished massaging the back. Would you like to do the front, too?"


Qiuyue remained silent for many minutes until she finally nodded her head very slowly and subtly.

After a few more moments of stillness, Qiuyue slowly turned her body around, revealing everything but her face to him, as she had both of her arms crossed over it. However, that bashful look only made her posture even more alluring and beautiful.

Su Yang took a moment to admire her body again.

Her ample breasts were perfectly shaped with the nipples a beautiful light pink. Below her breasts was a flawlessly shaped and slender body.

Su Yang's gaze then fell upon her birthmark that was below her belly button and was shaped into a crescent, just like the moon. And slightly below her birthmark was an impeccably clean and smooth pair of lips.

"Stop leering at my body already, you pervert," Qiuyue mumbled in a mosquito-like voice when Su Yang was seemingly dazed by her body.

Su Yang merely smiled and said, "I cannot help it, as it's incredibly beautiful."


Qiuyue's face flushed even more after hearing his remarks.

However, as beautiful and enticing as Qiuyue's body was to Su Yang, it was also a treasure that he cannot fully enjoy due to the curse of her bloodline.

"I will begin now," he said to her before touching her stomach a moment later.


Qiuyue's body trembled at even the slightest touch.

Su Yang's hands then slowly moved up to her breasts, where he began massaging every corner of it.


Qiuyue tightly grasped her fists as her arms were slowly loosening itself and close to revealing the current expression on her face.

Seeing her tremendous efforts to cover her face, Su Yang decided to make it his mission to have her reveal her face through his massage.


Qiuyue cried out loud when Su Yang's fingers gently pinched her hard nipples, causing her body to suddenly climax again.

However, Qiuyue did not utter any complaints and continued to moan out loud.

A few minutes later, Su Yang moved his hands from her breasts to her thighs, where he massaged the area close to her bottom lips without touching it, purposefully avoiding it to tease her body.

And for the next hour, Su Yang would continue to tease the places around her soaking wet little sister without actually touching it — until Qiuyue could no longer resist her desires and finally lowered her arms, revealing to him the highly lustful expression on her face.

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