Dual Cultivation

Chapter 538 Su Yin's Apology

Chapter 538 Su Yin's Apology

'That person is…' Bai Lihua also recognized Qiuyue at glance, as her appearance at the Regional Tournament had left an everlasting impression in her heart.

"Hmmm? What's she doing here?" Qiuyue pointed at Su Yin with her sharp gaze, clearly displeased by her presence, as she still remembers how Su Yin had insulted her, calling her a vixen who seduced Su Yang.

"I-I am sorry!" Su Yin suddenly stepped forward and apologized to Qiuyue with a deep bow.

"Due to my frustration on that day, I had mistaken you as some vixen who kidnapped and seduced my Elder Brother, even going as far as attacking you! I do not blame you for disliking me, nor am I expecting any forgiveness from you, but I just want you to know that I have realized my mistake, and I am giving you my sincere apology!"

"Su Yin…" Bai Lihua watched the scene with wide eyes, as this is her first time seeing Su Yin acting in such a behavior.

"Forgive her, won't you?" Su Yang also said with a smile on his face. 


Qiuyue remained speechless even many moments later.

Although she didn't appear to like Su Yin, even appearing to dislike her, the truth was that Qiuyue admired, even envied Su Yin for having the courage to express her love for Su Yang so openly despite their relationship as blood siblings.

Compared to herself, who cannot even express her love for Su Yang without being embarrassed by it, Su Yin was much superior.

What made Qiuyue feel even worse was the disparity between their ages. One would expect someone who has lived for thousands of years to have at least enough courage to embrace their loved ones without feeling any shame, yet she was unable to do even that.

And somehow, Su Yin, who will reach her coming of age tomorrow can already do what she cannot.

Just thinking about it made Qiuyue's heart filled with anger. However, the anger was not directed at Su Yin but rather herself — for being mentally weak, an inexcusable weakness for any Cultivator.

Sometime later, Qiuyue spoke with a calm expression, "Relax, I am not such a petty person that I cannot forgive some Junior for disrespecting me because of a misunderstanding. And you are also Su Yang's younger sister. I cannot stay mad at you forever even if I wanted to."

"Thank you, Senior Sister!" Su Yin lifted her head with a bright expression after hearing Qiuyue's words.

"Anyway, what are you doing, standing at the entrance like you are waiting for someone." Su Yang then asked her.

"Hmph. Did you already forget, Su Yang? I have helped you activate the Grand Formation, so it's time for you to keep your end of the bargain." Qiuyue said to him.

'What? So that immense amount of spiritual energy belonged to her?' Bai Lihua cried inwardly, as it finally made enough sense for her to comprehend the situation.

"Hahaha…" Su Yang suddenly laughed, and he said, "There's no need to be so impatient, Qiuyue. What are you afraid of? That I will run away after you activate the formation?"

"T-That's…" Qiuyue's face flushed with redness when she realized that she was acting too impatient because of over excitement, making a fool out of herself.

"But since you went out of your way to wait for me at the door, I will quickly return the favor." Su Yang said, before looking at Liu Lanzhi and asked her, "Can I bother you for a bit longer?"

Liu Lanzhi nodded with a smile, and she said, "Little sister, Senior Bai, please follow me. I shall show you your rooms."

"Thank you," Su Yang said to her before entering the Yin Yang Pavilion with Qiuyue.

Once they were gone, Bai Lihua asked Liu Lanzhi, "Sect Leader Liu, who on earth is that Senior? I thought she was Su Yang's Master, but after seeing the way they interact with each other, I cannot see such a relationship between them."

Liu Lanzhi then responded, "Even though we live in the same building, I don't know much about her or her relationship with Su Yang. However, you are right when you say they are not in a Master and Disciple relationship."

"Don't tell me she's Su Yang's… that? The real one." Bai Lihua suddenly said with her pinky finger raised, indicating that Qiuyue was his main lover.


Both Su Yin and Liu Lanzhi looked at her with wide eyes. Although such an idea may seem impossible at first, when they recall Su Yang's character and his playboy nature, it no longer seemed out of the question.

"A-Anyway, let me show you the rooms…" Liu Lanzhi brought the two of them inside the Yin Yang Pavilion a few minutes later.

Sometime later, they stood before Su Yang's room.

"This is your brother's room. There's only one bed, but it's big enough to fit four people. Though, if you wish to sleep on another bed, I can put one inside temporarily." Liu Lanzhi said to Su Yin, who quickly shook her head.

"This is perfect, Sect Leader Liu. I won't accept sleeping anywhere but my brother's side while I am here. Even when he used to live at the Su Family's household, we would often share the bed." Su Yin spoke with a beautiful smile on her face as she recalled the past.

"Then I won't bother you any longer…"

Once Su Yin entered Su Yang's room, Liu Lanzhi said to Bai Lihua, "Besides the room across from and beside Su Yang's room, they are all available, so you can choose any that's to your liking."

"Thank you for the hospitality, Sect Leader Liu." Bai Lihua said to her. "If you ever decide to visit the Heavenly Swan Sect, we will try our best to serve you."

"Thank you in advance, I will keep that in mind when I do visit." Liu Lanzhi said with a smile.

Meanwhile, inside the Qiuyue's room that was right next to where they were standing, Qiuyue laid on the bed with her back facing the ceiling and her body fully naked, whilst Su Yang sat behind her with a slightly surprised expression on his face.

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