Dual Cultivation

Chapter 545 Evaluating the Female Disciples

Chapter 545 Evaluating the Female Disciples

"Will it be okay if we also cultivate with you even though we already have our own partner, Sect Leader?" The disciples with a partner asked him.

"As long as you and your partners agree to it, there's no reason for me to refuse." Su Yang responded with a calm expression.

"Anyway, since everyone here is willing to cultivate with me, follow me."

Sometime later, Su Yang brought the female disciples to his old living quarters and said to them, "I will evaluate one of you at a time from the oldest to the youngest, so get in line according to your age."

The female disciples immediately began forming a line based on their age with the oldest in the front and the youngest in the back.

"How old are you?"

"I'm 24 yeas old…"

"What about you?"

"22 years old."

"Who here is 19 years old? I am right behind you!"

"I am 19 years old!"

"Who here is the oldest among us?"

"I should be the youngest…"

Many minutes later, when the disciples had formed an orderly line, Su Yang called the first one in line inside the house.

The first and oldest disciple to be evaluated by Su Yang was a beautiful young lady who was 24 years old.

Once the disciple was inside his room, Su Yang laid on the bed and said to her, "Go ahead and use Fingers of Fulfillment on me."

The disciple nodded and took a moment to locate his vital point before poking it with Profound Qi focused at the tip of her finger.

A slight feeling of pleasure ran through Su Yang's body, and he nodded, "Very good, you have fully grasped the understanding of the technique in just one month."

"I am nowhere near worthy of your praises, Sect Leader," she said with a bashful smile.

After the first test concluded, Su Yang began loosening his robes and said, "Show me what you can do with your hands."

The disciple nodded with a slightly flushed face and approached Su Yang's naked body with her hands, touching him all over his back whilst using the technique Divine Hands.

"Not bad, but you need to relax your fingers and move them more naturally," he said a few minutes later.

"Before I evaluate the last technique, Heavenly Paradise, allow me to show you my Fingers of Fulfillment and Divine Hands." Su Yang said to her, and he continued, "Remove your clothes and lay on the bed."

The disciple nodded and quickly loosened her robes, allowing it to slide right onto the floor, revealing her slender body to him.

A few moments later, once she was on the bed, Su Yang began touching her body with his hands.

"Ahhhn! Mmmmh!"

The disciple quickly began moaning heavily as the feeling of Su Yang's hands awakened all of her lustful desires, causing her little sister to start drooling with Yin Qi.

"That is what Fingers of Fulfillment should feel like."

Su Yang said to her before moving his hands towards the lower part of her body.

"And this is Divine Hands."

The disciple could feel his fingers massaging the area around her crotch without actually touching it, yet it also felt as though his hands were touching every inch of her body at this moment.

A few minutes later, after the demonstration ended, Su Yang laid on the bed again.

"Do you know what to do next?" he asked her, who nodded with a red face.

The disciple then got on top of Su Yang and slowly inserted his thick rod into her maiden hole, splitting the cave and revealing the pink inside.

Once the entire shaft was entirely inside her hole, the disciple began moving her body and hips according to the techniques listed within the Heavenly Paradise technique.

"Ah… Ahhhn… Mmmmh…!"

Despite this being her first experience, the disciple passionately moaned as she rode Su Yang's thick sword like an expert, almost like a dancer.

A few minutes later, Su Yang released his Yang Qi into her body.


Feeling his hot Yang Qi gushing into her small hole, the disciple's body trembled.

"H-How was it, Sect Leader…?" she asked him afterward.

"You were too focused on pleasuring yourself instead of your partner. While it's important to pleasure yourself, this technique is meant for pleasuring others, as it's your partners' responsibility to pleasure you. Here, let me show you."

Su Yang suddenly held her by the hips and began moving his hips.

"Ahhhhhh! Mmmmmmh! Ahhhhhhn!"

The disciple screamed in pleasure as Su Yang pounded her body intensely.

A few minutes later, the disciple collapsed onto his chest with her entire body sparkling in sweat.

"If your partner is competent then he should have no problem pleasing you like this," he said to her. "If he cannot… then I suggest you find a new partner, or you can teach him yourself."

Sometime later, Su Yang retrieved another practice doll from his storage ring and handed it to the female disciple.

However, unlike the practice dolls he gave to the male disciples, this one had a body that resembled a man's body, and it even had a long and thick rod at the bottom that was already fully erect and hard.

"I have crafted this practice doll based on my own body, so you can practice your techniques with it whenever I am too busy to assist you," he said to her.

"This is… the Sect Leader…?"

The female disciple stared at the practice doll with a dazed expression, seemingly in awe. She could tell at a glance that the practice doll's body was exactly like Su Yang's body from the shape of its body to the size of its rod.

"Are... Are you sure I can have something this precious, Sect Leader?" she asked him with a shaky voice.

When she saw Su Yang nodding his head, the disciple's expression immediately became filled with delight and happiness.

"Thank you, Sect Leader! I will treasure and treat this practice doll as though it's really the Sect Leader, and I will even use it every day!" she said to him with a bright smile before storing the practice doll into her storage ring.

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