Dual Cultivation

Chapter 528 Dual Cultivation Division

Chapter 528 Dual Cultivation Division

"Sect Master," one of the disciples suddenly raised his hand and spoke, "Can we choose more than three martial techniques from the Profound Library?"

"Of course you can, but I wouldn't suggest biting more than you can chew. All of the techniques in there are not your average techniques, as even the lowest grade techniques are far more profound than usual."

A few moments later, another disciple raised his hand and spoke, "Sect Master, when will we be able to choose a Master in the Sect?"

Su Yang then responded, "To tell you the truth, most of the experienced Sect Elders have long left the Sect, so the only ones left are those that have recently been promoted and without much experience in lecturing others. But even if those that have left were still here, they wouldn't be able to teach you properly. Therefore, if you need any advice, you can find me whenever I am available. And once the Sect Elders are prepared to accept their own disciples, you can accept an official Master."

"However, by the time that happens, I'm sure that most of you here will already be strong enough to continue cultivation without a Master."

Su Yang continued to answer the disciples' question, and an hour later, after dismissing the disciples, Su Yang returned to his own living quarters to create a new cultivation technique for Zhang Xiu Ying until next week, when the dual cultivation disciples are ready to start their cultivation with him.

During that time, Su Yang would assist the new disciples who needed help, and he also moved to the Yin Yang Pavilion, where the Profound Qi is much thicker. Of course, that difference no longer mattered to him, who was already at the fifth level Heavenly Spirit Realm.

In order for him to increase his cultivation, he will need to consume valuable resources or spend many years just to gain a single level.




A week has passed in the blink of an eye, and it was finally time for the dual cultivation division to appear before Su Yang again.

At the gathering area, Su Yang stared at the 110 disciples with a calm expression.

"So only two of you managed to find a partner, huh?" Su Yang said after a glance.

"H-How did you know that, Sect Master?" The disciples were dumbfounded, as they were sure that he hadn't even been near them for the entire week.

"If you embrace someone with strong perfume, it's only natural for their perfume to stick on your body. Although none of the disciples here are using perfume, it works the same way with one's aura."

He then turned to look at the seven male disciples that did not manage to find a partner and said to them, "Do not be discouraged by this event. Although you may be in a Sect that practices dual cultivation and is filled with women, it does not automatically make it easy for you to find a partner. While it's not entirely your fault for not being attractive enough, you simply need to become a person that is attractive. Of course, there are people out there that cannot become more attractive even if they tried, but fortunately, none of you have a hopelessly ugly face."

"When I was only an Outer Court disciple, the females would not even look at me. It was only after I proved my abilities did they finally start paying attention to me." Su Yang recalled his earliest memories of the Profound Blossom Sect.

"Now then. While you may not have a cultivation partner, for the time being, you can always practice your techniques to prepare for when you actually have a partner so that you won't look like a donkey with no abilities when you have to please your partner."

"After all, it's much more shameful to lack the ability to pleasure your partner than to have no partner at all. Even if you don't have any experience, as long as you practice the techniques I will be giving you, you will be able to pleasure your partners even if you lack any experience."

"We will not forget the Sect Master's words today!" The male disciples said with serious expressions on their faces.

When they were unable to find a partner despite having so many choices after an entire week, they were so ashamed of themselves that they didn't even want to show up to the gathering. But after listening to Su Yang's words, they no longer felt as ashamed, even feeling motivated to find a partner.

Su Yang then continued to speak, "Of course, you can always travel outside of the Sect and find your partners out there. Just because you are a disciple of this Sect does not mean your partner must also be a fellow disciple. In fact, plenty of disciples in the past would rather find partners outside of the Sect. While it may not be as effective as cultivating with a fellow disciple and Cultivator, the number of people willing to be your partner outside will make up for it."

"However, you are still too new to leave the Sect, so practice your techniques for a few months before you even think about going outside."

"Yes, Sect Master!"

Sometime later, Su Yang began handing out cultivation techniques to the disciples. But before he handed them out, he explained to them the difference between normal Cultivators and Dual Cultivators.

"Cultivation techniques for us Dual Cultivators are slightly different from the rest. Unlike normal Cultivators, the majority of our techniques do not require any talent — only that you meet the gender requirement. However, even though we Dual Cultivators cultivate slightly differently, we still need to absorb Profound Qi like every other Cultivator."

"We can absorb Profound Qi directly like normal Cultivators, but as Dual Cultivators, we mainly absorb our partners' Qi before converting it into Profound Qi. It may seem like we have an extra step when compared to normal Cultivators, but that is not the case."

"When one absorbs Profound Qi directly, they must cleanse the impurities that they absorbed along with the Profound Qi afterward. But for us Dual Cultivators that absorb Qi directly from another individual, unless their body is filled with impurities, we don't absorb as many impurities if any at all. That is why Dual Cultivators in general cultivate faster than normal Cultivators, as we are not required to spend time cleansing the impurities within us as much."

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