Dual Cultivation

Chapter 527 Handing Out Cultivation Techniques Like Candies

Chapter 527 Handing Out Cultivation Techniques Like Candies

After cultivating for a few hours, Su Yang bestowed the Family Seal onto Zhang Xiu Ying.

"What a beautiful mark…" Zhang Xiu Ying rubbed the Family Seal below her stomach with a passionate expression, almost like a mother rubbing her stomach during pregnancy.

"Welcome to the family," Su Yang said to her with a smile.

Sometime later, once they cleaned up, Su Yang handed her a storage ring and said, "There are 10 million spirit stones and a few Immortal-grade martial techniques inside."

"I originally wanted to give you an Immortal-grade cultivation technique, but because your current cultivation technique from the Burning Lotus Sect is already deeply rooted in your foundation, unless you destroy your current cultivation and start from scratch, you cannot cultivate a new cultivation technique."

"However, give me some time, and I will create a brand new cultivation technique using your current cultivation technique as its foundation. That way, you can cultivate a superior technique without needing to restart your cultivation."

"Y-You can create new cultivation techniques…?" Zhang Xiu Ying looked at him with wide eyes. Out of everything she's heard today, this is probably the most shocking, as the amount of talent required to create a cultivation technique is massive.

"Of course. Though, I rarely do it because it's very tiring."

A moment later, Zhang Xiu Ying spoke, "But how are you going to obtain the Burning Lotus Sect's cultivation technique? Only disciples are allowed to see it, and you are even the Sect Master of another Sect."

"You shouldn't underestimate the abilities of an Immortal. I don't need to read the actual technique to understand it. We have cultivated many times now, and I can guess the cultivation technique from your Yin Qi alone," he said with a confident face.

"What…? Something like that is possible?" Zhang Xiu Ying stared at him with a dazed face.

He nodded and continued a few moments later, "Anyway, I will let the Sect Elders know of your presence. You can choose any available living quarter that's to your liking."

"Then is there a house next to your living quarters? I would like to stay near you," she asked.

"I will be moving to the Yin Yang Pavilion soon, as the Profound Qi there is much denser, and only Sect Elders are allowed to live in that area. However, since you are a Legacy Disciple and my family, I can make an exception for you."

"Thank you, Su Yang!" she said with a bright smile.

"I will find you once I am finished with your new cultivation technique. If you need anything before then, you can just contact me using the communication jade slip."

"Anyway, I have a few hundred disciples waiting for me to hand them their cultivation technique now."

"I will see you later, Su Yang." Zhang Xiu Ying said to him before they went their separate ways.

Sometime later, when Su Yang arrived at the gathering area, he summoned all of the new disciples from the normal cultivation side.

When the disciples received Su Yang's summoning, they all rushed to the gathering area with excitement, their faces filled with anticipation.

Once they were all gathered, Su Yang said to them, "I shall bestow all of you cultivation techniques that best suit your talents today. But before we start, let me just say that once the cultivation technique is in your hands, it will be your responsibility to protect it."

"Whether you lose it or give it away, if the cultivation technique somehow ends up in a place where it's not supposed to be, I will immediately cripple your cultivation and banish you from the Sect, but this should be obvious, right?"

The disciples immediately nodded their heads with a fearful expression on their faces. Even if they are in a situation where they must either give up their cultivation technique or die, they would rather die, because they find offending Su Yang even scarier than death itself.

"Good. Then get in line. The Outer Court disciples will receive their cultivation techniques first, as there is the most of you here."

The Outer Court disciples began lining up in front of Su Yang.

He then proceeded to hand the disciples their cultivation technique like giving out candies whilst giving them a brief explanation of the technique.

A few hours later, when all Outer Court disciples had received their cultivation techniques, with all of them receiving a Heaven-grade cultivation technique, Su Yang called for the Inner Court disciples.

Half an hour later, it was finally the Core Disciples' turn to receive their cultivation techniques.

"I-Immortal-grade cultivation technique!"

The Core Disciples stared at the priceless treasure in their hands with wide eyes and loose jaws. Up to this point, the disciples have received only Heaven-grade cultivation techniques.

And while Su Yang had already mentioned that he would be giving out Immortal-grade techniques, the disciples didn't dare to believe it until they had seen it themselves.

"Sect Master Su is truly the most generous man in this world… I would've never imagined that I would get to practice an Immortal-grade cultivation technique as a mere disciple!"

Once all of the disciples have their own cultivation technique, Su Yang said to them, "Although all of you now have a cultivation technique, you cannot win fights or hunt spiritual beasts without martial techniques. Therefore, once you have familiarized yourself with your cultivation techniques, I want all of you to choose 3 martial techniques from the Profound Library — an offensive technique to defeat your opponents, a defensive technique to fend off attacks, and lastly, a movement technique that will help you evade potentially life-threatening attacks."

"The Profound Library has three floors. The first floor contains martial techniques below the Earth-grade. The second floor contains martial techniques at the Heaven-grade. And last but not least, the third floor, which contains Immortal-grade martial techniques."

"As all of you are talented individuals, I will make this an exception and allow all of you to visit all three floors regardless of your disciple rank. However, you will only have one year to learn the techniques, as things will be different once more disciples arrive next year."

"Now, do you have any questions for me before I dismiss you?" Su Yang asked them.

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