Dual Cultivation

Chapter 526 I Always Take Care of My Own People

Chapter 526 I Always Take Care of My Own People

The following day, Su Yang left the pill room with a relaxed expression, whilst Wang Shuren had to physically crawl with her hands in order to even move.

'I shouldn't have taken a week off…' Wang Shuren cried inwardly, feeling sore all over her body, especially the lower half.

"By the way, how are the sales going for the Earth Advancement Pills?" Su Yang asked her sometime later.

"The sales are finally starting to slow down. We have earned almost a billion spirit stones just last month," said Wang Shuren.

And she continued, "You'd expect the Xie Family to intervene with our business or at least try to get a share of the profit, but they haven't even as much as contact us about our monopoly in the marketplace. I guess they are just that afraid of offending you, the Mysterious Alchemist."

"I would say they are more cautious than afraid. If you were in their shoes, what would you do if an Alchemist of unknown origins appeared out of thin air with pill recipes that could easily change the entire cultivation world?"

"..." Wang Shuren was speechless, as she did not know what she would do in such a situation.

"That's my point. You cannot do anything besides wait. If you try to force a situation, it could easily backfire on you."

"Anyway, you can continue to monopolize the Earth Advancement Pills. The Profound Blossom Sect has enough spirit stones to last for many decades even when I am gone."

"Are you sure? Even if you don't need it, we can continue to send you a few million spirit stones every month." Wang Shuren said.

"I have already spoiled them enough," he responded with a smile.

Sometime later, Su Yang left Wang Shuren's house and went to pick up Zhang Xiu Ying before returning to the Profound Blossom Sect.

"Are you sure I am allowed to be a disciple here, Su Yang?" Zhang Xiu Ying suddenly asked him as they entered the Sect.

"Of course. Why are you asking now?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Well… I heard about the disciple examination and how difficult it was, and I have neither talent nor status, so I don't qualify to be here. The only reason I am here is because of my connection with you, and when I think about the thousands of people that have failed to get into the Sect, I feel kind of guilty…" Zhang Xiu Ying expressed her feeling of guilt.

However, Su Yang merely smiled and said, "Having connections is akin to having status, and in this world, having connections is as important as having talents if not even more. You shouldn't feel guilty about having connections. Instead, you should be feeling proud, as you have earned my trust, and that is not something easily achievable."

Hearing his words, Zhang Xiu Ying felt a little bit better.

Sometime later, Su Yang handed her a golden medallion and said, "Starting today, you will be a Legacy Disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect. It is a special position within the Sect that only I can bestow. As a Legacy Disciple, you will receive benefits that are similar to Core Disciples even if you are an Outer or Inner Court disciple. It's more of a title than anything, and currently, only the disciples who have remained with us whilst everyone left have it. Including you, there are less than 100 people who have it."

"A-Are you sure? I am satisfied with being just an ordinary disciple, even if I am only an Outer Court disciple. I have already received enough from you, Su Yang. You shouldn't spoil me so much."

Zhang Xiu Ying felt that he was already being generous enough by allowing her to become a disciple at the Profound Blossom Sect. She also doesn't want to feel like she's taking advantage of his kindness, especially when he's someone she loves, as she truly believes that she hasn't done anything to deserve so much.

After hearing her words, Su Yang gently touched her soft cheeks with his hands and said, "I, Su Yang, always take care of my own people. Even though our meeting was somewhat forced, I have fully accepted you as my woman, and as such, it is my duty to make your life filled with nothing but bliss."

"Su Yang…"

Zhang Xiu Ying was completely speechless, and her eyes flowed with tears of happiness.

"Come with me."

Su Yang suddenly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into a random building within the Sect that was not occupied.

"What's the matter, Su Yang?" she asked him with a puzzled face.

"Although this may sound sudden, I will be leaving this place in two years," he said to her after closing the door.

"Eh? Where will you be going?"

"Home. However, that place is not within this world."

"W-What do you mean…?"

"I am actually…"

Su Yang then proceeded to reveal his real background to Zhang Xiu Ying, explaining to her how he used to be an Immortal in his past life and that he came from a world that was entirely different from this one.

"An Immortal…?"

Zhang Xiu Ying listened to him with a dazed expression, as she was finding it hard to believe that he used to be an Immortal. However, there was no reason for Su Yang to be lying to her, so she believed him in the end.

"And that's my story. How about it? Do you still want to be with me?" he asked her after he finished his explanation.

"Yes…" she quickly nodded, and she continued, "Even if you were the reincarnation of a demon, I would still remain by your side…"

"Then let's cultivate now and make it official," he said to her before dragging her into one of the bedrooms, where he removed her robes and began pleasing her body.

A few minutes later, Zhang Xiu Ying's blissful voice resounded throughout the entire house without any restraint.

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