Dual Cultivation

Chapter 529 Dual Cultivation Techniques

Chapter 529 Dual Cultivation Techniques

After explaining to the disciples the difference between Dual Cultivators and normal Cultivators as well as their advantages and disadvantages, Su Yang handed the male disciples an Immortal-grade cultivation technique that will help them convert female Yin Qi into Profound Qi with efficiency.

As for the female disciples, he also bestowed them a cultivation technique at the Immortal-grade that helps them convert Yang Qi into Profound Qi.

Once all of the disciples have a cultivation technique, Su Yang continued, "Now that all of you have a cultivation technique, it's time for the fun part. For normal Cultivators, it's only obvious that they would have martial techniques to use in combat. However, for us Dual Cultivators, our 'combat' usually takes place on the bed, as that is our main battlefield. Therefore, we will require martial techniques that are specifically made for such a unique battlefield."

He suddenly turned to look at the male disciples and said, "I will start with the male disciples first."

He then retrieved three scrolls from his robes and continued, "I have three techniques that were made specifically with men in mind here. The first technique is two techniques in one, and the Junior Disciples that have been here before all of you have already learned it. It is called 'Fingers of Pleasure' and 'World of Pleasure'."

"Fingers of Pleasure will teach you how to locate the sensitive spots on your partners' body, allowing them to feel extreme pleasure just by touching it. As for 'World of Pleasure', it will greatly increase both you and your partners' sense of pleasure during cultivation, even increasing the amount of Qi you both produce."

"The second one is called 'Bedroom Dance', which will teach you how to move your body, especially your hips, during cultivation. If mastered, your partners will always leave cultivation with her lower body completely sore. The last technique is called 'Divine Hands', and as the name suggests, it has multiple hand techniques that will help you pleasure your partners with your bare hands."

"Once you have mastered these three basic techniques, I will give you even more techniques, such as techniques for your tongues and even feet if you desire."

"T-Thank you, Sect Master! We will not let you down!"

The male disciples bowed to him after accepting these three divine techniques.

A few moments later, Su Yang turned to look at the female disciples, who were staring at him with flickering eyes. He then retrieved even more techniques, but they were for the females this time.

"The technique 'Fingers of Pleasure' and 'World of Pleasure' is not unique to men, so females can also practice it," he said to them.

"The second technique 'Heavenly Paradise' is the female version of the men's 'Bedroom Dance', and it will teach you how to move your body and hips in a way that will make your partners' tremble in pleasure and bow down before you."

"The third technique will also be 'Divine Hands', as it's a technique that can be utilized for both sides."

"And just like the male disciples, once you have mastered the basics, you can request for more techniques. Although I don't have as many techniques for females compared to techniques for men, I have at least one technique for almost every fetish in existence. So if you want techniques for a particular area, don't hesitate to ask for them."

"Thank you, Sect Master!" The female disciples bowed to him after receiving the techniques.

"Now that everyone here has received their techniques, I want you to spend another week practicing them." Su Yang said to them.

"Although you don't really need a partner to practice these techniques, it's highly recommended that you have one, as it's the most efficient way to practice them. If you don't already have a partner, you can simply pair up with someone temporary."

"I will give all of you an entire month to practice these techniques. Once the month is over, I will see for myself your progress. And if you are a female disciple that does not have a cultivation partner and is willing to cultivate with me, you can show me your progress with the techniques personally on the 'battlefield'."

When the female disciples heard his last sentence, their eyes flickered with excitement, and a captivated smile appeared on their faces.

'I can cultivate with the Sect Master in one month!' They were all thrilled by that thought and nearly couldn't contain their excitement in their body.

"That's all I have for you for today. Until next month."

After dismissing the Dual Cultivation Division, Su Yang returned to the Yin Yang Pavilion, where Liu Lanzhi was waiting for him inside her bedroom to fill her hole with his Yang Qi again.

"Let me guess. None of the male disciples managed to persuade the female disciples to become their partner." Liu Lanzhi said to him the instant he entered the room while she laid underneath the blankets on her bed.

"Shouldn't you believe in your own disciples at the Sect Master?" Su Yang said with a smile. "Two of them managed to find themselves a partner."

"Really? That's two more than I'd anticipated… I am truly surprised." Liu Lanzhi said with wide eyes, as she truly did not expect this result.

"Anyway, I have given them a month to practice the techniques before I test their abilities. As for the female disciples, I will also be cultivating with them at that time," he said.

"Well, aren't you a lucky one? You must be grinning from side to side inwardly to have so many young beauties waiting to cultivate with you. I bet most of them are still maidens." Liu Lanzhi chuckled.

"It's nothing new," he responded with a calm smile.

"Of course you are used to having beauties waiting for you. Now, why don't you let me experience for myself those techniques you gave to the disciples?" Liu Lanzhi said to him as she removed the blankets that had been hiding her naked body underneath this entire time.

Seeing her smooth skin and slender legs, Su Yang calmly approached her.

"What are you talking about? As the Sect Master, you are also going to learn these techniques, and I am going to teach them to you right now," he said as he removed his clothes.

"Oh?" Liu Lanzhi exclaimed in surprise. 

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