Dual Cultivation

Chapter 523 Imbalance

Chapter 523 Imbalance

"H-Heaven-grade techniques…?"

The disciples stared at him with their faces filled with disbelief.

"Sect Master… we get to cultivate Heaven-grade techniques…?"

He nodded and said, "Yes, but you are not limited to just Heaven-grade techniques. If you can prove to me that you are serious about cultivation, I am even willing to share with you Immortal-grade cultivation techniques."

"Immortal-grade techniques!"

The disciples gasped in shock.

Heaven-grade techniques were already valuable enough in this world — to the point where the majority of Cultivators in this world live their entire life without ever seeing one. So one can imagine just how valuable Immortal-grade techniques are.

However, in Su Yang's eyes, who had connections to many powerful Sects and mysterious Clans in his previous life, he has seen countless Heaven-grade techniques and Immortal-grade techniques.

As an Immortal, his memories were basically perfect, allowing him to memorize all of the cultivation techniques he'd seen before. Therefore, if he needs cultivation techniques for these disciples, he could easily retrieve them from his memories by writing it down for them.

"I will start handing out the cultivation techniques the following day, as I will be busy tomorrow," said Su Yang.

"That's all I have for you today. Now that you have your ranks, the Sect Elders will take things from here and handle your disciple robes and living quarters."

"Follow me. I will distribute your uniforms according to your ranks." Elder Sun said before bringing the disciples away.

Once the 887 disciples left the area with Elder Sun, Su Yang turned to look at the rest of the disciples — the 100 disciples that wished to become dual cultivators.

"First and foremost, let me assign you your ranks."

Sometime later, the disciples received their ranks.

Out of the 110 disciples there, 80 of them became Outer Court disciples, whilst 27 of them became Inner Court disciples, and only 3 of them managed to become Core Disciples.

Amongst those 3 Core disciples, Yan Yan, the genius beloved by the Heavens was there.

"Are you sure that you want to be a dual cultivator? You are still too young, so you won't start cultivation until you are considered an adult at 16 years old. And considering your talent… it's best if you cultivate normally." Su Yang said to her.

However, despite his advice, Yan Yan's expression remained unchanged, and she spoke, "I want to dual cultivate."

After a moment of silence, Liu Lanzhi asked her, "In the first place, do you even know what it means to become a dual cultivator?"

And to their surprise, in response to Liu Lanzhi's question, Yan Yan shook her head.

"You want to become a dual cultivator when you don't even know the meaning behind it?" Liu Lanzhi sighed. "I'm sorry, but I think you should join the other disciples instead."

However, Yan Yan remained calm and said, "In that case, if I understand the meaning of a dual cultivator, you will have no qualms with me being a dual cultivator, right?"

"That is…"

Liu Lanzhi was speechless, as this is her first time dealing with a 12-year-old child that is as difficult as Yan Yan.

"I'll leave her to you, Su Yang…" Liu Lanzhi quickly gave up on persuading Yan Yan and handed all of her responsibility to him.

Su Yang nodded, and then he said to Yan Yan, "Dual cultivation requires two people to embrace each other with passion. In simpler words, they have sex."

"Sex…? What is that?" Yan Yan tilted her head with an innocent expression.

"We have to start from there?" A bittersweet smile appeared on his face.

"It'll be faster to show it to you."

After saying those words, Su Yang tapped on her forehead with a dim light on the tip of his finger.

A few seconds later, realistic images began appearing in Yan Yan's head.

Inside her head, there were a couple before her — a man and a woman, and they were dual cultivating with each other.

'This is what it means to dual cultivate…' Su Yang's voice resounded in Yan Yan's head as she watched the couple cultivate.

Sometime later, once the demonstration in her head ended, Su Yang asked her, "Do you still want to become a dual cultivator?"

Not even a second later, Yan Yan responded without any hesitation in her voice, "Yes."

"Is that so… then I have nothing else to say. However, you will still have to wait until you are an adult until you can dual cultivate. As of right now, even though you qualify as a Core disciple, you are also a Junior Disciple until you become an adult."

"Also, because of your unique talent, I am probably the only person in this world who can properly train you, so you will be my direct disciple."

"Yes, Master." Yan Yan nodded obediently.

'Why does she treat everyone beside him so indifferently…?' Liu Lanzhi wondered to herself.

Sometime later, Su Yang continued to speak with the other disciples, "Now that you all have your disciple ranks, let's talk about the imbalance between the disciples."

"There are nine male disciples and 101 female disciples here, and I don't mean to ridicule any of you men when I say this, but I doubt you will be able to satisfy more than one partner at a time, meaning there will be 92 female disciples without a partner."

"Now, there are three options to choose for the female disciples."

"One, you can wait until more disciples arrive next year to find a partner, or you can travel outside and find your own partner. Either way, there are not enough men in this place at this moment."

"As for the second choice, you can cultivate with me until you find a new partner."

The instant the female disciples heard the second option, before Su Yang could even continue speaking, they all responded loudly, "We would like to choose the second option, Sect Master!"

"There's still a third option, you know." He said with a smile on his face.

"We don't need to hear the third option, Sect Master! We will choose the second one regardless!" said the disciples, their eyes filled with delight.

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