Dual Cultivation

Chapter 522 Unimaginable Wealth

Chapter 522 Unimaginable Wealth

"No matter how many times I see it, this formation is incredibly profound and complex. Just where did Su Yang learn how to create formations like this?" Elder Zhao spoke with a face filled with awe, commending the defensive formation that protected the treasury room.

"Yeah… I wonder where…" A weird smile appeared on Liu Lanzhi's face, as she couldn't possibly tell him that Su Yang had learned it in his past life when he was an Immortal.

A few moments later, Liu Lanzhi retrieved a jade slip and placed it on the formation, opening it.

The jade slip is akin to a key for a door to the formation, and in this entire world, only two individuals carry it — the Sect Masters of the Profound Blossom Sect. And unless someone has the ability to break the formation, which required someone to be at least at the Sovereign Spirit Realm and also with deep knowledge regarding formations, entering the treasury would be impossible.

Once they entered the treasury, they were dumbfounded by the scene inside.

In the middle of the room laid a small mountain of storage rings, and there were at least 100 of them bundled together.

"Why are there so many storage rings?" Elder Zhao mumbled.

"I'm more curious as to what's inside these storage rings…"

Liu Lanzhi went to pick up one of these storage rings and took a peek inside with her spiritual energy.


However, a few moments later, after seeing the inside of the storage ring, Liu Lanzhi cried out loud, her voice filled with shock, before dropping the storage ring to the floor.

"What happened, Sect Master?!" Elder Zhao was startled by her sudden screaming.

"I-Inside… look inside the storage ring…"

Elder Zhao forcefully swallowed and picked up the storage ring Liu Lanzhi dropped and peeked inside.

When he saw the mountain of spirit stones inside, he also gasped in shock. "What the heck?! There are at least a few million spirit stones in here!"

He then turned to look at the mountain of storage rings before them.

"I-Impossible… Don't tell me that all of these storage rings are filled with spirit stones…?"

Elder Zhao and Liu Lanzhi immediately began looking through all of the storage rings.

A few minutes later, they stared at each other with wide eyes.

"Hahaha…" Elder Zhao laughed in a weird manner, almost as though he'd gone crazy. "Every storage ring I'd checked contained spirit stones… and each of them had at least a few million inside…"

"It is also the same for me…" Liu Lanzhi nodded with a dazed face. "And there are 121 storage rings here… Meaning there's at least a few hundred million spirit stones within this pile of storage rings!"

"Good heavens! Just where did Su Yang obtain this much wealth?! Unless he robbed the entire Continent, he couldn't possibly have so many spirit stones!" Elder Zhao exclaimed loudly, his eyes filled with fear.

"No wonder why he was willing to give 100 spirit stones to the Outer Court disciples every month… If we have this many spirit stones, we can even afford to give them 1,000 every month!"

"100 spirit stones for the Outer Court disciples, and every month?!" Elder Zhao looked at her with wide eyes, as this is his first time hearing such a thing.

"Anyway, don't tell anyone else about this. We don't want the entire world knowing about our wealth, or it might bring unnecessary trouble."

"I won't say a word about this even if I am going to die!" Elder Zhao swore with his hand raised.

After staring at the tremendous wealth before them for a few more moments, they left the treasury.

Once Liu Lanzhu returned to Su Yang's side, she asked him in a mosquito-like voice, "Just how the hell did you obtain so many spirit stones?! Don't tell me you secretly robbed the entire Continent?!"

Su Yang chuckled at her imaginations and responded in a calm voice, "My side job."

"Side… job…?" Liu Lanzhi stared at him with a dumbfounded face.

"Anyway, now that you have seen our wealth, you shouldn't need to worry about our spending too much anytime soon."

He then turned to look at the disciples and continued to speak, "It has decided that the Outer Court disciples will receive 100 spirit stones a month. As for the Inner Court disciples, you will receive 1,000 spirit stones a month."

"1,000 spirit stones?!?!"

The disciples exclaimed loudly with their jaws on the floor.

There are a little over 80 Inner Court disciples at the moment, meaning the Sect would need to spend over 80,000 spirit stones a month on them and almost 200,000 if they include the Outer Court disciples. However, if one considers the amount of wealth the Profound Blossom Sect currently has, that budget is akin to a drop of water in the ocean.

"As for the Core disciples, since there will only be a few of you even in the future, I shall give you a limitless allowance. In other words, as long as you need spirit stones, no matter the amount, as long as it's for a reasonable cause, the Sect will provide it for you." Su Yang said.

"Unlimited… spirit stones…?"

The disciples there looked at Su Yang as though he was a God. Even the Divine Sword Sect, who has the Xie Family as their direct financial support, wouldn't dare to spend so extravagantly on their disciples.

"I know what you are all thinking," Su Yang suddenly said, "It may look like a lot of resources at first — so much so that you can save the majority of them for the future, even go shopping at your leisure. However, once you start cultivating, you will realize that isn't the case. I will be providing every single one of you a unique cultivation technique that will benefit your talents the most, and they are all at least at the Heaven-grade, which will require a lot of spiritual energy to practice. And once you reach a certain level, 100… even 1,000 spirit stones will disappear before you know it."

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