Dual Cultivation

Chapter 524 Divine-grade Technique

Chapter 524 Divine-grade Technique

"Even if all of you choose the second option, I will still let you know of the third option, which would be for you to switch over to the other side and practice cultivation normally." Su Yang said a moment later.

"However, before I let any of you girls decide, I shall give the men an entire week to find their partner first."


The male disciples turned to look at the hundred beauties standing before them and swallowed nervously. There were simply too many choices, and even if they picked someone, it was not guaranteed that the female disciple would be willing to become their partner.

Furthermore, because the female disciples know that if they pick a partner, their chances of cultivating with Su Yang, one of their main reasons for becoming a dual cultivator, would be significantly reduced.

Indeed, this is why there are so many more female disciples than male disciples, as most of not all of the females there came to the Profound Blossom Sect because of Su Yang, hoping to cultivate with him.

Of course, Su Yang was aware of this problem. However, it was not as though he could force these female disciples to choose a partner. Even if there's a lack of male disciples, if the female disciples refused to cultivate with the male disciples, there was truly nothing he could do.

"As for the female disciples, I want you to give these men at least a chance. Life is not always as fair, since there will be times when you have no choices. Of course, I am not telling you to pick a partner whom you do not even like, but if you are attracted to them, do not be afraid to become their partner, as dual cultivation is much more than just pleasure and sex."

"Starting today, and for the next seven days, I want the male disciples to knock on the door of every female disciple here and have a chat with them. As men, especially as a dual cultivator that's new to the scene, if you do not take the initiative, you will most likely never find a partner, and you cannot blame anyone else but yourself for being spineless."

Sometime later, Su Yang dismissed the disciples, and the male disciples began talking to the female disciples immediately.

"Su Yang… do you really think these female disciples will be willing to accept another partner that's not you? I can confidently say that most if not all of these female disciples came to the Sect for you." Liu Lanzhi said to him afterward, as she was also aware of the problem.

"And to be completely honest, if I were amongst those female disciples, I would refuse the male disciples just to be your partner, even if it's temporary. What will you do if that were the case for all of the female disciples? There would be no point for dual cultivation disciples to exist if there are only female disciples who are only willing to cultivate with you."

After a moment of silence, Su Yang spoke, "Even if that were the case, there is truly nothing I can do at the moment. The only possible way to fix this problem is for me to leave the Sect, which will only happen two years from now."

"However, I have already expected this to happen before even the disciple examination, hence why I limited the number of disciples we accepted this year."

"Eh? What do you have planned?" Liu Lanzhi tilted her head.

Su Yang then responded in a calm voice, "In seven days, whether the male disciples have a partner or not, I will be cultivating with the female disciples that have no partners, and then I will train all of them to become either Core Disciples or Sect Elders before next year's disciple examination, where I will be reducing the qualification standards and increasing the limit of disciples we accept. Once that happens, we will have plenty of male and female disciples. Even if the ratio is not completely balanced, at least it won't be as problematic as currently."

"And then in two years, when it's time for me to leave, these disciples will have to either find new partners from the Sect or from the outside world."

Hearing his plan, Liu Lanzhi sighed, "That's quite cruel, you know? Once they get a taste of your abilities, their standards for pleasure will become a shackle that severely limits their choices, making it incredibly hard for them to find partners who will be able to satisfy them."

"I know… but they will grow out of it eventually. Also, don't underestimate the future of dual cultivation in this world. I will definitely increase the world's standard for pleasure before I leave, and it will continue to grow even when I am gone because the Profound Blossom Sect will still be here."

"Let's hope that is that case…"

"Anyway, I will be away from the Sect tomorrow, as I have some business at the Burning Lotus Sect," said Su Yang.

"Okay." Liu Lanzhi nodded.

Sometime later, once everyone beside Su Yang and Yan Yan was gone, Yan Yan asked him, "Master, what should I do now?"

He looked at her and said, "Since you cannot dual cultivate until you are of age, we will have to strengthen your foundation until you can cultivate, and by strengthening your foundation, I mean you should cultivate normally for now."

"Follow me."

Yan Yan nodded and followed him back to his living quarters.

Once they were inside, Su Yang began writing on a piece of scroll.

"Here you go." He handed the scroll to her after it was completed, and he continued, "This is a Divine-grade cultivation technique that was once used by a very close friend of mine who also has the same talents as you. It's a grade higher than Immortal-grade techniques."

He then handed a storage ring to her and said, "There are 10 million spirit stones inside. Use it for your cultivation. It should last you until you are 16 years old."


Yan Yan stared at the storage ring and the cultivation technique in each of her hands with a dazed face, seemingly in disbelief.

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