Dual Cultivation

Chapter 517 Qiuyue’s Resolve

Chapter 517 Qiuyue’s Resolve

Four days have passed since Su Yang collapsed after defeating the Demonic Blood Serpent and Fu Kuan, but he still hasn't shown any signs of awakening.

"He should have awakened by now…" Qiuyue stood by his side with a worried expression.

There was a possibility that Su Yang had suffered internal injuries after overspending his Profound Qi, but because of his unique cultivation technique, it prevented even someone like Qiuyue from looking inside his body, almost like it was blocked by some invisible force.

Of course, Qiuyue could easily force her way through this barrier with her cultivation base, but that could further worsen his injuries, something she cannot afford to risk.

"I have no experience in this sort of situation…" Qiuyue began pondering on what she should.

Unlike previously, when Su Yang used only a very small amount of his Celestial Qi to fight two Heavenly Spirit Realm experts at the Southern Region, he used much more Celestial Qi to defeat the Demonic Blood Serpent. Furthermore, he used a powerful technique that would burden his body even if he did not strengthen it with Celestial Qi.

'Even if I find him cultivation partners to recover his Profound Qi like before, he cannot absorb their Yin Qi if he's still unconscious…'

In the midst of her thoughts, someone entered the room and asked, "Is he still asleep?"

Qiuyue turned around to see Qin Liangyu standing by the door with a worried expression on her face, and Qiuyue nodded her head.

"This is the exact same situation as back then at the Southern Region, right? Should I start looking for partners for him? I'm sure the disciples will gladly assist his recovery."

"Although the situation may appear similar, he's exhausted himself a lot more this time. Who knows when he'll actually wake up. It could be days… even weeks from now. And unless he's awake to absorb the Yin Qi, it would be pointless to find him partners."

Qin Liangyu turned silent with a pondering expression.

A few moments later, she spoke, "Does he actually need to be awake to absorb Yin Qi? If I'm not wrong, Yin Qi is basically like Profound Qi, and albeit very little, we, as Cultivators, naturally absorb Profound Qi even when we are not actively cultivating."

"You don't mean…" Qiuyue looked at her with a dumbfounded expression.

Qin Liangyu continued to speak, "We can fill this room with Yin Qi. Although it might not be very effective, it'll definitely speed up his recovery."

"While that's a decent idea, have you thought about whose Yin Qi we should fill this room with? If it's someone below the Heavenly Spirit Realm, I doubt it would even help slightly since he's not actively absorbing it, so it'll be much less effective. And how many female Cultivators at the Heavenly Spirit Realm that are willing to do something so shameless do you think exist in this world?"


Hearing such a question, Qin Liangyu silently stared at Qiuyue, almost as though she was suggesting something.

A few moments later, when Qiuyue realized why Qin Liangyu was staring at her so intensively, she spoke with a baffled face, "You want me to do it?! Are you serious?!"

Qin Liangyu nodded, "Senior Qiuyue, not only do you meet the criteria, but you are also the best choice in this situation, as you are without a doubt the strongest female Cultivator in this world! If it's your Yin Qi, Su Yang will definitely recover much faster!"

Qiuyue's face immediately flushed with redness after imaging herself self-pleasuring while being inside the same room as Su Yang.

"T-That's absurd! As if I can do something that embarrassing! Furthermore, if you are talking about the strongest female Cultivator in this world, there exists someone else who's much stronger than myself!" Qiuyue exclaimed.

"What?! There's someone who's even stronger than Senior Qiuyue in this world?! Who would that be?!" Qin Liangyu asked with wide eyes, her voice filled with bewilderment.

"Who else besides Xiao Rong?! If it's her Yin Qi, Su Yang might even recover his spiritual energy instantly!"

"Xiao Rong?! She's actually that powerful?!"

Because they never really introduced Xiao Rong to Qin Liangyu, she never realized Xiao Rong's real abilities.

'I cannot believe it! To think that innocent little lady is actually stronger than Senior Qiuyue! And I have been treating her like a little sister!' Qin Liangyu cried inwardly.

A moment later, Qin Liangyu spoke, "But… even if Xiao Rong is stronger than you… seeing how her character is… I don't think she will be able to fill this room with Yin Qi."

Qiuyue nearly facepalmed after recalling Xiao Rong's innocence. It was certainly an impossible task for someone like her, since it would be no different than asking a child who cannot even grasp the understanding of 'self-pleasure'.

Seeing Qiuyue's expression, Qin Liangyu continued to speak, "If Senior Qiuyue is reluctant to fill this room with her Yin Qi, I can do it myself. Although I am only at the Earth Spirit Realm, I should be better than most Cultivators at my level..."

When Qin Liangyu began loosening her robes, Qiuyue suddenly spoke, "Wait!"

"Senior Qiuyue…?" she looked at her with a puzzled face.

"It's fine. I can do this."

Hearing such words, Qin Liangyu did not say anything else and nodded before tightening her robes again.

"I will leave Su Yang in your hands, Senior Qiuyue." Qin Liangyu proceeded to leave room to allow some privacy for Qiuyue.

Once Qin Liangyu closed the doors, Qiuyue looked at Su Yang's sleeping face and mumbled in a low but resolute voice, "Senior Sister Lingxi is right. If I want to remain by his side and not get overshadowed by his other partners in the future, I must strengthen my resolve and become much bolder! If I cannot even do something so simple to help the man I love, even if it's slightly embarrassing, I will have no right to be by his side, much less his partner!"

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