Dual Cultivation

Chapter 518 An Unexpected Even

Chapter 518 An Unexpected Even

After taking a moment to resolve her heart and mind, Qiuyue laid beside Su Yang on the bed and loosened her robes.

'I have never really done this before… how does one self-pleasure?' Qiuyue pondered to herself.

She then looked at the area between her legs, the most obvious spot that comes to her mind when it comes to pleasure.

After swallowing her saliva, Qiuyue began reaching for the clean slit between her legs, gently caressing it with her slender fingers.

"Mmmm… this is…"

A tingly sensation suddenly rushed through her body, causing her body to tremble slightly.

However, the feeling of pleasure did not last long and disappeared after just a few seconds.

The reason was simple — being that she was not feeling that horny and couldn't get into the mood for self-pleasure.

'This won't work…'

Knowing the cause for her lack of feeling, Qiuyue gave up trying to pleasure herself after just a few moments and began looking for methods to increase her passion.

She then turned her attention to the sleeping Su Yang beside her, and she thought to herself, 'The curse in my blood forbids me from having sexual intercourse with anyone that does not have the Sacred Moon Clan's bloodline. However, as long as it's not sexual intercourse, it should be fine, right?'

After taking another moment to resolve her heart, Qiuyue's trembling hands began reaching for Su Yang's robes.

A few seconds later, Su Yang's robes were completely loosened, allowing Qiuyue to see basically everything.

'I can't believe I am doing this to someone who's not even conscious…' Qiuyue sighed inwardly.

However, the view of Su Yang's delicious body quickly wiped away any irrelevant thoughts in her mind.


Qiuyue stared at the sleeping dragon and its treasured jewels between Su Yang's legs with her mouth salivating.

Her hands then approached the two jewels that hung below the sleeping dragon.

'It's so soft and warm…' Qiuyue thought to herself as her fingers played around with Su Yang's family jewels.

A few moments later, as though something had awakened within Su Yang, his sleeping dragon suddenly began awakening — until it stood fully erect.


Qiuyue's hands jerked back when she saw this scene, as she was afraid that Su Yang might have awakened because of her.

However, even after many moments, Su Yang's eyes remained closed, and his body was as still as ever.

"He's not awake…?" Qiuyue released a deep sigh of relief after realizing that he was still asleep, but her heart continued to beat like war drums.

'How can his thing be erect when he's asleep? Is that even possible? Just how does his body function?'

Although she was puzzled and intrigued by Su Yang's body's reaction, she did not have the time to think about it, as the stiff rod standing before her had quickly occupied her mind.

The slit between Qiuyue's beautiful legs was dripping wet with Yin Qi, but she was too focused on Su Yang's penis to notice that.

A few seconds later, her hands began to reach for it once again.

"It's so big… and hard… So this is Father's manhood..."

Qiuyue mumbled as both of her hands touched every inch of his rod.

After playing around with his rod for some time, her urges to stick this thick rod into her maiden hole was incredibly high and almost irresistible, but Qiuyue managed to calm her urges by sticking Su Yang's penis into another hole — her mouth.



Slurping noises filled the room as Qiuyue gave Su Yang a fellatio that lasted for many minutes, almost like she couldn't have enough of it.

While Qiuyue sucked on Su Yang's rod, one of her hands began to reach for the soaking wet cave between her legs, rubbing the small pink pearl inside and stimulating her lust even further.



Although it felt weird at first, the longer she sucked on Su Yang's penis, the more experienced she got, and after half an hour, it began feeling as natural as breathing for her.

Her lips gently caressed the outside, while her soft tongue wrapped around everything on the inside.

An hour later, Qiuyue could feel the rod in her mouth suddenly become hotter.

However, she was too mesmerized to stop, so she continued, until suddenly, a large amount of sticky substance gushed out of the rod and into her mouth.


Although she was surprised by how quickly it filled her mouth, Qiuyue managed to keep all of the Yang Qi in her mouth without leaking any of it.

However, when she realized that the Yang Qi did not stop coming out even though her mouth was already full, she decided to swallow all of it to make more room.

Many moments and many mouthfuls later, when the Yang Qi finally stopped coming out, Qiuyue released her mouth from Su Yang's little brother and began panting heavily.

'Just how much Yang Qi did I swallow…?' Qiuyue rubbed her stomach with a full feeling, almost as though she'd drank a large bowl of soup.

'However… it was tasty… I didn't know they would have a sweet flavor to it.' Qiuyue began to understand why Xiao Rong wanted to taste his Yang Qi.

Of course, she was unaware of the fact that Yang Qi normally has no taste to it and that Su Yang's Yang Qi was a special case due to his cultivation technique and the spiritual herbs he's consumed that increased his Yang Qi's quality to the point where it has a taste.

Qiuyue then looked around the room, and to her surprise, it was filled with extremely dense and rich Yin Qi — to the point where it's slightly foggy inside the room.

Not only is she a virgin, but because of her high cultivation base and her unique bloodline, her Yin Qi is richer than most women out there.

'This much Yin Qi should be enough to recover his spiritual energy…' Qiuyue thought to herself as she tightened the robes on Su Yang's body again before she left the room with her face still red.

Sometime after Qiuyue left the room, Su Yang's eyes slowly opened, and a gentle smile appeared on his face.

'That was truly an unexpected event…' he thought to himself before closing his eyes again.

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