Dual Cultivation

Chapter 516 Fu Kuan's Punishmen

Chapter 516 Fu Kuan's Punishmen

"S-Su Yang?!"

Liu Lanzhi and the other disciples felt their heart skip a beat when he suddenly collapsed.

"Calm down," said Qiuyue after seeing their panicked reactions. "He's only fallen asleep after using too much Profound Qi. There are no injuries on his body as far as I can tell. He should be awake in a few days."

"Really? That's a relief." Liu Lanzhi and the others released a long sigh of relief after hearing her words.

"I am going to bring him back to his living quarters," Qiuyue said as she carried Su Yang in her arms like a sleeping princess.

"T-Thank you… um…"

Liu Lanzhi wanted to express her gratitude, but she wasn't sure how to address her.

"Qiuyue, that's my name."

"Thank you, Senior Qiuyue!" Liu Lanzhi bowed to her.

"And I am not Su Yang's Master," she suddenly added.

"T-Then you are…"

Qiuyue cleared her throat with a blushing face and nodded, "I am his Dao Companion… or something like that."

Although they had already expected this answer, Liu Lanzhi and the disciples still gasped in shock.

'To have such a beautiful woman as a Dao Companion… Su Yang really is a lucky man…' They all thought to themselves.

A Dao Companion is basically a spouse but for Cultivators, as they explore the Dao together regardless of their cultivation practice.

Once Qiuyue left the place with Su Yang, the other disciples also returned to the Sect.

Meanwhile, Liu Lanzhi and the Sect Elders prepared to receive the 997 new disciples.

A few hours later, the new Profound Blossom Sect disciples began showing up one by one at the front gates. The new disciples are then instructed to gather in one large area and wait until all of the new disciples have arrived.

In the meantime, news of Fu Kuan, Sect Leader of the Million Snakes Sect, sacrificing the lives of his own disciples spread throughout the Eastern Continent like wildfire, shocking the entire world to their core.

"What?! The Million Snakes Sect's Master sacrificed 36,000 of his own disciples' lives to summon a demonic beast to attack the Profound Blossom Sect?!"

"They even planned on attacking the Xie Family?! That's treason of the highest order!"

"I heard that the summoned beast had a cultivation base that's stronger than even the Xie Family's Ancestor, but Su Yang slew that demonic beast in a single strike! Does this make Su Yang even more fearsome than the Xie Family's Ancestor?"

"I also heard that he's destroyed an entire mountain range in the process! Just how ridiculously powerful is this guy?!"

"What's going to happen to the Million Snakes Sect now that their Sect Leader is a criminal and most of their disciples are dead?"

"The Million Snakes Sect is done for. In fact, the Xie Family has already officially announced their disbandment."

"What about all of the techniques and treasures in the Million Snakes Sect? Who does it belong to now that they have ceased to exist."

"The Xie Family, obviously!"

Normally, when a Sect is forcefully disbanded or destroyed, their techniques and treasures are up for grabs on a first come first serve basis. However, since the Million Snakes Sect used to be an Elite Sect, and they have many valuable treasures that could disturb the current power balance of the world, the Xie Family will be inheriting their wealth.

In fact, thousands of people and bandits have already begun rushing to the Million Snakes Sect in hopes of looting some treasures when they heard the news.

But unfortunately for them, the Xie Family had long arrived before everyone, preventing even an ant from getting inside the Million Snakes Sect and looting their treasures.

Right after Xie Xingfang left the Profound Blossom Sect, she'd sent a message back to her father, Lord Xie, of the situation, allowing the Xie Family to move before the news even began spreading.

When the Xie Family reached the Million Snakes Sect, they were shocked by the scene inside the Sect, where over 36,000 lifeless bodies littered the center of the Sect. As for the 4,000 disciples that were fortunate enough to keep their lives, they were found sleeping peacefully near the corpses, completely unaware of the situation.

However, when they finally woke up and learned of the truth — how most of their fellow disciples have died and that Fu Kuan, their Sect Master, was the cause of it — all 4,000 disciples were filled with disbelief, before being overwhelmed by despair and dread.

"Words cannot describe the tragedy that has occurred here. However, you are all Cultivators, powerful practitioners who overcome their weakness and fear on a daily basis. Do not let this incident be the end of your cultivation path."

The people from the Xie Family tried to calm and encourage the Million Snakes Sect disciples, but alas, this incident was simply too shocking for them.

Although some of them might recover from this traumatic experience, the majority of these disciples will most likely never be able to cultivate again.

After securing the Million Snakes Sect and collecting all of their treasures and techniques, the Xie Family buried the 36,000 sacrificed disciples outside and around the Million Snakes Sect, surrounding the entire Sect with tombstones and turning it into a cemetery.

Meanwhile, Fu Kuan was found guilty on multiple criminal charges from mass murder to treason and was given a life sentence in prison.

Furthermore, he has to receive 100 whips in public for every life he's taken, which would total up to over 3,600,000 whips.

A normal mortal would die after a few dozen whips, much less 3,600,000. However, Fu Kuan would be fed a restoration pill and given time to rest to heal his injuries whenever he's close to death so that he does not actually die.

Although it will take many years, even decades to have Fu Kuan receive all 3,600,000 whips, the Xie Family was determined to punish him and bring justice to the disciples that he'd killed.

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