Dual Cultivation

Chapter 513 Overwhelming Prowess

Chapter 513 Overwhelming Prowess

Su Yang could feel his body surging with spiritual energy and power. However, he was fully aware that the majority of this power would not last long, as it came from the strand of Celestial Qi inside his body after it gained the Divine Moonstone Blade's power, and he has at most a dozen seconds before it disappears.

Of course, having a dozen seconds is more than enough for him to kill the Delonic Blood Serpent and Fu Kuan.

Once the Divine Moonstone Blade was entirely engulfed in black flames, Su Yang's eyes flickered with a profound light, and his arms swung the sword horizontally.

"First Asura Secret: Heaven Consuming Strike!"


The black flames scattered from the semi-transparent blade and an enormous arc of flames flew towards Fu Kuan and the Demonic Blood Serpent.

Fu Kuan's eyes widened with shock when he saw the enormous arc of flames that radiated a massive amount of energy speeding his way.

And in the time it takes one to blink their eyes, Fu Kuan instinctively retrieved his life-saving treasure and activated it without hesitation, veiling himself in a golden light that instantaneously transported him to a safe distance a hundred miles away from the Demonic Blood Serpent.

The instant Fu Kuan activated his life-saving treasure that was worth over 5 million spirit stones, the arc of flames arrived right before the Demonic Blood Serpent.

When the arc of flames touched the Demon Blood Serpent even slightly, the flames expanded and engulfed the Demonic Blood Serpent almost instantly, causing it to scream in harrowing pain.

However, the arc of flames did not stop at the Demonic Blood Serpent and continued to fly into the distance — until it collided with the mountain range behind the Demonic Blood Serpent.


The moment the arc of flames touched the mountain range, it turned everything it touched into dust, instantly disintegrating a dozen large mountains with ease.

After destroying a dozen mountains, the arc of flames traveled for a few more miles before disappearing into thin air.

By the time the arc of flames disappeared, the Demonic Blood Serpent was burnt until not even its ashes remained.


Fu Kuan stared at the empty space and the cleanly destroyed mountains with his eyes popping out of its sockets and his jaw wide open, as he has never seen such a destructive technique before.

If Su Yang had used this technique inside a city or in a Sect instead of the wilderness, he would've erased an entire city or Sect instantly!

"J-Just how powerful is Su Yang?! That is not something someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm can achieve! Even my grandfather would have trouble destroying an entire mountain by himself, much less a dozen of them, and with such ease!" Xie Xingfang exclaimed in a shocked manner after witnessing Su Yang's true abilities.

"Unbelievable… Just what kind of sword technique did he just use? It surpasses anything I have ever seen before!" Elder Zhong's body trembled at the presence of such a profound sword technique, feeling overwhelmed even by its lingering aura.

"So you survived, huh?" Su Yang looked at Fu Kuan with a calm expression, but his face and body was covered in sweat.

Using the Asura God Clan's technique just a single time has exhausted the majority of his Profound Qi, not to mention the strenuous effect from using his Celestial Qi to enhance the technique's strength.

But despite feeling like he could collapse at any moment from exhaustion, Su Yang managed to remain awake to speak with a smile on his face, "I'm actually relieved that you did not die so easily, since that would be too lenient of a punishment for a sinner like you."

"Y-Y-You…" Fu Kuan's body was frozen from fear. Even if he wanted to turn around and run away, his body refused to listen to him, causing him to stand around like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered.

"I am going to make sure that you will bear the responsibility for every single one of those 36,000 lives you have stolen and wasted."

Su Yang used the Nine Astral Steps to instantly close the distance between him and Fu Kuan.

"Screw you! Toxic Finger Strike!"

When Su Yang got close to him, Fu Kuan suddenly swung his claw-like hands that were coated in strong poison at Su Yang.


The Divine Moonstone Blade in Su Yang's grasp flickered and disappeared for an instant.

And in that instant, it has severed both of Fu Kuan's arms.

After cutting off Fu Kuan's arms, Su Yang stabbed Fu Kuan's dantian with the Divine Moonstone Blade.

"Divine Sword's Absolute Seal!"

Su Yang then sealed Fu Kuan's cultivation base and his fatal injury, transforming him into an ordinary mortal and preventing more blood from leaving his body at the same time.

However, he was not finished with Fu Kuan, as Su Yang then tapped Fu Kuan on the forehead with his finger that was glowing with a mysterious black light.

"Nine Thousand Ancient Curses!"

Fu Kuan could feel a mysterious change had occurred within his body, but he could not tell exactly what had changed inside him.

And all of this had happened in the time it takes one to blink their eyes, making it impossible for Fu Kuan to react.

"W-What on earth did you just do to me, Su Yang?!" Fu Kuan roared, feeling as though his body no longer belonged to him.

Su Yang did not say anything to him and merely used his remaining strength to return to Qiuyue and the others.

"I have permanently sealed Fu Kuan's cultivation base so he is completely powerless now. He is no longer a threat even to mortals. You can do whatever you want with him, Lady Xie." Su Yang said to her.

"A-Are you sure?" Xie Xingfang mumbled in a dazed voice, clearly still in awe after witnessing his overwhelming prowess.

Su Yang nodded and said, "He has sacrificed over 36,000 lives, and they were even his own disciples. I think it would be more appropriate if I let the Xie Family handle him. Furthermore, he's nothing but an ant in my eyes. I simply couldn't care less about him."

Xie Xingfang nodded a few moments later, "I swear on my family name that the Xie Family will punish him accordingly and bring justice to those he killed even if it's only slightly!"

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