Dual Cultivation

Chapter 514 Dreadful Curse

Chapter 514 Dreadful Curse

"Oh, and you don't need to be lenient on the punishment, as he cannot kill himself no matter what you do to him." Su Yang suddenly said to her in a cold voice.

"W-Wait a moment… he cannot kill himself? What do you mean by that?" Bai Lihua asked him with her interest piqued.

"I have placed a curse on him. He cannot kill himself even if he wants to desperately die," he calmly responded.

"H-How does that work?" Elder Zhong asked, as he was also intrigued by such a profound curse.

"I cursed his soul. If he even thinks about trying to kill himself, the curse will inflict harm on his soul, making him experience excruciating pain that is worse than death until he gives up on that thought. However, that pain will not kill him no matter how painful it gets. Furthermore, it will restrict his movements until the pain stops, so he cannot force himself through the pain."

After learning how the curse worked, the people there showed horrified expressions on their faces.

"What a terrifying and cruel curse! You cannot die even if you want to!" Liu Lanzhi covered her mouth in shock.

"It may seem cruel and inhuman, but for someone as sinister as Fu Kuan, he fully deserves it." Xie Xingfang spoke in a cold voice, as she has zero sympathy for someone who could sacrifice their own disciples and kill them like insects.

"Allow me to escort Fu Kuan back to the Xie Family for you, Your Highness." Elder Zhong suddenly said.

Xie Xingfang nodded, and Elder Zhong went to fetch Fu Kuan, who was trying to run away with his remaining 2 limbs.

However, without his Cultivation, Fu Kuan only managed to run a few hundred meters before being caught by Elder Zhong.

"Where the hell do you think you are going, Fu Kuan?" Elder Zhong grabbed him by the neck and carried him back to Xie Xingfang that way.

"Get on your knees!" Elder Zhong forced Fu Kuan to his knees when they arrived at Xie Xingfang's side.

"Fuck you!" Fu Kuan growled.


Fu Kuan screamed when Elder Zhong suddenly stomped on one of his legs, shattering all of the bones in that leg.

"W-W-What are you all waiting for?! Kill me already!" Fu Kuan shouted with his entire face covered in sweat.

"Don't worry, we won't kill you." Xie Xingfang stared at him with a disgusted expression behind her veil, almost like she was looking at something revolting.

"I am going to bring you back to the Xie Family and have you bear responsibility for every single life that you have stolen even if it will take 100 years."

"F-Fuck you! Like hell I am going to allow you to torture me for the rest of my life! If you are not going to kill me, then I will gladly do it myself!"

Just as Fu Kuan prepared to bite his own tongue off and commit suicide, the curse placed upon his soul by Su Yang activated, causing Fu Kuan to feel excruciating pain all over his body that would make even the toughest man in this world beg to be killed instead.


Fu Kuan's screams were ear-piercing and sounded even worse than the sounds a pig makes when it's getting slaughtered, and those who heard such a terrifying scream felt their heart tremble in fear.

Feeling as though he was being burned alive while his body was continuously being pierced by thousands of swords, not to mention his headache that felt as though his soul was being crushed by an invisible force, Fu Kuan attempted to bite his tongue off.

However, he quickly realized that he was unable to close his mouth even a millimeter, much less bite his tongue!

'W-What's going on?! Why can't I move my body?! And what's this excruciating pain?!'

Fu Kuan cried inwardly and began to panic.

However, even as he panicked, the pain became increasingly more intensive, and within just a few seconds, Fu Kuan has lost even his ability to think under this pain.

"You should give up on even thinking about killing yourself. Su Yang had placed a curse on you, where you cannot kill yourself even if you want to." Xie Xingfang said to him after she could no longer bear to listen to his screaming anymore, as she was slowly going insane just by hearing it.

A few moments later, when Fu Kuan has lost all of his desire to commit suicide, the pain quickly subdued.

"I… I cannot kill myself…?" Fu Kuan mumbled in a low voice that was void of all emotions, almost as though he'd lost all hopes and gone insane.

He then slowly turned to look at Su Yang with a horrified expression and spoke, "Are you… are you even human?"

"That's quite rich coming from you, who sacrificed the lives of his own disciples— 36,000 of them, at that." Su Yang replied with a calm expression, clearly feeling no pity or regret for his actions.

"But you should still consider yourself lucky for getting away with just that curse. If I had to punish you myself, you would be begging to have that curse instead."

'He's considered lucky with that curse?!'

The others there were also looking at Su Yang at this moment, and they were silently telling themselves to never offend him no matter what.

"Aaaaah! I will kill you!!!" Fu Kuan suddenly launched himself at Su Yang with his last limb that was not broken or severed.

His eyes were blood red and his mouth wide open, almost like he was trying to bite st Su Yang's handsome face.


A loud and crisp noise resounded as Liu Lanzhi suddenly appeared and slapped Fu Kuan in the face, sending him flying back.

"Aiya! Although he cannot kill himself, other people can still kill him! He's no different than a mortal now! What if you had killed him with that powerful slap just now?" Su Yang exclaimed in a joking voice after witnessing the fierce slap by Liu Lanzhi.

"Hmph! I wish I could kill him with my own hands!" Liu Lanzhi coldly snorted.

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