Dual Cultivation

Chapter 512 Squirming in Fear

Chapter 512 Squirming in Fear

Once everyone besides Su Yang was inside the defensive formation, Qiuyue overlapped the formation with a few more defensive formations. A single one of these defensive formations could block a hundred Cultivators at the peak Sovereign Spirit Realm and not even receive a single crack, much less a dozen of formations all grouped together.

"Senior, do you think he can kill that Demonic Blood Serpent?" Xie Xingfang asked Qiuyue in a respectful tone.

Qiuyue looked at her and shrugged her shoulders with a serious expression, "How would I know?"


Xie Xingfang and the others there looked at her with a baffled face. How could an expert like her not know the outcome? Surely she must have a lot of experience — enough to determine the results of a fight before it even began.

However, in truth, despite her cultivation base and having lived for thousands of years, Qiuyue lacked experience in combat, as she has lived a very secluded life since she was young.

Of course, she had to deal with the Sacred Moon Temple hunting her down, but she only needed to escape, which did not require much fighting.

After arriving at this world, where every Cultivator is no different than ants in her eyes, even if she needed to fight, all that was required of her to win the fight was to release some of her Cultivation and it would shock her opponents to death.

Seeing Xie Xingfang's dazed look, Qiuyue continued to speak a moment later, "If Su Yang told you to not worry about him, then there shouldn't be any reason for you to worry about him. Of course, this situation may appear to be reckless and out of his hands, but I trust in his judgement and confidence."

Hearing her words that did not have even a sliver of doubt, Xie Xingfang nodded and decided to trust in Su Yang too.

Meanwhile, in the air, Su Yang and Fu Kuan stared at each other in silence.

"Thank you for being patient." Su Yang said to Fu Kuan with a nonchalant expression on his face after Xie Xingfang and the others left his side.

Fu Kuan coldly snorted with disdain on his face, "Hmph! There's no need to rush things. As long as I have this Demonic Blood Serpent by my side, I can kill you whenever I want easily, and I want your death to be a slow and painful one!"

His gaze then went from Su Yang's face to the sword in his hands, "I should thank you beforehand for giving me such a wonderful treasure."

Su Yang raised the sword and spoke with a smile, "Even if I handed this sword to you right now, you would not be able to handle it. Did you know that Spiritual Treasures at the Empyrean-grade and above can grow their own conscience?"

"When that happens, they can choose their owners — those who can wield them and those who cannot even touch them."

"And over the last few thousand years, there has been only two individuals that have ever managed to gain the Divine Moonstone Blade's approval."

"A load of bullshit!" Fu Kuan forcefully waved his sleeves, causing the Profound Qi there to scatter.

"If you don't believe me, why don't you take this sword and see what will happen to your body afterward?" Su Yang suddenly extended the sword towards Fu Kuan with a calm expression, almost as though he was offering the sword to Fu Kuan.

"Su Yang?!" Xie Xingfang was dumbfounded by his actions. There was a high chance that Su Yang was only bluffing, but if Fu Kuan somehow managed to obtain that treasure, it would be disastrous for all of them.

However, Qiuyue spoke in a calm voice, "Su Yang's not bluffing. That treasure truly has its own consciousness. In fact, even though I am able to touch it, I have no control over it. If anyone besides Su Yang and my mother touches it, the Divine Moonstone Blade will try to kill them by pouring an insane amount of Profound Qi that they cannot handle into their body, instantly exploding their body and killing them."

Xie Xingfang's body trembled upon imagining such a scenario, where her body explodes just by touching this treasure.


Fu Kuan stared at the sword with a deep frown. Although he was pretty certain that Su Yang was only bluffing about the spiritual weapon having its own consciousness, he could sense a very subtle but dangerous feeling coming from the sword.

It was a feeling that came from his instincts — one that made every cell in his body tremble.

After a few moments had passed without any movements from Fu Kuan, Su Yang retrieved the sword and spoke, "I am a busy man, so I won't linger around any longer."

After saying those words, Su Yang gently caressed the semi-transparent blade with his fingers, causing black flame to rise from where he touched.

By the time his fingers reached the tip of the blade, the entire sword was engulfed in black flames.

However, despite having his hands directly inside this dangerous-looking black flame, Su Yang could only feel a comfortable warm feeling, almost like his hands were wrapped in a soft blanket.

Meanwhile, the Profound Qi in a 10,000-mile radius was rushing towards Su Yang's location and absorbed by the Divine Moonstone Blade, causing the black flames to appear even darker and fiercer, like flames from the deepest part of hell.

At this moment, Su Yang did not appear to be a mere Heavenly Spirit Realm expert, and he emitted an aura that was similar to the Demonic Blood Serpent — no, it even surpassed it!

When the Demonic Blood Serpent sensed the killing intent and dreadful aura coming from the black flames, it began trembling whilst making a weird noise that almost sounded like it was crying.

"Demonic Blood Serpent?!" Fu Kuan looked at it squirming around like it wanted to escape with a shocked expression. He simply couldn't believe his eyes. How could the Demonic Blood Serpent, a summoned beast at the peak of the Sovereign Spirit Realm that required over 36,000 human sacrifices to summon, tremble in fear before a mere Cultivator at the Heavenly Spirit Realm?!

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