Dual Cultivation

Chapter 509 Summoned Beas

Chapter 509 Summoned Beas

Towards the end of the seventh day, the final day for the examination, the Profound Blossom Sect has accepted a total of 893 new disciples.

There is only less than six hours left before the exam ends, but there are still 100 slots to be filled.

"In six hours, the disciples' examination will come to an end, but seeing how we are very close to accepting our limit, if we do not have 1,000 disciples within six hours, we shall continue the examination until we have 1,000 new disciples. Of course, we will only extend it for another 24 hours, so if we do not have 1,000 disciples by then, we will close the examinations until next year."

"On the other hand, once we have accepted our 1,000th disciple, we will immediately close the examinations. If you did not get a chance to participate in this year's examination but wish to return next year, we will give you a token so that you can skip to the front of the line and be the first to partake next year's examination."

When the participants there heard this announcement, they quickly grew more anxious, especially when the number of available spots began disappearing one by one.

Six hours later, because the Profound Blossom Sect did not meet their quota of 1,000 disciples and still had 36 open slots, they decided to extend the examination for another 24 hours.

Four hours after the time extension, the number of available slots has decreased to 17.

After another two hours, the number of available slots has decreased to 7.

"Why did you extend the time, Su Yang? I didn't think you would be so generous." Liu Lanzhi asked him.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Because I'm in a good mood."

"Is it because of her?" Liu Lanzhi's eyes pointed at Yan Yan, who has been standing there this entire time like a doll.

"I guess you can say that. This will be my first time teaching someone beloved by the Heavens, after all. I'm interested to see how much and how fast she'll grow."

After another hour had passed, there were only 3 more available slots left.

"Just three more disciples, huh?" Liu Lanzhi nodded with satisfaction.

Although accepting only 1,000 disciples is a lot less than what she'd expected from their current status and reputation, it's still much better than previously, where they would only receive a few dozens of disciples every year even during the Sect's prime days.

"Oh, right. Su Yang, I have a question—"

Just as Liu Lanzhi opened her mouth, the ground began trembling.

"What? An earthquake?"

The people there did not care much at the beginning, expecting the trembling to go away after a few seconds.

However, the ground continued to shake even after an entire minute had passed, growing stronger with every passing moment.

"W-What is going on?! This is not an ordinary earthquake!"

The people there began growing increasingly worried and nervous.

"Su Yang, what is happening? What's causing this earthquake?" Liu Lanzhi asked him.


However, Su Yang remained silent as he stared at a certain direction with a serious expression.


Liu Lanzhi also turned to look in that direction, but she couldn't see anything there no matter how much she looked.

A few more moments later, someone pointed at where Su Yang had been staring at and suddenly exclaimed in a shocked and terrified voice, "L-L-Look over there! What the heck is that?!"

The people there turned to look at where that individual was pointing, and that was when everyone there could see an enormous black snake that had appeared out of thin air many miles in the distance.

This black snake had blood-red eyes and a dreadful aura around it, and it was also emitting powerful killing intent. Furthermore, its frame was so large that it was taller than a mountain, and its head was even touching the clouds.

"Oh, my Heavens! I have never seen a Spiritual Beast that freaking huge before!"

"H-Hey! Doesn't it appear to be coming towards our direction?"

The people there began panicking when they realized the enormous snake was approaching them.

"Run! Run for your lives if you don't want to be squashed to death by that monster!"

The people there began running away from the examination area.

"Su Yang! What is that thing?!" Sun Jingjing and the other disciples quickly approached him.

Wang Shuren, Elder Zhong, Bai Lihua, and Xie Xingfang also appeared before him a few seconds later.

"Judging by the energy it's emitting… that's a summoned beast." Su Yang spoke a moment later.

"What?! A summoned beast?! So someone summoned that monster?! Who would do such a thing, and for what reason?!" Liu Lanzhi exclaimed with a shocked face.

And just as Liu Lanzhi asked that question, another voice resounded in the area. However, this voice did not belong to anybody in the examination area and sounded like it came from very far away.

"Hahahaha! How do you like this Demonic Blood Serpent, Su Yang?!"

When Elder Zhong heard this familiar-sounding voice, his eyes widened with shock, and he mumbled loudly, "Fu Kuan!"

"Fu Kuan, the Sect Leader of the Million Snakes Sect?!" Bai Lihua exclaimed upon hearing his name.

"The Million Snakes Sect?!" Liu Lanzhi's body trembled after hearing their name.

Fu Kuan's voice suddenly resounded again, "The Million Snakes Sect had planned on using this trump card to take over the arrogant Xie Family in a few years, but because of you, Su Yang, I have changed my mind and decided to not only accelerate our plans by a few years but also use it to destroy the Profound Blossom Sect at the same time!"

"What?! Have you gone mad, Sect Leader Fu?! This is treason against the Xie Family! My family will not let this slide, and they will punish you with death!" Xie Xingfang said in a furious voice.

"Hahaha! If you can stop this Demonic Blood Serpent that far surpasses the Heavenly Spirit Realm, I will gladly give you my life! But if you cannot kill it, it will surely destroy both the Xie Family and the Profound Blossom Sect and take over the Eastern Continent!" Fu Kuan roared loudly while standing on the head of the beast.

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