Dual Cultivation

Chapter 508 Heaven's Favorite

Chapter 508 Heaven's Favorite

After Yan Yan was accepted into the Profound Blossom Sect as a disciple, she did not leave the place and remained standing beside Su Yang.

Of course, he did not have a problem with this and allowed her to silently stand there.

However, Liu Lanzhi, who was also there, couldn't help but glance at Yan Yan every so often with the corner of her eyes, clearly showing great interest in her identity.

Yan Yan noticed Liu Lanzhi's stares and turned to look at her and said, "What is it?"

Seeing Yan Yan's emotionless expression, Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but swallow nervously despite the differences in their age.

"I was just wondering why you decided on joining the Profound Blossom Sect when there are other renowned and even more established than us out there."


Yan Yan remained silent for a moment before speaking in a calm voice, "The energy in the world told me to come here."

"Huh? Energy?" Liu Lanzhi raised her eyebrows in a puzzled manner.

Yan Yan nodded and continued, "After my parents' death, the voices around me guided me to this place."

Hearing such gibberish, Liu Lanzhi looked at Yan Yan as though she was crazy.

Su Yang, however, chuckled after hearing her words and spoke, "By energy, she means Profound Qi."

"W-Wait a second… Are you implying that Profound Qi can communicate with humans, and she has the ability to understand it?" Liu Lanzhi now looked at Su Yang as though he was crazy.

"There's no need for implications, as it's merely the truth. Although very, very rare — about one in a few trillion — there are people beloved by the Profound Qi in this world at birth, allowing them to communicate with Profound Qi. We have a term for people like this — Heaven's Favorite."

"Unbelievable… how does that even work? What is it like to communicate with Profound Qi, the source of all power in this world?"

Su Yang shrugged at her words and said, "I wouldn't know, since I was never born with such an ability. Though, I used to know someone with the same ability, and she explained it as something similar to speaking with spirits."

"Speaking with spirits… like ghosts?"

"Something like that, I guess."

Liu Lanzhi looked at Yan Yan with a pitying expression. If she has been speaking with ghosts for her entire life, it would explain why her emotions are out of place. After all, anyone would go crazy if they hear voices when there's nobody actually there.

"However, her ability is not limited to just speaking with Profound Qi. Because she's beloved by it, one of the main sources of power for Cultivators, her Cultivation also greatly benefits. Not only does she absorb them much faster than others but she can also convert it to her own strength much easier than normal people. If you compare her to your average Cultivator, she's at least a dozen times faster when it comes to Cultivation, which explains her abnormally high Cultivation base at her young age."

Yan Yan looked at Su Yang with wide eyes filled with surprise. This is the first time in her life meeting someone who not only believes in her 'nonsense' but also fully understands her life. It was almost like she was fated to be with him.

"I understand why the voices brought me to this place now…" Yan Yan mumbled with a trembling voice.

"My parents never believed me, and they even thought there was something wrong with me, like I was possessed by something."

"Well, I don't really blame them for not understanding, since this world is highly uneducated overall…" Su Yang shook his head.

"Su Yang… how fast do you think she'll grow with this unique talent of hers?" Liu Lanzhi suddenly asked him.

"Well… if I personally trained her, she should reach the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm within 2 years."

"Peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm in two years?! She'll only be 14 years old by then! That means she's even more talented than you, Su Yang!" she looked at Yan Yan with wide eyes and a loose jaw.

"Huh?" Su Yang looked at her with a weird expression, and he said, "You know… I began to Cultivate seriously only last year. In other words, it took me 1 year to reach my current level from the Elementary Spirit Realm."

"Oh? What's this? Are you actually comparing yourself to her? Is this jealousy?" Liu Lanzhi spoke in a teasing voice.

Su Yang smiled and said, "It's not fair to compare us in the first place. Though, I must say that I am indeed slightly envious. After all, anyone beloved by the world's Profound Qi is guaranteed to live a successful Cultivation life, and they all become experts that stand at the apex of this world in the future without fail."

"However, while she's very fortunate to be born with such talent, it's also very, very unfortunate at the same time…" Su Yang looked at Yan Yan while sighing.

"Huh? What do you mean by that? How could that possibly be unfortunate? Are you going to say something along the lines of 'in exchange for having such heaven-defying talents, she'll live a short life'?"

He shook his head and spoke, "She won't die early, but it's truly unfortunate that she was born in this world, where the overall quality of its Profound Qi is embarrassingly low."

"Even if she has heaven-defying talents, she will be limited by this world's Profound Qi and stop growing after reaching the Sovereign Spirit Realm no matter how much she cultivates."

"I can bring her to my hometown, the Divine Heavens, but it's not guaranteed that she will have the same talents over there, as she's only beloved by the Profound Qi in this world and not that world. And before you ask, yes, Profound Qi is similar to humans and animals by being unique in our own ways. Every world has its own unique Profound Qi, so even if she's beloved by the Profound Qi here, it might not be the case over there, where she might be reduced to being an ordinary girl."

'If she was born over there instead, she could've become an incredibly formidable Cultivator that stands at the peak of the world. But alas, she was born in this dump, wasting her talents.' Su Yang sighed inwardly as he looked at the beautiful little girl beside him, feeling as though Heaven was playing with her.

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