Dual Cultivation

Chapter 507 Monstrous Talen

Chapter 507 Monstrous Talen

"Y-You don't have a Master? Then how did you reach the fifth level Earth Spirit Realm at your age? That's impossible no matter how I think about it." Sun Jingjing expressed her doubts.

Unless she was someone like Su Yang, who has memories of his previous life as an Immortal, it was simply impossible for a 12-year-old to reach the fifth level Earth Spirit Realm no matter what kind of fortunate event she may have encountered.

Furthermore, this little girl was wearing ordinary — even slightly ragged clothes, so the possibility of her being in some kind of wealthy family was low — unless she purposely wears shabby clothes to deceive others as a hobby.

"I don't understand. Why is it impossible?" The little girl asked her while remaining calm.

"T-Then if you don't mind me asking, how did you reach that cultivation level?" Sun Jingjing asked her with a perplexed face, as it was simply too hard to believe that the little girl had managed to reach that level without any help.

"How… you ask?" The little girl tilted her head with a puzzled face, seemingly confused by Sun Jingjing's question. "I absorbed the energy around me normally."

"T-That's…" Sun Jingjing was speechless.

"Jingjing, there's no need to question her. It doesn't matter to us how she attained her strength, but whether she will pass the exams or not." Su Yang suddenly said to her.

"Eh? You still want her to take the exam? Even though she's a 12-year-old Earth Spirit Realm expert?" Sun Jingjing looked at him with a dumbfounded expression. Any normal individual would waste no time and immediately accept such a monstrous genius into their Sect.

"Even if she's the most talented individual in this world, if she doesn't have the right Dao Heart, she will only go so far in the Cultivation Path," he responded calmly.

Furthermore, while this little girl appears to have talents that are out of this world to these people, in Su Yang��s eyes, she was only above average.

Sun Jingjing nodded, "R-Right. I'm sorry. It surprised me enough to lose focus…"

A few moments later, Sun Jingjing destroyed the Demon Heart Pill, scattering red mist everywhere.

The little girl sat in the lotus position and proceeded to resist the Demon Heart Pill.

Five seconds... ten seconds... fifteen seconds... twenty seconds… twenty-five seconds…

The little girl remained unfazed even when under the effects of the Demon Heart Pill, almost as though it had no effect on her.

Even when 30 seconds had passed, the little girl remained sitting there calmly, completely unaware that she'd already passed the exam.

And because the little girl showed no signs of struggle, Sun Jingjing allowed the little girl to continue taking the exam even past 30 seconds. Of course, she was also curious to see whether the little girl's talent was real or not.

Forty seconds… fifty seconds… an entire minute had passed since the little girl breathed the Demon Heart Pill, yet she continued to sit there calmly.

Only when five whole minutes had passed did the little girl finally open her eyes.

"Did I pass?" she asked Sun Jingjing with an uninterested face.

Sun Jingjing nodded with a dazed face.

"I see." The little girl then stood up and casually walked to the third stage.

"What a freaking monster! She managed to resist the Demon Heart Pill for 5 minutes! And it even looked like she had the ability to stay there for much longer!" The crowd cheered for the little girl who has dominated the examination thus far.

On the third stage, the little girl squeezed a drop of her blood through the hole she poked in her fingers into the Heaven Consuming Water.

The blood caused a beautiful ripple on the surface of the water before sinking deep into the bowl.

A few seconds later, the Heaven Consuming Water turned pale red. However, it did not stop there and continued to deepen in color.

After about ten seconds, the Heaven Consuming Water had turned completely crimson, almost like it'd turned into real blood.

However, the blood water did not stop there, and it continued to change to another color.

"G-Gold?! How did the water change from red to gold?!" Su Liqing was baffled by the results, and she turned to look at Su Yang, who was silently standing there with a calm expression.

"It's not red… did I fail?" The little girl looked at Su Liqing, who quickly shook her head.

"N-No… I don't think you failed…"

"She's right. You did not fail." Su Yang suddenly appeared beside them and said.

The little girl turned to look at Su Yang with a slightly dazed face.

A moment later, when she snapped out of her daze, the little girl raised her fists towards Su Yang, almost like she was prepared to fight him.

Su Yang smiled at her actions and said, "There's no need for us to spar. You have passed the exam."

"Okay…" The little girl nodded.

"What's your name?" he then asked her.

"Yan… Yan Yan," she replied.

"Welcome to the Profound Blossom Sect, Yan Yan." Su Yang handed her a disciple identification slip and continued, "You can come back once you have settled everything back at home."

However, Yan Yan shook her head and said in a calm voice, "My parents are no longer in this world, and I have no home to return to."

"Is that so… then you can start your life in the Sect today." Su Yang nodded.

"Are you not going to question me about my background?" Yan Yan asked him with an attentive gaze.

Hearing her words, he spoke with a smile, "If you want to tell me about it, I will listen to you, but I am not a busybody, so I won't pry into your life without a good reason. Furthermore, now that you are a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect, as your Sect Master, I am only interested in seeing your growth and nothing else."

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