Dual Cultivation

Chapter 506 Unknown Genius

Chapter 506 Unknown Genius

Seeing the girls kowtowing before him, Su Yang spoke with a smile, "Honestly, I don't really blame anyone for running away. After all, the Profound Blossom Sect was not exactly a reliable Sect before, if I am being totally honest."

"W-Wha—?!" Liu Lanzhi looked at him with wide eyes, clearly speechless by his words that should not be said by any Sect Master.

"What? I am merely speaking the truth. The Profound Blossom Sect lacks an appropriate defense mechanism and is no different than a turtle without its shell during an attack. If I was an ordinary disciple, I would've also ran for my life."

Su Yang shrugged, and he continued in a calm tone, mercilessly mocking the Profound Blossom Sect without a care in the world, "Even an average Sect would have at least a defensive formation protecting the Sect, and we don't have any of that here."

"D-Defensive formations?! Do you have any idea how much resource is required to cover an entire Sect with any formation, much less a defensive one? Even most Elite Sects do not have such luxury!" Liu Lanzhi said.

Because formation techniques are extremely rare in this world, even surpassing Alchemy in terms of complexity and difficulty, very few people in this world have the opportunity to even learn it.

And even if the top formation experts in this world gathered, it would require decades of effort to create one that could cover an entire Sect.

The Divine Sword Sect, for example, had spent hundreds of millions of Spirit Stones over the course of 100 years to surround their Sect with a defensive formation.

"Ah? Formations are that rare in this world?" Su Yang shook his head with disappointment. "Guess I have to make one myself."

"W-Wait a moment…" Liu Lanzhi stared at him with wide eyes and spoke, "Y-You know how to create formations, too?"

Su Yang looked at her with a face that said, "Obviously!"

"Although I said that I will be making one, I won't be the one to actually create the formation. I am only at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, so even if I can create a formation, it won't be very powerful."

"Then what are you going to do?"

"Ask someone even more powerful than me to create it, of course."

Liu Lanzhi looked at him with an even more puzzled face and asked, "Someone even more powerful than you? Besides Lord Xie and a few individuals at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, who could possibly be stronger than you now?"

Su Yang smiled and said, "There are two individuals currently in this Sect that's much stronger than me. One of them can even turn me into dust by merely sneezing. Don't worry, I will introduce them to you later."

"S-S-Such powerful entities are currently within the Sect?! Why didn't you tell me sooner!" Liu Lanzhi began panicking, as it is considered incredibly offensive and rude to not greet such powerful experts then they are visiting any Sect.

"Your reaction is exactly the reason why I have been hiding their existence. However, you have already met both of them before."

"Huh? I have met them before…?"

A face suddenly appeared in her head. It was a young girl with otherworldly beauty.

'Could it be that little girl who killed the experts from the Million Snakes Sect at that time?' Liu Lanzhi pondered with a serious expression.

After the Medicine Hall disciples were accepted into the Sect again, Su Liqing told them to return to the Medicine Hall for the time being, and they disappeared from the scene shortly later.

On the sixth day of the examination, a total of 817 people have been accepted into the Profound Blossom Sect.

And on the final day of the examination, an uproar occurred when a very beautiful but mysterious little girl partook in the examination and quickly attracted the attention of everyone there.

"12 years old… fifth level Earth Spirit Realm?!?!?!" Fang Zhelan's jaw dropped to the floor when she saw the results, and the spectators exploded into an uproar.

"What?! A 12-year-old fifth level Earth Spirit Realm expert?! Just what is her background?!"

"I know all of the renowned and powerful families within the Eastern Continent, but I don't recognize this little girl!"

"How can such a talented individual be a nobody?! Somebody here must know her!"

"There must have been a mistake with the results!"

However, even many moments later, not a single soul from the thousands of people there knew this young lady's identity.

"Nobody here knows the identity of this young girl with such shocking talent? This is truly unexpected." Divine Sword Master said with his eyes wide open.

"Reaching the fifth level Earth Spirit Realm at the age of 12… even my talents pale in comparison to this girl…" Xie Xingfang mumbled with a dazed face.

"Um… I'm sorry, but can you redo the examination again just in case there's been an error?" Fang Zhelan asked the little girl a few moments later.

The little girl nodded with a nonchalant expression and touched the totems again.

A few seconds later, the results came back without the slightest change.

"12 years old… fifth level Earth Spirit Realm…" Fang Zhelan stared at the totems with a dazed face.

"Did I pass this time?" The little girl asked her a moment later, and Fang Zhelan quickly nodded.

When the little girl advanced to the second exam, Sun Jingjing couldn't help but ask her, "Little girl, where are you from? To reach that level of cultivation at your young age, you must have a very powerful Master teaching you already. I cannot imagine why someone like you would join any Sect."

The little girl with sharp facial features and a nonchalant expression looked at Sun Jingjing with emotionless eyes and spoke in a calm voice, "I don't have a Master."

"Eh? How is that possible?" It was not just Sun Jingjing who doubted the little girl's words, as everyone there was staring at her with doubtful eyes.

If someone as young as this little girl could reach the fifth level Earth Spirit Realm without a Master, what does that say about half of the Cultivators in this world that couldn't even reach the Profound Spirit Realm without joining a Sect? Could they even be considered real Cultivators anymore?

"Su Yang… this little girl…" Liu Lanzhi turned to look at him, who was silently staring at the little girl with a pondering expression.

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