Dual Cultivation

Chapter 505 Profound Blossom Sect's Disciple Examination 6

Chapter 505 Profound Blossom Sect's Disciple Examination 6

"90 seconds?! That's impossible!"

When the people there heard Su Yang's new requirement for those who used to be Profound Blossom Sect disciples and wish to return, they felt pity for these ex-disciples.

Resisting the Demon Heart Pill for 30 seconds was already difficult enough, but they now have to endure it for three times longer than the other participants.

In these peoples' eyes, Su Yang purposefully made it impossible because he also didn't want these ex-disciples to return to the Sect. After all, Jin Yubo almost died before he could even last 30 seconds.

However, regardless of how slim their chances seemed, the ex-disciples were relieved to know that they would be given a second chance to become a Profound Blossom Sect disciple.

"90 seconds? That's quite cruel." Sun Jingjing chuckled beside him.

"Hm? You also think I am bullying them with an impossible task?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows.

"Eh? You really think that some of them could possibly last 90 seconds?" she asked with a surprised face.

"If they really acknowledge their mistakes and actually want to return to the Profound Blossom Sect from the bottom of their heart, there's no reason why they cannot endure 90 seconds. Although it's definitely not something easily achievable even for those with a strong Dao Heart, it wouldn't be fair for those who risked their lives to remain in the Sect if we let them return so easily, right?"

News of the Profound Blossom Sect giving their ex-disciples a second chance quickly spread and reached the ears of those who abandoned the Sect on that day, causing many ex-disciples to appear for the exam the very next day.

Hell, even those that already belonged to another Sect decided to show up and take their chances.

On the fifth day of the exam, Su Liqing noticed a group of beauties within the crowd, and her eyes widened with surprise.

This group of beauties once worked at the Medicine Hall with her, and they even called her Master.

And since not many people appear on the third exam, Su Liqing left the stage briefly to approach Su Yang and said, "Su Yang… my disciples… they are also here…"

"Hm? Your disciples… so those girls?" Su Yang naturally remembered the cheerful disciples from the Medicine Hall that always welcomed his visits with bright smiles.

"This may sound very selfish, but I…"

Before she could even finish her sentence, Su Yang spoke with a smile, "Do whatever you want."

"Are you sure…?" she looked at him and then Liu Lanzhi with a worried expression.

"If Su Yang already gave you the permission, there's no need to question any further." Liu Lanzhi suddenly spoke, "While their decisions on that day had greatly disappointed me, it's not as though I truly hate the disciples. Furthermore, since they are your disciples, Elder Lan, I'm sure they are not bad disciples, so I am willing to forgive them."

"T-Thank you, Sect Master!" Su Liqing bowed to her before approaching the group of beauties in the crowd.

When the crowd noticed Su Liqing approaching them, they were greatly puzzled.

However, the people there didn't dare to block her path and created an empty path for her to walk.


When Su Liqing stood before her ex-disciples, they all looked at her with ashamed expressions on their faces and was unsure of what to say to her, almost like a bunch of children aware of their mistakes and before a scolding.

"Well? What do you have to say for yourselves? At least give me some excuses." Su Liqing asked them with a calm expression.

"W-We have no excuses to make, Master… We were afraid of the Million Snakes Sect, and everyone else was leaving, so we ran away like cowards."

Su Liqing released a low sigh and spoke, "You girls were not the only ones afraid since I was also trembling, so I understand your feelings. However, you also pledged to protect the Sect even at the cost of your lives when you became disciples for the first time."


The girls remained silent, as they didn't want to make the situation even worse.

"Do you girls want to return to the Sect?" Su Liqing suddenly asked them.

The girls nodded with a dazed look.

"Do you think you can endure the Demon Heart Pill for 90 seconds?" she asked them.

"W-We won't know until we try it. Even if the chances are slim, we have to try."

Su Liqing sighed and said, "Although you may not realize it, I owe you girls a great deal for volunteering to work at the Medicine Hall when nobody else wanted to work there, and I never got the chance to thank all of you."

"I have already got permission from the Sect Masters to allow you girls to return to the Sect, so there's no need for you to take the exam."


The girls looked at her with shocked expressions, seemingly in disbelief.

"Once the Sect becomes active again, we will need people working in the Medicine Hall, and I will need a few disciples to help me. And it's not as though you are completely off the hook. I will definitely work all of you to the bones as punishment," said Su Liqing.

"T-Thank you, Master! We will not forget this debt for the rest of our lives!"

The girls began crying there and then.

"I am not the one you should be thanking. If not for the Sect Masters' permission, even I cannot help you. Come with me to greet the Sect Masters."

The girls nodded and followed Su Liqing while the people around them watched with envious gazes, especially the other ex-disciples.

Once they stood before Su Yang and Liu Lanzhi, the girls kowtowed on the ground and spoke in a loud and clear voice, "Thank you, Sect Masters, for your leniency towards these unfaithful disciples! We will never abandon the Sect ever again, and we will protect the Sect even at the cost of our lives!"

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