Dual Cultivation

Chapter 504 Profound Blossom Sect's Disciple Examination 5

Chapter 504 Profound Blossom Sect's Disciple Examination 5

"Hm? You are…"

When the young man who used to be an Inner Court disciple for the Profound Blossom Sect stepped onto the second stage, Sun Jingjing narrowed her eyes on him, almost as though she recognized him.

"Aren't you Jin Yubo? What the hell are you doing here?" Sun Jingjing said to him, who quickly began panicking.

"S-Senior apprentice-sister Sun… I'm flattered that you would remember someone as insignificant as me..." he said to her with an awkward expression.

"Don't call me senior apprentice-sister, as we are no longer fellow disciples. And if someone had annoyed you for days on end, begging you to be their partner, of course, you would remember someone like that." Sun Jingjing spoke with a frown on her face, clearly displeased by his presence.

"Anyway, how dare you partake in this exam and try to become a disciple again after abandoning us on that day? Do you have no shame? I should just fail you here without even letting you have a chance."

"P-Please don't be like that, senior… Senior Sun! I realized my mistake, and I deeply regret leaving the Sect on that day, so I am here to make it up to the Sect! Even if I am used like a slave afterward, I wouldn't dare to complain!" Jin Yubo said to her with a desperate face.

However, Sun Jingjing didn't even bat an eye at his performance and spoke in a cold voice, "Do you really think I have no idea what kind of person you are, Jin Yubo? If my grandfather was not a Sect Elder and the head of the Disciplinary Squad, I'm sure that you would've forced yourself on me like you did to plenty of other disciples."

"And I am also confident that your words just now are nothing but empty excuses! The only reason you decided to return is because of our new reputation."

"T-This… I…" Jin Yubo gritted his teeth. Every single word that came out of Sun Jingjing's mouth was right on the nail.

Because the Profound Blossom Sect is now one of the most popular and influential Sect in the Eastern Continent, most of if not all of the disciples that had abandoned them are no doubt regretting their decision to leave the Sect every day now.

In fact, Jin Yubo was not the only deserter there, as there were plenty of others within the crowd. Though, none of them had the guts to actually take the exam and was only watching it from afar. Perhaps they were all waiting for someone — a fellow disciple who left the Sect on that day — to appear and partake in the exam to decide whether they should do the same or not.

If Jin Yubo were to pass the exam and be allowed to become a disciple for the Profound Blossom Sect again, then they would also take the same chance.

"I have multiple reasons to turn you away now, and I'm sure that the Sect Masters would not blame me for it, but I shall let you take the exam. After all, I am pretty confident that someone as rotten as you would not be able to resist the Demon Heart Pill." Sun Jingjing suddenly said to him.

"T-Thank you, Senior Sun!" Jin Yubo bowed to her before taking a seat on the stage.

Meanwhile, the other 29 participants that had been watching the situation were silently laughing at Jin Yubo's misfortune.

"I will now begin the exam." Sun Jingjing said to them before breaking the Demon Heart Pill and scattering the red mist.

The red mist quickly filled the stage and engulfed the vision of everyone there.

A few seconds later, the stage was filled with terrified screaming, almost as though there was a slaughter taking place.

Meanwhile, Sun Jingjing watched as Jin Yubo rolled around the ground while pulling on his own hair.

"Because the Profound Blossom Sect has grown significantly since you abandoned us, I am sure that your heart is filled with regret, making this exam much harder for you." Sun Jingjing shook her head at him. "As for your rotten heart… it'll be a miracle if you can pass this exam."

Fifteen seconds into the exam, blood began flowing from Jin Yubo's nose.

"Oh?" Sun Jingjing raised an eyebrow upon seeing this, as Jin Yubo has become the first person to be inflicted with real damage by the Heart Demon Pill.

Indeed, out of the thousands of people that have taken the second exam, none of them have bled from it.

However, since this is her first time seeing this, she wasn't sure if she should leave him alone or move him out of the stage before it damages him even further.


Twenty seconds into the exam, blood started flowing from Jin Yubo's eyes and ears too.

Right as Sun Jingjing turned around to ask for advice, a shadowy figure appeared beside her and kicked Jin Yubo out of the stage.

When Sun Jingjing saw that it was Su Yang who had appeared, she stared at him with wide eyes.

A few moments later, once Jin Yubo calmed down slightly, Su Yang spoke, "Although I applaud you for resisting the Demon Heart Pill to such an extent, even risking your life, you would've died in about three more seconds if I didn't remove you from the stage."

"D-D-Does this mean… that I have… failed…?" Jin Yubo asked him.

"What do you think? Even if you could have managed to remain on the stage for 30 seconds, we won't accept dead people as disciples."

He then turned to look at the crowd and spoke, "I know that there are some of you within the crowd that used to be Profound Blossom Sect disciples and wonder if you have a chance to return."

"Sect Master Liu Lanzhi will not forgive you for abandoning the Sect, but I will give you a second chance. However, things won't be as simple because you have already abandoned the Sect once before. Therefore, if you wish to return, you must resist the Demon Heart Pill for 90 seconds instead of 30."

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