Dual Cultivation

Chapter 510 Sacrifices

Chapter 510 Sacrifices

"That summoned beast is above even the Heavenly Spirit Realm?! Could it possibly be at the same level as my grandpa, the Sovereign Spirit Realm?!" Xie Xingfang's body trembled at the thought of such a powerful monster roaming this world.

"If that's true, which is very likely since even I cannot see its cultivation base, then I'm afraid that only the Ancestor has the ability to kill that beast…" Elder Zhong spoke with a deep frown.

"What should we do, Su Yang?"

The people there looked at him, as he always seemed to have a solution for any situation no matter how bad it appeared.

"Hmmm…" Su Yang rubbed his chin with a calm expression and spoke, "That summoned beast is not only in the Sovereign Spirit Realm, but it's even at the peak of the Sovereign Spirit Realm. I'm afraid that none of you here can defeat it, and this is true even for that old man at the Sovereign Spirit Realm."

"W-What?! Then what the hell are we supposed to do? Even if we cannot defeat it, we cannot just sit around and do nothing!" Bai Lihua said.

She then pointed at him and continued to speak, "And why the hell are you so relaxed in this situation?!"

Su Yang shrugged and said, "Why would I be panicking? Although none of you can kill it, I have plenty of methods to kill it."

"Why didn't you say so in the beginning?!"

Sometime later, the Demonic Blood Serpent stopped moving a few miles away from the Profound Blossom Sect, almost like it wasn't in a hurry to destroy everything in its path.

"Su Yang, do you have any last words before I trample your entire Sect to the ground while you watch powerlessly?!" Fu Kuan laughed out loud.

A few moments later, Su Yang used his spiritual energy to lift himself into the air and hovered before the Demonic Blood Serpent.

"Let me come with you, Su Yang!" Xie Xingfang also followed him into the air.

"Y-Your Highness!"

Since he was obligated to protect Xie Xingfang, Elder Zhong also followed them.


Bai Lihua sighed. Even if this has nothing to do with the Heavenly Swan Sect, she was also obligated to protect the Xie Family as an Elite Sect's Leader.

As for the others, since they were not at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, they did not have the ability to soar in the sky, forcing them to watch from the ground.

"Good luck, Su Yang!"

"Stay safe, everyone!"

The others cheered for them.

"Even if all four of you attack at once, you will not be able to defeat my summoned beast!" Fu Kuan stood before them with an arrogant expression.


Su Yang stared at the Demonic Blood Serpent for a good moment before speaking with a grim expression, "I cannot imagine the Million Snakes Sect having enough resources to summon a beast of this level. How many people did you sacrifice to summon it? 1,000 people? 10,000 people?"

"Oh? So you knew?" A wide and terrifying smile appeared on Fu Kuan's face as he spoke, "It's not much, really. I only had to sacrifice about 90% of the Sect's disciples in order to summon it."

"W-What?! You sacrificed your own disciples — and 90% of the Sect?! Just to get revenge on the Profound Blossom Sect?! You are insane!" Xie Xingfang covered her mouth with her trembling hands in shock.

The Million Snakes Sect has about 40,000 disciples, and if Fu Kuan had sacrificed 90% of his disciples, that would be around 36,000 lives sacrificed.

"Fu Kuan… you madman…" Even Elder Zhong couldn't help but feel his stomach spin after learning that 36,000 lives had been sacrificed to summon this Demonic Blood Serpent.

"I doubt those disciples had willingly sacrificed themselves. What did you do to them?" Bai Lihua asked him with a cold gaze.

"Nothing much, really. I just gathered them in one place before putting them to sleep with drugs. They all died peacefully and unknowingly. As for the remaining 10% of the disciples, I will use their lives to replenish the Demonic Blood Serpent's strength before I destroy the Xie Family after this."

"The Heavens will not forgive you for this! Heavenly Retribution will come sooner or later to punish you!" Xie Xingfang exclaimed with tears in her eyes, as she cannot even begin to imagine the bloody scene at the Million Snakes Sect right now.

Su Yang released a long sigh and spoke in a slow but clear voice, "If I knew this would've happened, I should've just destroyed the Million Snakes Sect on the same day of that incident. At least those disciples would not have died in vain."

"But you know, Fu Kuan… what you are doing right now is quite pointless."

"Pointless, you say? Is that all you have to say now that I have cornered you, Su Yang? How pathetic of you!" Fu Kuan looked at him with a frown.

Su Yang shook his head and said, "You have sacrificed thousands of lives — your own disciples at that — destroying your own Sect in the process... all for what? Just to kill me?"

"You must be pretty confident that you would be able to kill me like this, but where is your confidence coming from, I wonder?"

"Hah? Have you gone stupid from fright? You may be a genius, but you are still human! You may have some ability, but your power is limited! You are only at the Heavenly Spirit Realm, but my Demonic Blood Serpent is at the peak of the Sovereign Spirit Realm! Not even an Immortal can ignore such a large disparity in Cultivation!"

Su Yang merely shrugged his shoulders and spoke, "I will only be wasting my breath if I tried to explain it to you, so I will show you just how pointless your actions and sacrifices are by killing that beast you are so confident could kill me."

The next moment, Su Yang retrieved a beautiful sword with a semi-transparent blade that emitted a domineering aura from his storage ring, causing the atmosphere to instantly change, almost as though a divine presence had appeared.

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